19 May, 2011

The Down Troddence: Shiva – new video

India's THE DOWN TRODDENCE (or T.D.T. for short) have just released a brand new video for ‘Shiva’. The video was directed by KS Hashim. ‘Shiva’, the clip, comes with with an explanation: “The music video depicts the story of Raavana's penance for Lord Shiva's blessing. Angry at Shiva's silence, Raavana goes to Kailasa and plays this shloka with a veena made out of his intestine. The video also shows Pottan Theyyam (an art form which tells the story between Sankaracharya and Lord Shiva). It briefs the meeting of Lord Shiva disguised as Pulayan (down trodden) with the intention to further test Sankaracharya's knowledge who is proud of himself and about to ascend “Sarwanjha Peedam” (throne of knowledge).” 

Nevertheless, THE DOWN TRODDENCE hail from North Kerala, Kannur, India. This six-piece metal band experiments with various music genres but feels most at home with thrash and melodic death metal. Words-wise, it is said that T.D.T. songs articulate the illness of the social system and its dismal failures. The band also dreams of the ultimate social revolution and wishes to confront the social system. Well, in the meantime, they play music we should all take time to listen to. Do so here (Facebook) where you can download some of THE DOWN TRODDENCE's music free of charge and/or via players below.    
THE DOWN TRODDENCE features: Varun - lead guitar, Munz – vocals, Nezer - bass and vocals, Sushin – keyboards, Ganesh – drums and Rinoy - rhythm guitar.

THE DOWN TRODDENCE: Death Vanity – courtesy of thedowntroddence

THE DOWN TRODDENCE: Ortniavis – courtesy of thedowntroddence

THE DOWN TRODDENCE: Vengeance (cover) – courtesy of thedowntroddence

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