16 October, 2013

Full Album Stream: Craven Idol: Towards Eschaton – new album


Well, CRAVEN IDOL's debut album is apparently “musically, an assault on those who neglect the potent legacy of the 1980s, while thematically it attacks all proponents of unfounded spiritual dogma” while Decibel's Jonathan Horsley calls it “an extreme metal album of rare power; a bona fide contender for album of the year, a soundtrack for those evenings when your ouija planchette is jiggling all over the board” (more here). Anyhow, ‘Towards Eschaton’ goes splendidly with my (third) morning coffee and should mix just fine with your evening beer/wine. Enjoy the full album below, out since October the 15th, 2013 courtesy Dark Descent Records, and order your copy from Amazon or BandCamp to be safe, because I still haven’t figured out the workings of Dark Descent Records' store. The album's art was created by Italian painter Paolo Girardi:

Formed in 2005 in London, England by guitarist and vocalist Immolator Of Sadistik Wrath (or Vrath, in short) and guitarist and drummer Scourger, CRAVEN IDOL first put forth a demo named ‘Demo # 1’ in 2006, followed by ‘Recrucify’ demo in 2009. Fortified by J.C. Volgard on bass, the band created another ritual offering in the earliest traditions of black and thrash metal in 2010, when they released the ‘Ethereal Altars’ on MCD and vinyl via Vengeful Attakk / Hammer of Hate.

CRAVEN IDOL features: Vrath – vocals and guitar, Scourger – guitar, Suspiral – bass and Volgard - drums


  1. You are either retarded or never bought anything from distros EVER, because Zen Cart is present in like 70% of underground labels.

    1. Well, well... My first "true metal" comment. Yes, I am probably a little retarded - aren't we all? - but then, I am probably just a little richer than you :-)