30 September, 2011

Black Water Rising: No Halos – new video



BLACK WATER RISING's new video, ‘No Halos’, was directed by Noah Shulman (who directed BWR debut video ‘Brother Go On’ – available below), produced by Sleepless City Productions and stars the actor Jose Hernandez Jr. ‘No Halos’ comes from the group's debut self-titled album, finally released in Europe via Metalville (June 2011).

Featuring former DUST TO DUST vocalist Rob Traynor, former STEREOMUD guitarist Johnny Fattoruso, former BOILER ROOM drummer Mike Meselsohn and bassist Oddie McLaughlin, BLACK WATER RISING assembled around 2006 in Brooklyn, New York, “not looking to reinvent the wheel, they just wanted to give it a much needed alignment in these musically stale times”. Their music described as that of “BLACK LABEL SOCIETY but with more Southern spin” by David Jeffries, AllMusic, the band states they have “set out to create a no frills, riff raging, turbo charged, wall of pure kick ass power rock”, and they believe they have achieved that. Guitarist John Fattoruso commented in an interview with Metal Underground:

“We wear our influences on our sleeves, everything from the '70s to now. You’ll hear PANTERA-ish style riffs in there, you’ll hear southern riffs, you’ll hear straight up rock stuff. It’s a good mix of everything but it has great vocals. It’s got groove, it’s got melody. Any true metal head, and when I say metal head I don’t mean thrash metal or death metal, I mean just someone who appreciates good heavy music, would definitely like it. If they want to hear good vocals, we’ve got it. If you want to hear screaming, it’s on there too. We don’t shy away from anything. We cover the whole spectrum of what we want to do. We don’t paint ourselves into a corner. We do what we feel. If it feels good, we play it.” [Read the rest of the interview conducted by Ty Arthur here]


Black Bleeds Through by BLACK WATER RISING





Thrash Or Die: Wake Up And Smell The Thrash – new video



What a morning (and what a way to start the new Jewish year of 5772); Miami, Florida's THRASH OR DIE (“Thrashing is our business and business is… doin' alright!”) have come up with first ever thrash metal music video with puppets! Directed by Dan Jackson (Hellbent Productions), with puppets being the responsibility of Jill Domings and Jason Salzarulo of Soi Transitional, ‘Wake Up And Smell The Thrash’ comes from THRASH OR DIE's debut album ‘Poser Holocaust’, out now through Empingao Records – buy here.

“[Read THRASH OR DIE official bio – it’s worth your while:] The band was formed under unusual circumstances on May 9, 2007 by VoKillist Dr. Fukk and Guitarist, Hellvomit Sodomizer. Just months before the birth of THRASH OR DIE, Dr. Fukk and Hellvomit Sodomizer were arch enemies. Oddly enough, in the midst of chaos, Dr. Fukk saved Hellvomit Sodomizer from a very dangerous situation and even ceased the opportunity to threaten his life. This unsuspected turn in the pages of history then created a very strong allegiance between the former rivals. Quickly did they begin writing songs, and teamed up with other local musicians who were as hungry for the thrash as they were. Unfortunately, not too long after the songwriting process did some squad of aliens decide to invade earth. They captured several former members of the band, but luckily, all members were replaced after the aliens went back out in to space somewhere, thus; making THRASH OR DIE or Die stronger than ever! The band is currently promoting their debut album, ‘Poser Holocaust’, full of soon to be Thrashterpieces. There is only one problem… a horrible zombie manifestation has invaded the little Cuban town of Hialeah, and the members of THRASH OR DIE have all been rumored of being infected. Only you can help find the antidote by spreading the word of THRASH OR DIE by going out to the local shows, buying their stuff and telling everyone about them! Spread the word like the virus, start up a circle pit and bang your heads before it's too late!!!”

THRASH OR DIE features: Dr. Fukk – VoKills, Darth Vodka – drums, Triplesixxx Whoremangler – bass and Pat - live session guitars

RSJ: Collectively We Are Tall – new video

Due to explicit nature of this video, viewers discretion is advised, heh.



Out of the walled city of York, United Kingdom, comes metalcore act RSJ. Their disturbing (and somewhat adorable) new video for ‘Collectively We Are Tall’, taken from the band's forthcoming release ‘Higgs Boson’, was choreographed by Sam Richmond and filmed by Matt Huxford.

Formed in 2002, RSJ released a couple of EPs, ‘The Day After’ (2002) and ‘Blueprint For A Brighter Future’ (2004), before their debut full-length, Dave Chang-produced ‘Reflections In B Minor’ came out in 2005 via British independent label Copro Records. After the tour with Australian grinders THE BEZERKER, the band returned to the studio to record their second album, ‘Gain To Nothing’, released in 2007. The album won RSJ the UK's Glasswerk award for “Best New Metal Band” of that year and an exposure on the UK TV station Scuzz TV, which consequently got the band an opening slot, alongside AMON AMARTH, MASTODON and TRIVIUM, on SLAYER's third “Unholy Alliance” tour.

