30 January, 2013

Full Album Stream: Chariots Of The Gods: Tides Of War – new album & new video

Produced, mixed and mastered by mighty Glen Robinson and blessed by St. Dave Grohl himself (“It’s pretty good!”), recorded at Studio Martin Deschamps in Rawdon, Canada and D.O.C. Studio in Montreal, Canada and now available for listening in its straight-up-balls-to-the-walls-in-your-face-heavy-metal entirety here (BandCamp) and below, CHARIOTS OF THE GODS' debut LP ‘Tides Of War’ is officially out (January 29th, 2013) and should be bought here (BandCamp) or via iTunes, Amazon MP3, eMusic, Rhapsody, Muve Music, VerveLife, MySpace Music, MediaNet, Xbox Music, Rdio, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Google Play, Simfy, Nokia and Deezer, to name just a few digital music stores. Their new video was directed by Toma Feizo Gas.
“We can’t begin to describe how proud we are to finally share our musical creations with the world. So much has gone into it and we were lucky enough to work with incredible people such as our producer Glen Robinson and Aleksi Sihvonen (voice of NORTHER, featured on the track ‘Unbound’). Our sweat and manly tears gave this full length album a more authentic and mature sound that will hopefully, rip your face off and leave you breathless,” [commented vocalist Renaud Jobin:]
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada's CHARIOTS OF THE GODS took their first step toward greatness during “the warm summer of 2007”, when self-thought guitarist Mathieu St-Amour, along with past members Christian Methot and Christian Carrière, decided to start playing music “and see what would happen”. What happened was the addition of new personnel, namely drummer Rich O’Neil and vocalist Renaud Jobin. The quintet recorded the ‘Reverence’ EP, which gained them recognition on the local circuit, and brought on better opportunities. By the end of 2010, CHARIOTS OF THE GODS lost two original members and eventually secured two new ones: bassist (“young gun”) Payam Doryani and guitarist Dimitri Gervais. Revitalized, CHARIOTS OF GODS took their “blistering solos, gripping melodies, rioting vocals and drums that just won’t quit” to studio to record their debut full-length album in spring of 2012.

CHARIOTS OF GODS features: Renaud Jobin – vocals, Mathieu St-Amour - guitar & backup vocals, Dimitri Gervais - guitar & backup vocals, Rich O’Neil – drums and Payam Doryani - bass & backup vocals

29 January, 2013

Avatar: Smells Like A Freakshow – new video



Sweden's AVATAR and video director Johan Carlén teamed up once again to present us with the visuals for ‘Smells Like A Freakshow’, off AVATAR's January/February 2012-released album ‘Black Waltz’, issued on Gain/eOne Music:

“The video illustrates inner conflict in an explicit manner, using abuse of unjust power in different contexts. The lyrical themes of downfall, embracing of decadence and failed attempts to escape are pointed out by the fact that ultimately the bad guys win,” [the band revealed their cheerful vision of the world to Loudwire, where the video was first shown]

‘Black Waltz’ was produced by Swedish Grammy award winning producer Tobias Lindell, while the album's artwork was created by Caroline Falk. Order your own copy of ‘Black Waltz’ here:

“Regardless of how one wishes to classify them now, their new album is one interesting metal piece well worth anyone's time,” [wrote Magnus Altkula, Sputnik Music] “Welding hard rock and minor electronic influences to their melodeath base has proven to be a great idea and ‘Black Waltz’ is most definitely the band's most exciting release to date. Smoothly transitioning from rockin' guitar riffs to more death metal orientated sections, all the while keeping an undercurrent of melody and maintaining a degree of technicality, ‘Black Waltz’ contains something for everyone,” [read the rest of his review here]


Formed in 2001 in Göteborg, Sweden, by drummer John Alfredsen and guitarist Jonas Jarlsby, AVATAR released their debut album, ‘Thoughts Of No Tomorrow’, in 2006; the album entered the Swedish Metal Album chart at position number 3. 2007's second full-length, ‘Schlacht’, took AVATAR on Scandinavian tour with fellow Gothenburg residents IN FLAMES. Since then they have supported MEGADETH, IMPALED NAZARENE, EVERGREY and STONE SOUR on their European tours. AVATAR's self-titled third album, released in 2009, entered the Swedish Album Chart at number 36. 

