31 December, 2011

Otargos: Worship Industrialized - new video



With whom better to conclude this year, dear visitor, than French optimists OTARGOS, heh. Turning once more to director Federico Anastasi (Undeci | Decimi) - whose other creation can be viewed below - for his talent and artistic approach deemed fit to illustrate the modern dimension of OTARGOS' music, ‘Worship Industrialized’ comes from the group's fourth full-length, ‘No God No Satan’. The aforementioned recording was issued on Season Of Mist Records in August/September 2010. The track ‘Cloning The Divine’ can be downloaded free of charge here, courtesy of the label. Buy OTARGOS stuff here.

“With ‘Worship Industrialized’ we really wanted to get out of all clichés, out of usual atmospheres and shades in order to obtain a result that is faithful to the modern spirit and style of OTARGOS. We wished for something really personal. The purpose was to obtain a unique, violent, barbaric but also desolate atmosphere. The set is a post-apocalyptic burnt landscape in which evolves a mutated civilization that worship absurd myths from the past. This past is actually nothing more than our present. To reach this visual goal, we shot almost all the scenes in natural light. The epileptic picture effect is not the fruit of postproduction work, but the result of a simultaneous multicam capture, a genuine recording process designed by the director. It’s interesting enough to be noted. With this video clip OTARGOS wishes to spread its contemporary image beyond the live performances and impose its “dark extreme metal” style. It also represents the opportunity for us to get loose from the fundamentalist black metal scene with which we feel no affinity anymore. We closed a 10-year chapter with the latest release and this video masterpiece is just the beginning of a new era for OTARGOS. The next album is being prepared and it announces a time of change,” [takes no prisoners the band]

OTARGOS was founded in Bordeaux in 2001 by singer and guitarist Dagoth and drummer R. F. Lord Mysterium. With bassist XxX OTARGOS released their first demo, ‘Conqueror, Conqueror … Destroyer’, in 2002. With second guitarist Kernuun added to the lineup, the French recorded their second demo, ‘Codex-666, Infernal Legions Strike’, in 2003. In 2004,  Arkhamian replaced Lord Mysterium on drums, as OTARGOS issued their debut album 2005's ‘Ten-Eyed Nemesis’. Basing their philosophy on cosmology and a dark antithetic vision of humanity and determined to disassociate themselves from the classical Satanic concept of black metal, OTARGOS explored new musical horizons on their second full-length, 2007's ‘Kinetic Zero’. Their next release, 2009's ‘Fuck God-Disease Process’, reportedly took France by storm (as reported by Season Of Mist Records). The band recruited yet another new drummer, Thyr, before recording their fourth album, ‘No God – No Satan’ (which causes you to “stare into the pitch black abyss of cosmic finitude with a sardonic smile”). Following the departure of guitarist Astaroth just recently, OTARGOS welcomed Thomas Fringan as his replacement.



30 December, 2011

Hundredth: Hurt – new video



Originally released in 1994 by NINE INCH NAILS (‘The Downward Spiral’), covered by Johnny Cash in 2002 to critical acclaim, ‘Hurt’ gets revamped once again, this time by American melodic hardcore band HUNDREDTH. The tune can be found on the band's latest release, ‘Let Go’, issued on Maediaskare Records in September 2011. The emotional and melodic ‘Let Go’ landed on the Billboard Heatseekers chart.

Feeling especially generous this festive season, Mediaskare Records offer you a free download of 26 songs from some of the label's most recent releases, a way of saying thank you to all of their supporters. Including tracks from BURY YOUR DEAD, DEEZ NUTS, HUNDREDTH etc, click here, submit your email and enjoy some free music.

HUNDREDTH was formed in 2008 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, by guitarist Alex Blackwell and drummer Matt Koontz. Joined by singer Chadwick Johnson, guitarist Joel Hunter and bassist Michael Raymo, their first aggressive assortment of message of hope came the following year in from of a self released EP. HUNDREDTH released their debut full-length, ‘When Will We Surrender’, in 2010 on Mediaskare Records. With new guitarist Andrew Minervini and new bassist JP Gressman, the band recorded their sophomore album off which the single, ‘Live Today’, can be found below.