RSJ features: Dan Cook – vocals and samples, Matthew Gamblin – bass and backing vocals, Vaughn Thomas – guitar and backing vocals, Dan Kentley – guitar and effects and Greg Parsons – drums and percussion

27 September, 2011

Nightrage: Insidious – new album


Already out in Europe as of yesterday, pan-European melodic death metal supergroup's, NIGHTRAGE, fifth album entitled ‘Insidious’ is being unleashed upon North Americans today, September 27th, 2011 via German label Lifeforce Records. Featuring many prominent guests such as Apollo Papathanasio (FIREWIND), Tomas “Tompa” Lindberg (AT THE GATES, LOCK UP, DISFEAR, and once NIGHTRAGE), Gus G. (FIREWIND, Ozzy Osbourne… and once NIGHTRAGE), Tom S. Englund (EVERGREY) and John K (BIOMECHANICAL), the new album is said to “celebrate complex metal, aggressive and direct as well as melodic and forward thinking” or, as the group puts it: “Scandinavian metal can be so beautiful if it is based on fresh ideas and is being presented by experienced musicians”. Album's artwork was created by Gustavo Sazes. Two new NIGHTRAGE songs, ‘Insidious’ and ‘Hate Turns Black’, are available for listening below, both explained by singer Antony Hämäläinen. Buy the ‘Insidious’ here (Lifeforce Records).

“ ‘Insidious’ is, for me, the best song I’ve ever done. Not only is it heavy as hell, but Tomas Lindberg recorded and sang vocal melodies and lyrics I wrote. A true honor and a great friend to the band. The song as a whole never stops destroying everything in its path.”

“ ‘Hate Turns Black’ is one of the first songs we wrote for this record. To me this song takes you on a great ride. Very old school Gothenburg feel in the pre-chorus and a traditional metal feel on the rest. This is NIGHTRAGE to the bone.” [Read the rest of track-by-track explaining by Antony Hämäläinen and by guitarist and mastermind Marios Iliopoulos here and here respectively]

NIGHTRAGE was formed in 2000 by Swedish vocalist Tomas Lindberg, Greek guitar virtuoso Gus G. and rhythm guitarist Marios Iliopoulos, French bassist Brice Leclercq, and Danish drummer Per M. Jensen. The group's debut album, 2003's ‘Sweet Vengeance’, featuring guest appearances by Tom S. Englund and Fredrik Nordström, was released by Century Media Records. 2005's ‘Descend Into Chaos’ featured SEPTICFLESH's Fotis Benardo on drums and Henric Carlsson (CIPHER SYSTEM) on bass:

“The sum of all these sonic components, not to mention these veteran musicians' various contributions from their respective areas of expertise, is a stellar and eclectic death metal album, one that might have come off as unfocused were it not for NIGHTRAGE's side-project status and overriding songwriting prowess. This is, of course, reason enough to give ‘Descent Into Chaos’ a spin, but Lindberg loyalists should also be curious to hear him tackling some of the most commercially conscious material of his career,” [commented Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic]

By the time Jacob Hansen-produced ‘A New Disease Is Born’ came out in 2007, Jimmie Strimmell was the band's new vocalist, Olof Mörck replaced Gus G. on guitar and Alex Svenningsson took over drumming duties. This album was NIGHTRAGE's fist for Lifeforce Records. Yet almost completely new line-up would assemble for the release of the group's fourth album, 2009's ‘Wearing A Martyr's Crown’: Finnish musician Antony Hämäläinen became the new singer, Anders Hammer took over four strings and Belgium's Johan Nunez replaced Svenningsson on drums. The album was produced by Fredrik Nordström and featured appearances by Gus G. and ROTTING CHRIST's Sakis Tolis.

NIGHTRAGE: Insidious – courtesy of Lifeforce Records

NIGHTRAGE: Hate Turns Black – courtesy of Lifeforce Records


24 September, 2011

Black Stone Cherry: Blame It On The Boom Boom – new video



American rockers BLACK STONE CHERRY have released new video for ‘Blame It On The Boom Boom’, tune taken from their Howard Benson-produced, Roadrunner Records-released third album ‘Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea (May 2011). The album charted well in the UK – making it to position number 1 on the UK Rock Album Chart and to position number 13 on the UK Album Chart – and in the USA, where it debuted at number 29 on the Billboard 200, selling 13,000 copies in its first week of release.