AVATAR features: Johannes Eckerström – vocals, John Alfredsson – drums, Jonas Jarlsby – guitar, Tim Ohrstrom – guitar and Henrik Sandelin – bass  

P.S. Even though precious few ever bother to read anything written here, I sincerely apologize to AVATAR for letting their new video to “smell like a freakhow” for who knows how many hours.




28 January, 2013

Weapon: Embers And Revelations – new video & full album stream

WEAPON's new video ‘Embers And Revelations’, off their same-titled October 2012 Relapse Records release, was directed by Dan Wilberg. Listen to the full album, recorded with Terry Paholek, here (BandCamp) or via player embedded below, and buy it from there, or from Relapse Records here, or find ‘Embers And Revelations’ on iTunes. The album's art was created by Benjamin Vierling:
“While a few exotic sounds and mystic subjects do crop up here and there (more on that in a bit), it’s actually his band's [Vetis Monarch's, founder, guitarist and vocalist] unusually self-possessed style that draws attention, for allowing songs to develop more deliberately and instinctively, rather than losing themselves in wanton savagery and appendage-blurring speed. … As mentioned earlier, the album doesn’t do without Eastern-flavored undercurrents, as seen on ‘Disavowing Each In Aum’ (based on the Japanese terrorist cults) and ‘Shahensha’ (Near Eastern terminology for “emperor”), but these are clearly secondary to more typical Westernized adversaries like Mr. Satan and his Bride, Lilith. In other words, WEAPON haven’t even begun exploiting those ethnic gimmicks to their advantage, and yet the distinctive blackened death/thrash of ‘Embers And Revelations’ is already scary good,” [read the rest of Mr. Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic, review here:]

Blackened death metal group WEAPON was formed in 2003 by Vetis Monarch in Calgary, Canada. The true birthplace of WEAPON though can be traced back to Bangladesh, where Vetis Monarch was born and raised. WEAPON self-released a demo in 2004, followed by 2005's EP ‘Violated Hejab’ and 2008's ‘Para Bhakti… Salvation’ EP, issued on Legion of Death Records and Full Moon Productions respectively. The Ajna Offensive issued WEAPON's debut full-length, ‘Drakonian Paradigm’, in 2009 and ‘From The Devil's Tomb’ in 2010, which Decibel Magazine described as “vicious, convincing and one of the finest Canadian metal albums to surface in ages”.
WEAPON features: Vetis Monarch – vocals and guitar, Rom Surtr – guitar, Kha Tumos - bass and The Disciple – drums

24 January, 2013

Lightning Swords Of Death: Baphometic Chaosium – new album & new video

“My first impressions of black metal, as a starry-eyed youth, was that it was music meant to be played while sipping wine in a castle, staring over the snowy moors and wondering if the Spectre of Death would appear between the flurries. What I mean to say is that I considered it truly aggressive music, even if it was furious and dark; death and thrash metal were for physical rage, while black metal was for summoning inauspicious demonic intelligences (WHITE ZOMBIE was for driving). Something, however, has changed, not only for me but for black metal. Just as many black metallers have chosen to go the path of the spacey and experimental, many have gone the way of pounding, driving, primal aggression. One such band is LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH from Los Angeles, whose third full-length album, ‘Baphometic Chaosium’, is the soundtrack to a Satanic fistfight,” [introduces the album Emperor Rhombus of MetalSucks fame – read more here]
LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH third full-length was issued through Metal Blade Records on January 22nd 2013 and awaits you here (Metal Blade) and at Amazon's. On their second release on Metal Blade, the band had appropriately become a five piece with the recruitment of lead guitarist “Inverted” Chris Velez, thus completing the pentacle. ‘Baphometic Chaosium’, “a mind altering experience compelled by the embodiment of chaos, death and ecstasy”, dedicated, of course, to LSOD's patron god, was recorded in Corona, California at Trench Studios with engineer John Haddad and was produced by Roskva, “no doubt to the delight of the tributed horned deity”. If we are to believe the rumors, the video for the album's opening track, ‘Baphometic Chaosium’, was directed by the voice of LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH himself, Autarch, formerly known as Farron Loathing. His creation awaits you below.