Free Album: Arafel: For Battles Once Fought – semi-new album


Recorded at Hertz Studio in Poland with Wojtec and Slawek Wieslawski, released in January 2011 on NoiseArt Records, Israeli-German pagan/folk metal group ARAFEL offer their latest release, ‘For Battles Once Fought’, for free download here (MediaFire). Listen to the album's (“containing eight tracks filled with aggression and epic war atmosphere”) samples here or make use of YouTube. The album's artwork was created by artist Kris Verwimp.

ARAFEL (Hebrew for “fog”) was created in 1997 in Tel Aviv, Israel. In 1999, the band first recorded their Slavonic folk music-influenced brand of black metal in form of a four-song demo, ‘Skazki Starogo Lesa’ (Tales Of Ancient Forest), released on Latvian label Beverina. A concept album about national Russian hero Alexander Nevsky, (Grand Duke of Russia in the 13th century), ‘The Way Of Defender’, followed in 2003. ARAFEL was signed by Russian label Sound Age, on which they issued their second full-length, 2005's ‘Through The Flame Of The Ages’. The effort was distributed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by Twilight-Vertrieb. ARAFEL underwent serious lineup shifting from 2006 to 2009, when joined by Helge Stang, vocalist of the German Viking metal band EQUILIBRIUM.

ARAFEL features: Felius – guitar, Leshii – drums, Roman – bass, Nasha – violin and Helge - vocals

29 December, 2011

Stahlmann: Tanzmaschine – new video



Germany's electro-rockers STAHLMANN invite you to “dance with them” like a “tanzmachine” with their first single, ‘Tanzmachine’ (“a song dominated by a pervasive groove that literally awakes the steel machine to life”), off their upcoming second album ‘Quecksilber’, which awaits its release come January 20th, 2012 on AFM Records. ‘Quecksilber’ was produced by acclaimed producer Jose Alvarez Brill.

Apparently, not only due to their unique appearance STAHLMANN represent a new era of German rock music; a new generation of hard, German music, which began in the mid '90s (“Neue Deutsche Härte”) with pioneers like DIE KRUPPS and OOMPH who invented a formula that was brought to perfection several years later by RAMMSTEIN. Formed in 2008 in Göttingen, Germany, STAHLMANN combine industrial sound with driving rhythms and catchy metal and deliver their catchy lyrics with that deep, distinctive voice, wrapping it all up with spectacular appearance.

“In our daily lives, we often appear as cold and emotionless as machines,” says singer and songwriter Mart. “We follow the mechanics of everyday life and run commands as if we were robots. Only at night, we awake to life and immerse ourselves in a world that is going on in the clubs. We can drive us from the music and go out of ourselves.” [He continues:] “The new album was intended to be even more danceable than our debut [2010's ‘Stahlmann’]. The idea was to cross metal guitars with danceable EBM and dance, with much more focus on the electronic song elements, while remaining true to ourselves.”

STAHLMANN features: Martin Soer – vocals and programming and Tobi Berkefeld - guitar and programming


28 December, 2011

The Psyke Project: Only I Remain – new video



Denmark's THE PSYKE PROJECT, “an amalgam of everything metallic, heavy and malevolent”, has come up with new video ‘Only I Remain’, filmed by Rasmus Gajhede Sejersen. The track comes off a split with their countrymen AS WE FIGHT entitled ‘Ebola’, released digitally on Lifeforce Records in May 2011, and which can be bought via  iTunes. Or, listen to ‘Ebola’ via player available below and buy the exclusive gatefold double LP here. “One of the most uncompromising practitioners of Scandinavian metal”, THE PSYKE PROJECT, was formed in 2001 in Copenhagen, Denmark. They have released 5 full-length albums to date, their latest being ‘Ebola’, a split album with AS WE FIGHT. 