“When we first began writing music, we hadn’t traveled very far out of our home state of Kentucky. Now, ten years later, we’ve traveled the world and experienced things we never imagined we would,” [summarized the experience the band] “This album is the culmination of all of the everyday ups and downs life throws at you. Sonically, you’ll hear some of the meanest sounding guitar riffs we’ve ever laid down, and at the same time, you’ll find ballads that will tug on your heartstrings. We wanted the album’s intensity to match that of our live show. We’re very proud of this album and excited for our fans to hear it!”

Formed in 2001 in Edmonton, Kentucky, (“the lack of anything to do in their hometown, coupled with a rich musical background in their community and families, led them to start playing music”) BLACK STONE CHERRY have so far released three studio albums and three EPs, and have seven singles charted on the U.S. Mainstream Rock Charts. The group's debut self-titled album was released in 2006 (all four band members were barely past the age of twenty at the time) through Roadrunner Records to much critical praise:

“BLACK STONE CHERRY does what a lot of bands in the new century of alternative metal would like to - find a new sound. The album never gets boring and is full of great riffs and a thunderous rhythm section,” [commented Megan Frye, AllMusic Guide]

Second album, ‘Folklore And Superstition’, followed in 2008,  was produced and mixed by veteran rock producer Bob Marlette. In its debut week the album reached position number one on the UK Rock Album Chart:

“ ‘Folklore And Superstition’ imperfect as it may be, nevertheless feels like a step in the right direction for the Kentucky quartet, who simply need to keep on following their hearts, stop letting those damn Yankees polish up their records, and they’ll be bound to find their inner SKYNYRD [LYNYRD]” [encouraged Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic]

And the boys did their best, as noticed by Gregory Heaney (AllMusic) in his review of the group's latest effort:

“In a genre that’s grown more and more homogeneous as its radio dominance has spread, a band like BLACK STONE CHERRY is kind of refreshing, bringing something a little dirty and grimy to a sound that’s usually so polished, and while it’s definitely more KID ROCK than LYNYRD SKYNYRD, it’s got a whole lot more country than some of their contemporaries are bringing to the table.”

BLACK STONE CHERRY features: Chris Robertson - lead vocals and guitar, Ben Wells - guitar, sitar and backing vocals, Jon Lawhon - bass and backing vocals and John Fred Young - drums, percussion, backing vocals, harmonica and piano

Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea – courtesy of  BLACK STONE CHERRY



23 September, 2011

Opeth: The Devil's Orchard – new video / Heritage – new album



Out September 14th/16th/19th/20th, 2011 through Roadrunner Records, OPETH's “10th album/observation” (“I dig it; we all do. In fact, it feels like I’ve been building up to write for and participate on an album like this since I was 19,” confessed Mikael Åkerfeldt) is being exclusively streamed over at NPR Music: just click here to get there. Recorded at Atlantis/Metronome Studios in Stockholm, Sweden, produced by OPETH's driving force, vocalist and one of the greatest metal guitarist Mikael Åkerfeldt, engineered by Janne Hansson and mixed by no less than Steven Wilson, album's art was created by OPETH's longtime collaborator Travis Smith. OPETH's just released video is the work of Phil Mucci.

“ ‘Heritage’, OPETH tenth studio offering, finds the Swedish band abandoning death metal: no growled vocals, no blistering fast power riffs, no blastbeats,” [writes Thom Jurek, AllMusic] “Written primarily by vocalist/guitarist Mikael Åkerfeldt, these ten songs are drenched in instrumental interludes, knotty key and chord changes, shifting time signatures, clean vocals, and a keyboard-heavy instrumentation that includes Mellotrons, Rhodes pianos, and Hammond organs - ironic since keyboardist Per Wiberg left the band after ‘Heritage’ was completed… Love it or hate it, ‘Heritage’, for its many excesses - and stellar conception and execution - is a brave album. It opens the door for OPETH to pursue many new directions and reinvent themselves as a band.”

Besides Mikael Åkerfeldt on guitar, vocals and piano, Fredrik Åkesson on guitar, Per Wiberg on keyboards and piano, Martin Mendez on bass and Martin Axenrot on drums, ‘Heritage’ also features percussionist Alex Acuña and flautist Björn J:son Lindh on the seventh track called ‘Famine’.