According to a popular legend,
“nine years ago a pact was made within a dilapidated house hidden in Southern California. It was here that Autarch, Roskva, and Menno found themselves in agreement that should the occult sciences be applied to their music, it would yield spectacular results. LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH, as it was later named, would be in itself a meticulously designed hyper-sigil, constructed to direct and antagonize the limitless dark energy that lurks within the less navigable chasms of the human mind, and in the space between spaces.”
Accordingly, Mephistophelian band recorded their debut LP, ‘The Golden Plague’, in guitarist's Roskva apartment. It was unleashed upon this earth in 2007 on the blackmetal.com label:
“This declaration of unholy war inspired a tour of the West coast and the North Western blocks of the United States. Audiences witnessed performances by men possessed. LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH live continuously proved to be a conqueror's fury leaving an ashen stain on every stage they destroyed:”

In 2008 ensued a split with brethren VALDUR:
“The uber rare split continues to infect all who experience its unyielding expression of true chaos, if they can track it down, and it was only a precursor of the grand and terrible horror that was already looming in the future, like a headsman’s shadow.”
The terrible horror came in 2009 in form of multiple tracks LSOD supplied for the Sony PSP game “Undead Knights”, as well as a track featured on the soundtrack for the horror/thriller movie “Stepfather”, the initiation of drummer Mike Vega, and a worldwide deal the band signed with Metal Blade Records. Their second LP, ‘The Extra Dimensional Wound’ followed in 2010.
LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH features: Roskva – guitar, Inverted Chris – guitar, Menno – bass and Autarch – vocals

23 January, 2013

Dying Fetus: Second Skin – new video & Reign Supreme – full album stream

‘Second Skin’, its video directed by Jakob Arevarn, comes off DYING FETUS' latest album ‘Reign Supreme’, which upon its release reigned supreme in the United States, selling around 3,000 copies in its first week and debuted at position number 186 on the Billboard Top 200 chart. DYING FETUS' seventh album was recorded at Wright Way Studios in Baltimore with producer Steve Wright and was released in June 2012 on Relapse Records. Shop here (Relapse Records' store):
“The technical death metal stalwarts are once again in fine form as they deliver rapid-fire riffs and impossibly fast double kick drumming, filling their songs with a crawling, nervous energy that grabs ahold of the listener's spine and refuses to let go. This gives ‘Reign Supreme’ a relentless quality that makes the album both an exhausting and exhilarating listen as it attacks again and again over the course of its 33-minute running time, leaving the listener to either emerge victorious from the musical onslaught or be completely overrun by DYING FETUS' murderous, gibbering creation (but in a good way),” [commented Gregory Heaney, AllMusic – more here:]

Founded in 1991 in Upper Marlboro, Maryland by guitarist and vocalist John Gallagher and bassist Jason Netherton joined by drummer Rob Belton and guitarist Brian Latta, DYING FETUS released a collection of their early demos entitled ‘Infatuation With Malevolence’ in 1995, followed by their debut album, ‘Purification Through Violence’ in 1996 on Pulverized Records. By the time Kevin Talley became DYING FETUS' permanent drummer in 1997, the band was spotted by German label Morbid Records, which issued their sophomore full-length, 1998's ‘Killing On Adrenaline’. The album was reissued in 2011 by Relapse Records:
“The sound on this reissue is as clean as a death metal album from 1998 can possibly sound, with the guitars a buzzing roar, the bass barely present, and the drums a lightning-fast rattle in the back,” has mused AllMusic's Phil Freeman (more here).
2000 was a busy year for DYING FETUS: they released an EP titled ‘Grotesque Impalement’ through their own label Blunt Force Records, they inked a deal with Relapse Records, and they recorded their third album, ‘Destroy The Opposition’, which you can listen to in full via player available below or here (BandCamp) and buy here (BandCamp) or here (Relapse):