“THE PSYKE PROJECT are best-known for bringing an intense, yet chaotic sound that is based on heavy riffs and despairing passages within an epic framework. Driven by a profound love for a complex and brute sound with sincere and honest lyrics, the Danes are strongly dedicated to modern heavy music consisting of elements of different heavy-genres,” [clarifies the press release]

PSYKE PROJECT features: Martin Nielskov – vocals, Mikkel Vadstrup Schmidt – guitar, Christian Bono Bonnesen – guitar, Jeppe Skouv – bass and Rasmus Gajhede Sejersen – drums


Full Album Stream: Everything Went Black: Cycles Of Light – new album


EVERYTHING WENT BLACK has posted the full album stream of their debut album, ‘Cycles Of Light’, here (AMP Magazine). The album will be released on January the 17th, 2012 in North America, on February the 6th, 2012 in the UK and on February the 10th, 2012 in the rest of Europe on Lost Shepherd / Prosthetic Records. ‘Cycles Of Light’ features nine brand new tracks which were recorded with engineer Matt Amelung at Second Story Studio in the band's home town of Saint Louis, Missouri. The album also features artwork from Sasha Banner from REMEMBER, dark hardcore band from Germany. Pre-order the album here, via Prosthetic Records:

EVERYTHING WENT BLACK: Lifeless – courtesy of lambgoat

Formed in 2009, EVERYTHING WENT BLACK play a concise, sophisticated brand of fast and heavy aggressive music, drawing influence from the likes of THE HOPE CONSPIRACY, BLACK FLAG and ENTOMBED. Since that fatal spring of 2009, the band self released an EP, a 7” on Hands Up! Records, and a split with Kentucky hardcore outfit RATTLETOOTH on I Hate Punk Rock Records.

EVERYTHING WENT BLACK features: Brandon Hoffman – vocals, James Ridling – bass, Chris Moore – guitar, Chris Stanton – guitar and Josh Van Hoorebeke – drums

EVERYTHING WENT BLACK: Altars & Arsonists – courtesy of EverythingWentBlack

EWB: RATTLETOOTH Split (2011) – courtesy of EverythingWentBlack

20 December, 2011

2011 summary / Hanukkah 5772 wrap-up

The undisputed conqueror of my ears for the month of January must be BELPHEGOR's ‘Blood Magick Necromance’ (whose Helmuth Lehner is hopefully back in form by now and writing new satanic verses). Respite was found with TIMES OF GRACE and  with THE BRONX CASKET CO. Oh, and I’ve cheered for ONSLAUGHT as well. 

In February, DEVILDRIVER's ‘Beast’ ruled supreme. Nevertheless, I paid my dues to metal kings DEICIDE, DESTRUCTION and CROWBAR, and was converted to OMNIUM GATHERUM's cause.

In March, I was blown away by outstanding young talents SCALE THE SUMMIT, TESSERACT, THE HUMAN ABSTRACT and OBSCURA. As for Scandinavian flavor, I enjoyed Mr. Laiho's (CHILDREN OF BODOM) vicious guitar solos, I marched towards Mount Doom with AMON AMARTH, and whistled along THE HAUNTED's tunes. 

In April, I officially joined SEPTICFLESH order or something, for I have diligently promoted their cause ever since. RED FANG though warmed my heart, as have BELIEVER and MALIGNO. Monthly dose of brimstone and fire was in April provided by KRALLICE, SAMAEL and LAKE OF TEARS

AnaalNathrakh_Passion In May, I agonized with ANAAL NATHRAKH passionately, I  suffered through HATE ETERNAL's and NADER SADEK's releases voluntarily, I didn't find XERATH's record tedious at all, I listened to retro-futurists END OF LEVEL BOSS, and I shamelessly enjoyed CHROME DIVISION's album.