20 September, 2011

Textures: Dualism – new album


Quite cleverly described as “an inventive sextet that expands (and somewhat humanizes) the oppressive progressive death metal style of MESHUGGAH” by Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic Guide, Holland's TEXTURES are about to release their new (and fourth) album entitled ‘Dualism’. Produced by guitarist Jochem Jacobs and recorded at Split Second Sound Studio in Amsterdam, Netherlands, the effort can be currently streamed in its (sweet) entirety right here – courtesy of Guitar World. The album's artwork was designed by former TEXTURES vocalist Eric Kalsbeek and bassist Remko Tielemans. ‘Dualism’ is set for September 23rd, 2011 release in Europe, South America and Asia, and for September 27th, 2011 release in North America. Get your copy here (Nuclear Blast Europe) or here (Nuclear Blast USA). View the music video for ‘Reaching Home’, the first single from ‘Dualism’, below; the video was shot on the island of Lanzarote (part of The Canary Islands) off the coast of Morocco and was directed by TEXTURES' bass player Remko Tielemans and Kunstoff Media:

Dualism – courtesy of TEXTURES

Formed in 2001 by guitarist Jochem Jacobs, guitarist Bart Hennenpof, drummer Stef Broks, bassist Dennis Aarts and keyboardist Richard Rietdijk, TEXTURES had spent two years perfecting their craft before releasing their self-produced/mixed/recorded/mastered debut album, ‘Polars’, with vocalist Pieter Verpaalen; issued (and later re-issued) by Listenable Records:

“TEXTURES' sonic concoctions run the gamut of musical (hard/soft) and emotional (brutal aggression/peaceful relaxation) possibilities. It’s quite an undertaking, to be sure, and leadoff single, ‘Ostensibly Impregnable’, offers as good an entry point as any to the strange world of TEXTURES. Lurching into action with a stuttering riff of almost HELMET-like minimalism, it soon adds surprisingly lush vocal harmonies to go with its perfectly MESHUGGAH-esque minor key break, and, finally, resolves in a pure death metal explosion,” [summed up the sonic arrangement E. Rivadavia]

Polars – courtesy of TEXTURES

Vocalist Pieter Verpaalen was replaced by Eric Kalsbeek for the group's second album, 2006's ‘Drawing Circles’, which sent TEXTURES off touring with the likes of GOJIRA, ARCH ENEMY, THE OCEAN and ALL THAT REMAINS, and gained them nominations for Holland's Live XS Awards:

“For just as was it was with their outstanding debut,” [continued to be impressed E. Rivadavia] “one could spend a lifetime dissecting every unexpected twist and turn coursing through the whole of album number two, yet barely remember when and where any given song began or ended. And why bother, when, the band's very name explicitly suggests the importance of textures, as heard in the ambient beauty of ‘Upwards’ the momentary, pure thrashing of ‘Stream Of Consciousness’, or the majestic advance of ‘Surreal State Of Enlightenment’ over anything so trifling as songs?”

Drawing Circles – courtesy of TEXTURES

The third offering, 2008's ‘Silhouettes’, the last album to feature vocalist Eric Kalsbeek and keyboardist Richard Rietdijk, and the one to introduce bassist Remko Tielemans, became TEXURES first charted album in their home country:

Silhouettes – courtesy of TEXTURES

Vocalist Daniël de Jongh and keyboardist Uri Dijk joined TEXTURES in 2010.


19 September, 2011

Full Album Stream: Falloch: Where Distant Spirit Remains – new album


Listen to the new album by Scottish “ethereal metallers” (also described as a “growing glimmer on the shoegazer black metal horizon”) FALLOCH in its atmospheric and emotional entirety here (BandCamp) or via player available below. The album, entitled ‘Where Distant Spirit Remains’, is set for September 26th, 2011 release in Europe and September 27th, 2011 release in the U.S. through Candlelight Redords. ‘Where Distant Spirit Remains’ was mastered by producer Ronan Chris Murphy.

  • FALLOCH: ‘Where The Distant Spirit Remains’

After playing together in their previous bands, Andy Marshall and Scott McLean formed FALLOCH in Glasgow, Scotland, in 2010, finding a common desire to create music which conveys atmosphere and emotion through a wide variety of styles including metal, post-rock and folk. Taking their musical cue from the likes of ALCEST, AGALLOCH and PRIMORDIAL, as well as minimalist composers such as Yann Tiersen and Arvo Pärt, FALLOCH's lyrics focus around the themes of nostalgia, sorrow, nature and longing. Having a deep connection with the Scottish landscape, the band took their name from the Falls of Falloch waterfall in Crianlarich.

17 September, 2011

The Bronx Casket Co: Sally – new video

This video should not be watched by those who are easily offended (because Sally “saw the devil (tonight)”)



‘Sally’ comes off THE BRONX CASKET CO. back in January 2011-released album entitled ‘Antihero’ (eOne Music). The video for the song was directed by Mike Tessier. The album was produced and engineered by D.D. Verni and mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen. Lyrics-wise, on ‘Antihero’ Verni touched on everything from his thoughts on religion to his love of his hometown, to the twisted tale of a witch woman who steals souls, ‘Sally’. SYMPHONY X's guitarist Michael Romeo provided all guitar solos for the record.