What had happened next was so dramatic it deserves a quote:
“…but trouble was just around the corner,” [writes Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic] “Midway through 2001, Gallagher was handed resignation letters from the other members of the group, who proceeded to join forces in a new project called MISERY INDEX, and thus left the future of DYING FETUS very much in doubt,” [find more drama here]
No quitter though, Gallagher assembled new vocalist Vince Matthews, guitarist Mike Kimball, bassist Sean Beasley and drummer Eric Seyanga with whom he recorded 2003's ‘Stop At Nothing’. Again, due to that fine label Relapse Records, listen to the album, described as “an admirable display of effortless resurrection” by Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic, below or here (BandCamp):

2007's ‘War Of Attrition’ featured John Gallagher on guitar and vocals, Sean Beasley on bass and vocals, guitarist Mike Kimball and newcomer, drummer Duane Timlin. Listen to DYING FETUS' fifth album, “loaded front to back with growled vocals, indecipherable lyrics (but it’s a safe bet that they’re quite grisly), metronome-precise drumming, and non-stop thrash riffing” courtesy Greg Prato, AllMusic (more here), below or here (BandCamp):

Prior to the release of 2009's ‘Descend Into Depravity’, drummer Timlin has been let go by the band and guitarist Kimball has left on his own accord. Yet, the indestructible duo of Gallagher and Beasley bravely marched into Wright Way Studios with yet another new drummer, Trey Williams. Listen to DYING FETUS “pummeling and pounding their signature-style brutality into the worldwide landscape with the subtlety of full-fledged war” below or here (BandCamp), courtesy Relapse Records:

DYING FETUS features: John Gallagher – guitar and vocals, Sean Beasley – bass and vocals and Trey Williams - drums


17 January, 2013

Full Album Stream: Rotten Sound: Species At War – new EP


Finland's finest, ROTTEN SOUND, have their new EP, entitled ‘Species At War’, streamed in full here (BandCamp) and below Their new recording is due in Europe on January 18th, 2012 on Season Of Mist. Celebrate ROTTEN SOUND's 20 years of intensity and mercilessness here (Season Of Mist e-shop):
“Musically ROTTEN SOUND mercilessly attack, delivering the sonic equivalent of an apocalyptic battlefield with their seventh EP ‘Species At War’. True to the tradition of classic grindcore, this stunning inferno is presented in 8:05 minutes. Yet the Finns make every second count. This brutal mind-blowing onslaught of downtuned guitar and bass smashes all resistance. A fierce barrage from the drums pushes relentlessly forward and the vocal growls roll like thunder over the shell shocked ground. Then again, ROTTEN SOUND deliver more than just a musical illustration of the horrors of war. A dark but warm streak runs though their grindcore onslaught enhanced by death metal precision, which expresses such unexpected emotions like melancholy, longing and passion. This might serve to explain together with their outstanding technical abilities, why a band with such extreme intensity hits the charts in their native Finland with each release since the mid-2000s:”

ROTTEN SOUND was formed (“on one insane night”) in 1993 in Vaasa, Finland by guitarist Mika Aalto. After three EPs and a couple of splits they have recorded between 1995 to 1996, ROTTEN SOUND released their debut full-length, ‘Under Pressure’, in 1997 via Repulse/Revenge Records. ‘Drain’ followed in 1998 and ‘Murderworks’ came in 2002:
“This 2002 release gives the listener no room to breathe; from start to finish, ‘Murderworks’ is an exercise in sensory assault for the sake of sensory assault. ROTTEN SOUND almost always plays at the same tempo - insanely fast - and the Scandinavians don’t pretend to be even the least bit melodic,” [absorbed the assault Alex Henderson, AllMusic – more here:]


ROTTEN SOUND's fourth LP, 2005's ‘Exit’, debuted at number 22 on the Finnish Album Charts, with 2006's MCD ‘Consume To Contaminate’ reaching position number 2 on Finnish Singles Chart. Their second Spinefarm release, 2008's ‘Cycles’, propelled the ferocious Finns to position number 12 on their home country's albums chart:

“All in all, ‘Cycles’ sees ROTTEN SOUND jamming 18 face-melting, toe-curling onslaughts into 34 minutes of wholesale devastation - and doing it in style thanks to the aforementioned audio fidelity, which really helps to showcase not only their stupendous instrumental chops, but also the unusually well-considered messages behind the quartet's oftentimes political, always provocative and nihilistic lyrics,” [wrote Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic – more here]
The band's debut on Relapse Records came in 2010 with EP ‘Napalm’ and in 2011 ROTTEN SOUND released their sixth album ‘Cursed’:
“After the apocalyptic [album] ‘Cycles’, I started to think about the reasons behind all the problems we cause to ourselves and this planet. I found myself studying the human nature and I came up with the six curses of humanity that degrade all of us generation after generation, culture after culture and disaster after disaster,” [discovered the reason behind it all vocalist Keijo Niinimaa:]
ROTTEN SOUND features: Sami Latva – drums, Mika Aalto – guitar, Kristian Toivainen – bass and Keijo Niinimaa – vocals

15 January, 2013

Full Album Stream: Mutiny Within: Synchronicity – new album


MUTINY WITHIN, described by one of this business' elders, Phil Freeman of AllMusic fame, as “a New Jersey-based band combining power metal and thrash into a pleasingly epic blend”, have a new record out since January 12th, 2013. The record, called ‘Synchronicity’, is available,  quite legally, for your listening pleasure as well as purchase here (BandCamp) and below. ‘Synchronicity’ was mixed and mastered by the band's singer Chris Clancy at AudioWorks in England while its artwork was created by MUTINY WITHIN drummer Bill Fore, if I understood correctly. The group's video for ‘Embers’, off their new release, was directed by Tommy Jones:

MUTINY WITHIN was formed in 2002 by CHILDREN OF BODOM enthusiast bassist Andrew Jacobs. He then enlisted to his worthy cause his younger brother, Brandon Jacobs as guitarist, Bill Fore as drummer, and Drew Stavola as keyboardist. Native of New Jersey, Jacobs looked long and hard for suitable vocalist, eventually finding English vocalist Chris Clancy, apparently via YouTube. Dedicated Clancy moved to the USA, bringing with him MUTINY WITHIN final member, guitarist Daniel Bage. In 2010, they released their self-titled debut album through Roadrunner Records which was described as “an assured, skillful debut that demonstrates a lot of promise for the future” by Phil Freeman, AllMusic (read more here). Within months of the release of ‘Mutiny Within’ album, the band had lost the drummer, Bill Fore, had to cancel the scheduled tours with NEVERMORE and SCAR SYMMETRY, and had been, eventually, dropped by Roadrunner Records. By the end of 2011, MUTINY WITHIN announced an indefinite hiatus. Which lasted until early 2012.
MUTINY WITHIN features: Chris Clancy – vocals, Daniel Bage – guitar, Brandon Jacobs – guitar, Andrew Jacobs – bass and Bill Fore – drums

14 January, 2013

Sons Of Aeon: Sons Of Aeon – new album


“[SONS OF AEON's guitarist Wille Naukkarinen puts it thusly:] With a few exceptions, I’m personally not interested in today's extreme metal. I like my metal with nuances and soul. Math-based, vacuum-packed bursts of anger just don’t do the trick for me. I like when the drums are played by a musician and not a computer and [I like] albums that sound like they are a result of team work, instead of just being solo efforts of five different musicians. Technical abilities or robot-like preciseness are not a synonyms for quality in my books. And off the record, having famous guest-musicians in your album just for the sake of selling a few more copies is just lame. Why I am writing this is because on some strange spiritual level, I find similarities between some of the nineties [death metal] groups and SONS OF AEON. Just like with these bands, there is something “adventurous” and child-like innocence in us. It’s hard to explain the heart and soul of SOA in few sentences because I feel that the core idea lies more in constant sense of change and exploring, rather than just being a part of a certain genre and settling in. I think that once you hear the album, my words start to make sense. There is everything from old school death metal to chilled out melancholia and from dark hardcore to mid-tempo metal and they’re all equally important parts of what this band is about.”
Sons Of Aeon’, the album, is due January 18th/21st, 2013 in Europe and January 22nd in North America, courtesy Lifeforce Records. The band's, which consist of current and former members of GHOST BRIGADE, SWALLOW THE SUN, CODE FOR SILENCE and ENDSTAND, debut LP awaits you here as digital download here, in its physical form (Lifeforce Records here) and on iTunes and Amazon.