In June, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER released their perfect album. In June, you sure liked AZARATH (hello Poland). In June, NOCTEM began their cloven-footed march. To balance things out, THE QUILL, WOLVES LIKE US, DJERV and RIVAL SONS came up with their releases. Ah, what a month June turned out to be; notwithstanding the remixes, I must admit I even liked the last PAIN record. A lot. 

July belonged to ALL SHALL PERISH, LOCK UP, CHTHONIC, UNEARTH and BATTLECROSS. Luckily, THE LIVING FIELDS' and 40 WATT SUN's releases provided a breathing spell.

In August, I was chasing storms with ICS VORTEX, enjoyed a hike in the forest with FALLS OF RAUROS, and rejoiced and wept simultaniously with GHOST BRIGADE. I admired REVOCATION, firmly stood by TRIVIUM and was charmed by CHIMAIRA.

Well, September was MASTODON's of course, but MACHINE HEAD and GLORIOR BELLI came close second. The magic of the month was supplied by PRIMUS, ARCH / MATHEOS, TEXURES, OLD SILVER KEY and RWAKE. The other kind of magic (based upon serious lack of sunlight in their lives) came with TAAKE and ARCKANUM

In October, SKELETONWITCH triumphed, though ABSU, TSJUDER, VALLENFYRE and ETERNAL GRAY have nothing to be ashamed about. Monthly melody was feathered by INSOMNIUM and SÓLSTAFIR.   

MEMFIS finally released their second album in November, when I cheered for BLUT AUS NORD for the second time in 2011. And KRISIUN, CYNIC, ESOTERIC and RIOT came up with some great stuff. Oh, and I like AS I LAY DYING and neither you or they can do a thing about it.

Korn_PathOfTotality Well, in December I had to admit KORN do know their dubstep. Taste is such a funny, personal and subjective thing isn’t it, and ours especially, being of an acquired kind. And so, CORMORANT find themselves standing proudly right next to Skrillex on my “best of” list for 2011. See you in 2012.

Yours truly :-)

19 December, 2011

Full Album Stream: Vyrion: Vyrion – semi-new album


Steel Druhm saw them first. VYRION, blackened progressive metallers (with a Scandinavian-influenced sound) from Brisbane, Australia, that is. Their debut, self-titled album released back in August 2011 on Rockdale Records, can be listened to in full and bought for the generous price of your choosing here, via VYRION's BandCamp page, and here on VYRION's Facebook (also available for your listening pleasure below). Four years in the making, the album delivers nine scathing tracks running to a total length of fifty-two minutes.

[Summarizes his review of the album Angry Metal Guy's Steel Druhm:] “I love being blown away by unknown bands and that’s exactly what VYRION did. This is a band to watch and watch closely. If you like your extreme music served with original and innovative ideas, this will be a welcome surprise for you as well. Given the non-existent buzz and geographic isolation facing this release, the word must be gotten out to the Angry Metal Hordes! Give it a listen and if you like it, spread the news far and wide. Steel Druhm demands that you support quality underground metal! And I ask for so little.” [Ain’t he sweet?]

VYRION features: Dale Williams - guitar and vocals, Chris Cox - bass and vocals, Mark Boyce – guitar and Leo Graae - drums

16 December, 2011

Novembers Doom: Harvest Scythe – new video



NOVEMBERS DOOM new video ‘Harvest Scythe’, taken from the May 2011 release ‘Aphotic’ was first shown here (MetalSucks). Directed by Erik Johnson, the clip features Ashley Johnson (“Some of you may recognize the lovely Ashley Johnson from the pages of “Playboy”,” explains the band) and NOVEMBERS DOOM new drummer Garry Naples, who has recently replaced Sasha Horn.