“ ‘Sally’ seems particularly Zombie-esque [reference to Rob Zombie] with sex moans and a woman repeating “I saw the devil tonight” over a chugging industrial-rock guitar,” [thought Phil Freeman (AllMusic) who described ‘Antihero’ as “a seriously non-essential album by a band picking bits and pieces of other, more talented performers' schtick and assembling a staggering scarecrow out of them”. About.com's Kelley Simms found the record much more agreeable:] “There’s a great feeling to the melody and rhythm, and the haunting intro chants add to the atmosphere. The doomy SABBATH tone of ‘Bonesaw’ cuts through with a driving riff and keyboard accents. The fictitious story of ‘Sally’, about a hooker/witch woman in the Bayou who lures people into her house and collects their souls, has a seductive vibe. On their version of QUEEN's ‘Death On Two Legs’, the tempo is a bit faster than the original, and Verni [obviously has a different vocal range than Freddie Mercury, but the band pull off all the layered harmony parts quite well. D.D.'s love for Sinatra and Sid Vicious gave him the incentive to roughen up ‘My Way’. It’s a fun version and I suspect it would go over well live. Some fans might scoff at having two cover songs on one album, but both are great choices.” [Read the rest of the review here]

THE BRONX CASKET CO. was formed in 1998 by D.D. Verni, best known as founding member and longtime bassist and songwriter for American thrash metal band OVERKILL - for “the challenge of writing new material and for fun, of course!” In order to express his darker, slower, gothic rock-inspired songwriting, the musician gathered an impressive collection of heavy metal veterans, including ex-MISFITS singer Myke Hideous, guitarist Jack Frost (SEVEN WITCHES/METALIUM), keyboard player Charlie Calv  and drummer Tim Mallare (OVERKILL). The band's self-titled debut album was released in 1999 (Massacre Records) to rave reviews. ‘Sweet Home Transylvania’ (Music Cartel) followed two years later and although the band never played a live show, their fan base continued to grow. Two songs from this release were used in the slasher/horror film “Murder, Set, Pieces” by director Nick Palumbo. Two songs from the group's two releases as well as 13 new songs D.D. Verni wrote purposely were used in musical “The Bronx Casket… A New Musical”, written by playwright Andrea Lepcio and directed and choreographed by Hinton Battle. Doom-sounding album, ‘Hellectric’, was released in 2005 by Regain Records and THE BRONX CASKET CO. embarked on its first tour following the release. The tour consequently led to Hideous' departure from the band. Rob Pollatta replaced Tim Mallare on drums and D.D. Verni switched over to handle all the vocal duties.


Tasters: Reckless Till The End – new album


Modern metal group TASTERS (hardcore meets electronica, meets metal) have just released their Nuclear Blast Records debut entitled ‘Reckless Till The End’ (September 16th, 2011) and have just premiered their brand new video for the track ‘Sleeping With Spirits’ over at German TV station iMusic1; click here to watch the video. If you “like” TASTERS enough you can get yourself free track, ‘Katherine's Got A Secret’, at the band's Facebook page and you’ll find the sounds and the visuals, directed by Salvatore Perrone, of ‘Please Destroy This World’ below. Buy the album here (Nuclear Blast).

TASTERS (formerly known as “Tasters Choice”) featuring Daniele Nelli on vocals, Luke Pezzini on guitar, Tommy Antonini on guitar, Carlo Cremascoli on bass, Fabrizio Pagni on keyboard, piano and vocals and Ale “Demonoid” Lera on drums, formed in 1999 in Livorno, Italy. The band has released two full-length albums, ‘Shining’ in 2005 (Shark Records/Gencross Records) and ‘The Rebirth’ in 2009 (Bagana Records), opened for acts such as CANCER BATS, EVERGREEN TERRACE and TERROR and toured the UK and Russia. You can watch TASTER's 2009-released video for ‘Make Your Game’ at this location (YouTube).

TASTERS: Please Destroy This World – courtesy of Nuclear Blast Records


Anthrax: Worship Music – new album


After waiting patiently for almost a decade, we can finally get our hands on ANTHRAX's tenth album. Entitled ‘Worship Music’, the album was released - for the pleasure of the band's numerous European fans I’m sure - yesterday, September 16th, 2011 via Nuclear Blast Records, while the Americans happened to live on the better side of the Atlantic this time: Megaforce Records released the album on September 13th, 2011. The album was originally to be released in 2009 with singer Dan Nelson, but since the band parted ways with the vocalist shortly before the album's projected release, the vocals were re-recorded with Joey Belladonna who re-joined ANTHRAX in 2010.

The 11 tracks were produced by ANTHRAX, Rob Caggiano and Jay Ruston, and recorded over a four-year period at studios in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Belladonna's return to the band (whose last studio work with ANTHRAX was 1990's ‘Persistence Of Time’) prompted some of the songs originally recorded to be re-crafted with fresh lyrics to better suit his overall vibe. Some of the songs were even completely replaced with brand-new ones.