SONS OF AEON features: Tapio Vartiainen – guitar, Wille Naukkarinen – guitar, Pasi Pasanen – drums, Tony Kaikkonen – vocals and Tommi Kiviniemi - bass

12 January, 2013

Winterhorde: Wreckage Ghost – new video & Underwatermoon – full album stream

I usually squirm in my seat when my countrymen/women release metal videos, but WINTERHORDE and Romanian artist Costin Chioreanu who directed the clip, did just fine. ‘Wreckage Ghost’ comes off WINTERHORDE's second full-length album ‘Underwatermoon’, released in 2010 via German label Twilight-Vertrieb and available in full for your listening pleasure and purchase here (BandCamp) and below, as well as on the heels of a true winter storm that battered these shores this past week enough for the band to justify their wintery name. ‘Underwatermoon’ was recorded with producer V. Sentura, and its art was created by Gustavo Sazes. In related news, WINTERHORDE are currently looking for a lead guitarist; if interested visit their Facebook page here for details:
“It wouldn’t be wrong to say that WINTERHORDE do what symphonic black metal band CARACH ANGREN did on their sophomore album, ‘Death Came Through A Phantom Ship’, only do it much better. Unlike the prior, the band is adept at keeping the story-concept serious in its representation on ‘Underwatermoon’, while making sure that the clean vocal sections, female and/or male, don’t disrupt the album's excellent flow. This is a vital point, as what makes the album work as well as it does is found in how its contents seamlessly work together throughout its length, all to come to a triumphant and satisfying close with the light, delicate acoustics of finale ‘Farewell’,” [wrote Sputnik Music reviewer – read more here:]
Formed in 1999 in Nahariya, Israel, WINTERHORDE searched for their identity for a while under the name “Autumn Palace”. As WINTERHORDE they recorded a  4-track demo called ‘In Traditions Of Winter’ which they released in 2004 through SRG Productions. Encouraged by positive feedback, they signed a deal with Greek label Burning Star Records in 2006. Combining melodic black metal with elements of death and progressive metal, WINTERHORDE's debut LP, ‘Nebula’, came through in 2006:
WINTERHORDE features: Horeph – vocals, Lex – guitar, Celestial – bass, Morgenrot – synthesizer and Hesperus – drums

11 January, 2013

Full Album Stream: Denouncement Pyre: Almighty Arcanum– new album

“Few metal bands of the world truly frighten. Whether it’s songs of Satan, ancient fjords, circumcised babies, or dismembered women (far more common than dismembered men, mind you), metal bands have covered it all ad nauseam. And we, as metal acolytes, have become accustomed to that which would normally repulse or scare. But, there are times when bands do project danger, a sense of uncertainty, an unbridled noise that scorches the cockles of our clearly corrupt hearts. Case in point: DENOUNCEMENT PYRE,” [dramatically improved my mood Chris D. of Decibel magazine fame where, incidentally, DENOUNCEMENT PYRE's brand new album is being currently streamed in its unstoppable entirety (also because the people there uploaded the entire album as one track)]
So, after long daring only to whisper about DENOUNCEMENT PYRE's “ascent from ten years of underground darkness up the throne of Luciferian supremacy”, ‘Almighty Arcanum’ has arrived and awaits your pre-orders here (Hells Headbangers). The fierce Aussies' second LP was mastered at Endarker Studios in Sweden, while its artwork was created by Andrei Bouzikov. ‘Almighty Arcanum’ is due January 22nd, 2013 on Hells Headbangers Records, who comment:
“ ‘Almighty Arcanum’ is a veritable abyss of fiery, blackened death metal, but now sharper and more focused than ever. Total Darkness. Total Death. The unification of all that was, is, and will be: await ‘Almighty Arcanum’ :”