“The song is about internal conflict in one's mind, somewhat multiple personalities. The video shows her going through different personalities, and not being able to escape from them. The different clothes she wears, the chalk outlines on the floor… The house represents her mind where she’s “trapped” and it’s supposed to play like a loop, where if you watch the video a second time, it almost seems like it’s supposed to start over.” [Vocalist Paul Kuhr told to Metalsucks – more here]

With “its roots in darkness and melancholic madness, reminiscent of the band's early work but bringing something new and modern to the listener”, NOVEMBERS DOOM latest effort came out in May 2011 on The End Records. ‘Aphotic’ features guest appearances from vocalist Anneke Van Giersbergen (THE GATHERING) on the song ‘What Could Have Been’ – its video, directed by Tony Myles, is available below – and the talented, world renowned violinist Rachel Barton Pine (EARTHEN GRAVE). The man behind the mixing board, Dan Swanö, has added his voice and mighty growl to ‘Of Age And Origin’ (listen here).

NOVEMBERS DOOM started out as thrash & death metal band under the name “Laceration” in Illinois, USA, in 1989. As the sound gradually began to change to heavier and slower, and new name was adopted as the band-members felt it more suitable. Their first success came in Europe, when in 1992 NOVEMBERS DOOM signed a recording contract with Italy's Regress Records. The two songs recorded caught the attention of Avantgarde Records, which released band's full-length debut, ‘Amid Its Hallowed Mirth’, in 1995. Major lineup overhauls later, with vocalist Paul Kuhr and female vocalist Cathy Jo Hejna the only two original band-members left, the reformed group released an EP entitled ‘For Every Leaf That Falls’ in 1997. Favorable reviews led to a signing a contract with Martyr Music which released their second album, 1999's ‘Sculptured Ivy & Stone Flowers’. Third album, ‘The Knowing’, was released in 2000 through Dark Symphonies:

“With its bold arrangements, its technical virtuosity, and its command of the doom genre, NOVEMBERS DOOM appear to have a rare gift for crystallizing the finest elements of doom oh-so-precisely, while simultaneously giving those European masters a serious run for their superiority,” [commented AllMusic's Jason Hundey – more here]

Producer's Neil Kernon help was enlisted for the band's next offering, 2002's ‘To Welcome The Fade’, which AllMusic dubbed as “a bona fide classic of a heavy metal album”. After signing with The End Records, NOVEMBERS DOOM turned to producer James Murphy for their death & gothic metal album, ‘The Pale Haunt Departure’, released in 2005. After touring Europe for the first time, the group released yet faster sixth full-length, Chris Djuricic-produced ‘The Novella Reservoir’ (2007). The cooperation with the producer continued on the release that followed, 20th anniversary album ‘Into Night's Requiem Infernal’, with famous Swede Dan Swanö handling the mixing for the third time. Listen to the record via the player available below and buy the effort here (BandCamp) :

NOVEMBERS DOOM features: Paul Kuhr – vocals, Larry Roberts – guitar, Vito Marchese – guitar, Mike Feldman – bass and Garry Naples – drums


10 December, 2011

Old Silver Key: Burnt Letters – new video



‘Burnt Letters’ comes from OLD SILVER KEY's debut album entitled ‘Tales Of Wanderings’, released on Season Of Mist Records in September 2011. The video was created by Fursy Teyssier. Listen to the album here (BandCamp) or via player available below, courtesy Season Of Mist, download yourselves this truly lovely tune here or here free of charge, and buy the ‘Tales Of Wanderings’ here (Season Of Mist) or here (BandCamp):

OLD SILVER KEY is a new project as envisioned by prolific Ukrainian musician Roman Saenko (DRUDKH, HATE FOREST, DARK AGES, BLOOD OF KINGU) and which features Stephane “Niege” Paul on vocals, Saenko on guitar, Roman “Thurios” Blahykh on guitar, Vlad on drums, keyboards and piano and Krechet on bass.