“Getting Joey back in as our full-time, permanent singer solidified us as a unit like we hadn’t been in years,” [commented guitarist Scott Ian] “All of us were on the same page creatively, working together, writing together, and becoming a band again.” [Added drummer Charlie Benante:] “I get goosebumps listening to the new music. Scott and Rob's [Caggiano, guitarist and producer] guitars are absolutely on fire, Frankie [Bello, bass] kicks butt on bass, and hearing Joey sing, well, the band sounds like ANTHRAX – Joey’s back and it’s great.” [Reflected Scott Ian:] “This record is filled with not just four years of our lives, but with our lifetime in the band. It encompasses it all, and when I listen to the record, I can hear all the energy and love and hate and pain and laughter that went into this.”

Download yourselfs a free track, ‘Fight ‘Em ‘Till You Can’t’, here (Nuclear Blast) and listen to another new track by these heavy metal greats, ‘The Devil You Know’, below. Such a record had to be, of course, hurriedly reviewed by many:

“To ANTHRAX's credit, it all fits together seamlessly, resulting in arguably their finest studio album since, well, the last one that Belladonna sang on! With vintage '80s metal sounds reconnecting with the masses in the early 21st century, one of thrash metal's originators picked a fine time to unleash a strong and inspired effort,” [wrote Greg Prato for AllMusic Guide]

“We’re finally graced with the 2011 version of ANTHRAX and for the most part, they didn’t screw the pooch like many expected,” [couldn’t contain his excitement ever-so-entertaining Steel Druhm for Angry Metal Guy] “They sound older, wiser and more mature than I ever expected from those party dudes in jams shorts and high tops… It’s a good start to the next era of “Thrax” and I hope they can hold things together for a while. At the very least they can rest easy knowing this is far better than anything METALLICA has put out in the last twenty years. N.F.L.!” [Now, being of the generation that was singing ‘Indians’ with Belladonna when the song was new, I’m not quite sure what that N.F.L. stands for if not National Football League which I doubt, but read on here - if feeling so inclined]

ANTHRAX features: Charlie Benante – drums, Frank Bello – bass, Rob Caggiano – lead gutar, Scott Ian – rhythm guitar and Joey Belladonna - vocals

ANTHRAX: The Devil You Know – courtesy of Nuclear Blast Records

15 September, 2011

Primus: Green Naugahyde – new album


Start your day on a happy note – listen to the new PRIMUS album, ‘Green Naugahyde’ - their first full-length album in over a decade - over at Spinner. ‘Green Naugahyde’ was produced and engineered by Les Claypool in his personal studio, Rancho Relaxo, in Northern California, and features Claypool, long-time guitarist Larry LaLonde and drummer Jay Lane. The album came out September 12th, 2011 in Europe and September 13th, 2011 in the U.S., on ATO Records and Claypool's own Pawn Song Records. Buy it here.

“ ‘Green Naugahyde’ expands on PRIMUS' incomparable sound and also sees them bringing it into the next millennium. It is a cerebral and complex album that, like all of the band's output, is teeming with the band’s signature blend of whimsy and underlying darkness,” [explains a press release]

The new offering was described as being reminiscent of PRIMUS' 1990's debut ‘Frizzle Fry’ by Claypool himself (him, being most admired for his music, humor, writing, wine-making and fly-fishing by the owner of this blog), mainly due to the return of one of the group's early drummers, Jay Lane:

“The rhythmic feel of it is very similar,” [explained the man in an interview conducted by Rolling Stone magazine] “But it’s also got 20 years of life experience on it – from many different angles. A song like ‘Jilly's on Smack’ just wouldn’t have been written in the early '90s, because we hadn’t lost a friend to heroin addiction. A song like ‘Lee Van Cleef’, which is reflective of my youth, just wouldn’t have been written back then. So there’s a lot of salt to it, yet there is this vigor of Jay's very rhythmic playing.”

The reason for 11-years-long dry season, Les Claypool entrusted with the SPIN magazine:

“PRIMUS had hit the creative wall by the end of the '90s and PRIMUS needed to sit.  Like a good compost, we needed to ferment and turn the manure and garbage into fine, nitrogen rich dirt.”

PRIMUS: Tragedy's a'Comin' – courtesy of ATO Records

PRIMUS: HOINFODAMAN – courtesy of ATO Records

07 September, 2011

Full Album Stream: Livarkahil: Signs Of Decay – new album


“The new heavy thing is in town, and its name is LIVARKAHIL,” this metallic hardcore quintet from Paris introduces itself. They have much to say, but not about themselves – check out LIVARKAHIL treaty here if so inclined. They are mostly angry and, quite properly, they channel their anger into their music. They promise their second album, ‘Signs Of Decay’, (a concept album “based on religious autocracy: In Nomine Patris, They Hail The Victory!) will surely crush us. ‘Signs Of Decay’ awaits its European release on September 26th, 2011 via Listenable Records. The album was produced by Hk & BST and mixed and mastered at Hertz Studio, Poland. ‘Above All Hatred’ video, available below, was directed by Hk and J.Metternich. Pre-order ‘Signs Of Decay’ here.

LIVARKAHIL formed in 2007 in Paris, France, recorded their first demo, ‘No Cure For Fools’, that same year, and self-released debut full-length, ‘First Act Of Violence’, in 2009.

LIVARKAHIL features: Hk – vocals, Kaiin – guitar, Traüme – guitar, Neil – bass and Skvm – drums



Sinner: One Bullet Left – new album


Mat SINNER (PRIMAL FEAR, VOODO CIRCLE) has ‘One Bullet Left’ coming September 9th, 2011. Joined by  guitarists Christof Leim (THE NEW BLACK), and Alex Beyrodt (PRIMAL FEAR, VOODO CIRCLE), drummer Andre Hilgers (RAGE) and yet another guitarist Alex Scholpp (TARJA, FARMER BOYS), this tireless musician's no less than 17th studio album with SINNER, comes out through AFM Records. The 11 brand new songs (13 on the limited edition) and a cover version of the Steve Stevens' ‘Atomic Playboys’ was recorded and produced in several studios in Europe by Mat Sinner, with mixing and mastering being handled by Achim Köhler. AFM Records have kindly released a preview of four SINNER tunes off the forthcoming record you can listen to via player available below. Video for the first single, ‘Back On Trail’, was filmed by director Martin Müller and his team (RCN TV). 



06 September, 2011

Betraying The Martyrs: Man Made Disaster – new video



In order to spread their message of “positive metal from the city of love” (and to remind us of their forthcoming record), Parisians BETRAYING THE MARTYRS released the video for ‘Man Made Disaster’, directed by Thomas Welsh. Their debut full-length, ‘Breathe In Life’ will be released September 20th, 2011, via Sumerian Records. You can pre-order this bundle of “positive thinking and good morals” right here.

BETRAYING THE MARTYRS formed in 2008 in, as mentioned, Paris, France, in order to - as already mentioned as well - “write punishing tracks, deliver an astounding live performance, and portray a good image with a new message of positive thinking and good morals”. This lofty goal's first physical manifestation came in 2009 in form of an EP entitled ‘The Hurt, The Divine, The Light’, which sent this six-piece which, besides nourishing interest in music, art and tattoos also want to “help people through their songs - with words and idealisms - to figure out who they are and what they believe in, whether it be Christianity, a new way of life, or just to find happiness and a good way in life for themselves”, off touring Europe. In 2010, after some line-up changes, BETRAYING THE MARTYRS enlisted new singer, Englishman Aaron Matts. So, if feeling lost and confused, look these boys up since:

“Wherever possible BTM will be supporting positive organizations and associations throughout their concerts, and can’t wait to meet open minded people that will discuss music, idealisms and beliefs with them” [excerpt from the band's official bio; heh, sorry, feeling a bit sarcastic this morning]

BETRAYING THE MARTYRS features: Aaron Matts – vocals, Victor Guillet – keyboards and vocals, Baptiste Vigier – guitar, Lucas D'angelo – guitar, Valentin Hauser – bass and Antoine Salin - drums


05 September, 2011

Arsames: Immortal Identity – new video



Iranian melodic death metallers, ARSAMES, have released video for ‘Immortal Identity’, the title-track off their back in 2010 released album. The video was directed by Sorena Afkham Shoara, and produced by Ali Madarshahi, the band's founder and vocalist. ARSAMES are apparently to release a 4-song cover EP entitled ‘Persian Death Metal Tribute To Warriors Of Metal’, paying their due to AMON AMARTH, KREATOR, CARCASS and SEPULTURA, sometime this year.