“Here is the OLD SIVER KEY that opens the door into a world of witches, cunning foxes, talking wolves, where a poor farmer's boy wins the hand of a princess while the prince sulks as a frog,” [tells the tale the press release] ‘Tales Of Wanderings’ take you into the fairy tale world of childhood and logs burning in the fireplace. Yet there is often a twist darker than the stories of the Brothers Grimm to these songs. This comes as no surprise as the mastermind behind the musical tales is Roman Saenko of DRUDKH. Having explored more progressive ways on their latest output ‘Handful Of Stars’ (2010), Roman decided it was time to go even further, but in a new project. In ALCEST singer Neige, the Ukrainian found the perfect collaborator and the OLD SILVER KEY was born. All members of DRUDKH gladly joined in the making of ‘Tales Of Wanderings’ that only offers a murky glimpse of the black metal roots and turns to something warmer and lighter without losing the raw earthen spirit, which the band reluctantly calls post rock to give their brainchild a name. Yet OLD SILVER KEY offers something more, which is hard to describe, but takes you on a mental journey full of amazement and wonder. Close your eyes, listen carefully and discover a new side to the Ukrainians! [Recognize and understand!]”



Free EP: Eyeresist: Between The Lines – new EP


Kuwaiti metalcore/deathcore act EYERESIST is offering their new EP ‘Between The Lines’ for free listening and free download here (BandCamp), here (MediaFire) and here (MegaUpload). Released in November 2011 and also available via that handy player you’ll find below, ‘Between The Lines’ consists of 7 tracks.

Formed in 2010 by bassist Adel Kerboushi, guitarist Yasser Kerboushi, vocalist Nasser Hajiah and drummer and guitarist Khalid Al-Mansour, and listening to all the right bands (such as ALL SHALL PERISH, AFTER THE BURIAL, BURY YOUR DEAD, TESSERACT etc), EYERESIST reportedly “expose an extraordinary eloquence in their collision of melody and metal”. Furthermore, “their spoken words have yet to deliver a deeper meaning than mere words, which help them build their musical landscape”.

09 December, 2011

Prey For Nothing: Against All Good & Evil – new album


Israel's own melodic death metallers', PREY FOR NOTHING, new album entitled ‘Against All Good & Evil’ has just been released on Massacre Records, December 9th, 2011. Featuring “thirteen massive hitters glittering with metallic brilliance, combining progressive metal elements with sheer death metal brutality” and generally being “the next step in the evolution of true metal”, ‘Against All Good & Evil’ was recorded at Hertz Studios in Poland, in November 2010. Album's artwork was created by established artist Paul Gerrard. You’ll find two tracks off the new album, ‘Buried By The Light’ (also appears on ‘My Final Relapse’ 4-track single) and ‘Deciphering The Signal’, as well as the video for the track ‘My Final Relapse’, filmed and directed by Alex Osmolovsky and Sergey Maydin below.

PREY FOR NOTHING, comprised of Yaniv Aboudy (guitar), Amir Salomon (bass), Iftah Levi (drums) and Yotam “Defiler” Avni (vocals), recorded their thrash & death metal debut album, ‘Violence Divine’, with Danish producer Jacob Hansen and released it in 2008 through Rusty Cage Records. (Visit PREY FOR NOTHING's SoundCloud and listen to/download the album – here) Joined by second guitarist Tal Behar, the group self-released a 4-track single entitled ‘My Final Relapse’ in March 2011. An interview with the group - which requires a bit of good will and patience from the listener – for Hebrew-speaking population is available here (Ov Metal).

Follow-up: In February 2012, PREY FOR NOTHING released Jonathan Segal-directed and Nadav Avny-produced video for ‘Chekhov's Gun’, available for viewing below.