ARSAMES, the first Persian ancient death metal band – as they describe themselves, was formed in 2002 in Mashhad, Iran, by Ali  Madarshahi, despite the fact that metal music is deemed satanic and declared illegal in his home country. The group recorded their debut single ‘Adiposere’ in their home studio in 2005, kept practicing and recording songs they uploaded on MySpace in order to promote themselves and released digital album, ‘Homo Sapiens’, in 2007. In 2009, ARSAMES were invited to perform at Slovenia's Metalcamp and Turkey's Unirock Open Air Festival, alongside AMON AMARTH, ARCH ENEMY, KREATOR and others. In 2010, the band performed at Metal Asylum Open Air festival in Dubai, released their first proper album, ‘Immortal Identity’, and were invited to appear at India's Sikkim Fest. In an interview conducted by Gulfnews, ARSAMES' frontman Ali Madarshi stated:

“Being a metal band in Islamic Republic of Iran is the most metal thing ever done in the world of music before! … Metal music is banned in Iran so we can’t play it live, but we can practice it in our homes. At least we can make sure the band is ready for gigs and can work on our albums. Metalheads all over the world always love each other, they have always supported each other, their language is metal. Behind the rough appearance of metal music you will find a golden heart beating for universal peace.” [Read the rest here.]

ARSAMES features: Ali Madarshahi  - vocals, Morteza Shahrami – guitar, Ahmad Takalou – guitar, Saeed Shariat – drums and Rouzbeh Zourchang – bass

04 September, 2011

Sawthis: Act Of Sorrow – new video



Italy's most passionate and truly emotional metal outfit, SAWTHIS, has released video for ‘Act Of Sorrow’, track taken from their 2010 release ‘Egod’. SAWTHIS' second full length has been produced by Paolo Ojetti (of INFERNAL POETRY fame) and released through Scarlet Records. The above video was created by Uderroom Studio. Buy SAWTHIS stuff here. Download three SAWTHIS tracks free of charge here.

Hailing from Teramo, Italy, SAWTHIS formed in 1997 and were known as “Sothis” for 12 years until they were forced to change their name since an American black metal band obtained (no less than) exclusive rights to it. In 2001, the group recorded a 7-track demo entitled ‘The Seven Lies’, with second demo, ‘Instinct’, following in 2002. SAWTHIS signed with Temple Of Noise Records and released their debut full-length, ‘Fusion’, in 2006. The band had started to work on their second album with producer Paolo Ojetti in 2008 and the final result of that collaboration impressed Scarlet Records enough to release the record, ‘Egod’, in 2010.

SAWTHIS features: Alessandro Falà – vocals, Adriano Quaranta – guitar, Devis Ercole – guitar, Gaetano Ettorre – bass and Michele Melchiorre - drums and vocals

    SAWTHIS: Mr.Zero – courtesy of gaetorade

01 September, 2011

Full Album Stream: Anterior: Echoes Of The Fallen – new album


Listen to the ferocious new album by ANTERIOR, ‘Echoes Of The Fallen’, right here – courtesy of Metal Blade Records. The album has seen its European release on August 26th, 2011 (September 12th, 2011) and is to be unleashed upon American population come September 13th, 2011 through Metal Blade. The 10-track long player was recorded at Grindstone Studios with producer Scott Atkins. Buy ANTERIOR stuff here.

“It’s been quite a while since our last release and we’ve matured a lot as a band, especially with the addition of some new members,” [commented guiarist Leon Kemp] “We’ve managed to retain all the great aspects of our first album ‘This Age Of Silence’ and improve on them. The songs are more concise than before and we’ve really worked on making each song as strong as it can possibly be. We haven’t settled for anything less, and at times it’s been tough working to the benchmark we set ourselves, but it’s brought the best out in everyone and after hearing the finished product it’s definitely been worth it.”

ANTERIOR was formed in 2003 in Tredegar, Wales, by 17-year old friends,  guitarist and vocalist Luke Davies, lead guitar player Leon Kemp, bassist James Britton and drummer Ross Andrews, whose memorable live performances quickly caught the attention of local promoter. Helped by social networking sites, record labels took notice and ANTERIOR signed a worldwide deal with Metal Blade in 2006. They recorded their debut album, 2007's ‘This Age Of Silence’, with producer Tim Hamill:

“The music here is bone-crushing thrash with elements of metalcore, progressive metal, and death metal. There is an incredibly high degree of creativity and technical acumen,” [wrote Thom Yurek, AllMuisc Guide] The finest thing about the sound is how clean it is. Given the attention to detail in these songs, it couldn’t have been presented any other way. Big double bass drum assaults, blastbeats galore, and the wall of guitars provide a fine platform for Davies' vocals, which are shouted as well as sung.”

Former MENDEED lead guitarist and long time friend, Steven Nixon, was made a permanent addition to ANTERIOR during the period of relentless touring that ensued. Their original drummer was replaced by James Cook in 2009. In October 2010 the band played a one off special show to air their new material and to record the official video for the single ‘Dead Divine’ (off ‘This Age Of Silence’) – available below.

ANTERIOR features: Luke Davies – vocals, Leon Kemp – guitar, Steven Nixon – guitar, James Britton – bass and James Cook - drums

ANTERIOR: Tyranny – courtesy of Metal Blade Records

ANTERIOR: Blood In The Throne Room – courtesy of altsounds