PREY FOR NOTHING: Buried By The Light – courtesy of Prey For Nothing

PREY FOR NOTHING: Deciphering The Signal – courtesy of Prey For Nothing



06 December, 2011

Full Album Stream: Cormorant: Dwellings – new album


Careful not to have harmed any record labels, American blackened progressive metallers CORMORANT just self-released their second full-length, “100% self-funded labor of love”,  December 6th, 2011. Listen to ‘Dwellings’ here (BandCamp) or via that cute player I’m slowly growing accustomed to and which can be found below. ‘Dwellings’ is available for physical purchase directly from the band here: the 6-panel digipak CD features hand-drawn vertical panorama cover artwork by Alice Duke, full-color on-disk design, and a 12-page booklet containing extensive lyrics and liner notes. The music was tracked live to analog tape by producer Justin Weis at Trakworx Studios in San Francisco:

  • CORMORANT: ‘Dwellings’

Formed in Bay Area in 2007 by vocalist and bassist Arthur von Nagel (who grew up on folk rock and classical music) guitarist Nick Cohon (who played acoustic as a member of old-time country band THE YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKERS), percussionist Brennan Kunkel (who spends his free time making hip-hop beats) and guitarist and vocalist Matt Solis (who was recruited by the other three at an ENSLAVED gig), CORMORANT released their debut EP, an exploration of the black, death, thrash, doom, and folk metal sub-genres, ‘The Last Tree’, in 2007 to overwhelmingly positive reviews. Listen to ‘The Last Tree’ here (BandCamp) or below. Make sure to purchase:

  • CORMORANT: ‘The Last Tree’

Evolving their sound even further, the quartet released their debut full-length ‘Metazoa’ in 2009 on Saturnine Media. Recorded and mixed by legendary producer Billy Anderson and mastered by Justin Weis, visit CORMORANT BandCamp page once more to listen and to buy the album here:

  • CORMORANT: ‘Metazoa’

CORMORANT features: Arthur von Nagel – vocals and bass, Matt Solis – guitars and vocals, Brennan Kunkel – drums and vocals and Nick Cohon – guitars and mandolin

02 December, 2011

Full Album Stream: Aelter: Dusk Dawn & Follow Your Beloved – 2-CD re-issue


Listen to two albums, ‘Dusk Dawn’ and ‘Follow Your Beloved’, by WOLVSERPENT guitarist Blake Green here (BandCamp) or via player available below, courtesy of Crucial Blast Records. The label has just re-issued the two AELTER albums released only on vinyl, 2009's ‘Dusk Dawn’ and 2011's ‘Follow Your Beloved’, as a double CD package. You can buy this unearthly and enthralling music here (Crucial Blast). AELTER is the solo effort of guitarist Blake Green.

“The first AELTER record ‘Dusk Dawn’ begins much like something you would hear from WOLVSERPENT, an eerie guitar figure slowly plucked over heavy, rumbling doom metal chords, the dark menacing sound slowly unfolding in a manner similar to newer EARTH but with a much more sinister vibe. … The second track travels deeper into this lush shadowy ambiance, the guitars dropping out for long stretches of time as gorgeous high-end drones and shimmering dream-pop keyboards. The vocals begin to appear way off in the distance, slowly fading inwards as the guitars again materialize with chugging downtuned crunch and somber minor key melodies unwinding overhead. … The second AELTER album, ‘Follow You Beloved’ grows even darker, much of the prettiness from the first album leeched out by the swelling blackness, but still rife with moments of fragile beauty. ‘Beloved’ begins with a solemn organ line joined by equally funereal piano notes awash in lunar glow. It transforms into a desolate guitar instrumental, reverby guitar twang unfolding around delicate acoustic picking and washes of ethereal synth that almost has a Badalamenti [Angelo, American composer] tint to it; then the drums come in, heavy and plodding, just as the airy fragile layered vocals materialize and the sound appears as some kind of shadow-cast, doom laden slowcore. … ‘Follow You’ takes us once more into eerie Badalamenti-like haze of sorrowful reverb guitar and haunting droning keys joined by deep bass notes and cello-like sounds, and then suddenly drops into doomed crush, slow ponderous drums and crushing glacial guitars continuing the main melody, distant ethereal vocals layered in eerie harmony behind the grim doom-laden heaviness, eventually flowing out into a mass of choral darkness later in the song when the music drops out and the vocals come to the fore. … [read more here]