According to trusted source (Encyclopedia Metallum), DENOUNCEMENT PYRE released a couple of demos between 2004/2005 as formless entities. Gathering up some sort of form in form of guitarist/bassist and vocalist Decaylust, guitarist Eradicator and drummer Chris Volcano, they have turned up, of all places, in Melbourne, Australia where they issued an 7” EP called ‘Under The Aegis Of Damnation’, followed by ‘Hells Infantry’ EP in 2006, followed by a split with DIOCLETIAN, ‘Chaos Rising’, and another 7” EP, ‘Circle Of The Black Flame’, in 2008. The same trusted source lists Decaylust as the only perpetrator at the time DENOUNCMENT PYRE's first full-length appeared via Hells Headbangers Records; ‘World Cremation’ was released in 2010.
DENOUNCEMENT PYRE these days features artist known only as:  D. – guitar, bass and vocals, R. – bass and L. – drums

08 January, 2013

HateSphere: Smell Of Death – new video

What a week this turned out to be for one very creative Mircea Gabriel Efemie, the person behind the new HATESPHERE video ‘Smell Of Death’, and, of course, the guitarist of MNEMIC fame. ‘Smell Of Death’ comes off HATESPHERE's seventh album ‘The Great Bludgeoning’, issued through Napalm Records in 2011, and produced, mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen at his Antfarm Studios in Denmark. HATESPHERE's latest recording entered the official Danish National Music chart at number 40, while their 2009's ‘To The Nines’ managed position number 36, and 2007's album, ‘Serpent Smiles And Killer Eyes’, debuted at number 26. ‘The Great Bludgeoning’, whose art was created by the aforementioned Mr. Efemie as well, awaits you here (Impericon), here (Napalm Records) and here (Supreme Chaos Records), whilst the band's first video released in promotion of the record, Søren Dybdal Jensen and Claus Reinhold-directed ‘Resurrect With A Vengeance’, awaits you below:
“[Explained HATESPHERE:] The cover, the title and the lyrics speaks for themselves. We are an angry-sounding metal band, and we have no intention of denying that. That’s why the cover is more back-to-the-roots and the lyrics are again about aggressions, drinking and hate. The things that HATESPHERE has always been about. Expect brutality, melody and groove in just the right dose. We have had one hell of a time writing and recording it, and we cant wait to present the album to all of you before long!”

Formed in 1998 by high school friends led by guitarist Peter “Pepe” Hansen in Aarhus, Denmark, HATESPHERE underwent quite a few line-up changes and different monikers before the release of their eponymous debut album in 2000 via Italy's Scarlet Records. On 2002's ‘Bloodred Hatred’, the band replaced drummer Jesper Moesgaard first with Morten Toft Hansen and then with Anders Gyldenøhr. Next, they substituted guitarist Niels Peter “Ziggy” Siegfredsen with Henrik Jacobsen before 2004's ‘Ballet Of The Brute’ was issued:
“Really two halves of a conceptual sonic whole, the opening pairing of instrumental ‘The Beginning And The End’ and the aptly titled ‘Deathtrip’ (both clocking in under two minutes in length) is positively lethal in its intensity, introducing listeners to the band's tightly spliced guitar-riffing and drum-pounding acrobatics, as well as the gargled death croak (bordering on hardcore) of vocalist Jacob Bredahl,” [commented the Century Media-released album Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic – read more here]
In 2005, HATESPHERE signed with SPV Records and engaged the services of a team of established Danish producers Tommy Hansen, Jacob Hansen and Tue Madsen for their next release, ‘The Sickness Within’:
“Next to industrial metal acts, HATESPHERE is probably the most metallic sounding band out there - the beginning of ‘The Fallen Shall Rise In A River Of Blood’ sounds akin to machinery in a factory sputtering out of control (or coming back from the dead, to teach its mean operators a thing or two),” [was impressed Greg Prato, AllMusic – more here]
Before recording their fifth album, the band had managed to make history by being the first Danish band to tour China. Their 2007's ‘Serpent Smiles And Killer Eyes’ broke onto the Danish National Music Charts, peaking at position number 26. Long-time vocalist Jacob “Dr. J” Bredahl left HATESPHERE soon after the release and was replaced with new frontman Jonathan “Joller” Albrechtsen, with whom Peter Hansen (guitar), Mixen Lindberg (bass), Dennis Buhl (drums) and Jakob Nyholm (lead guitar) recorded ‘To The Nines’. The LP was produced by Tue Madsen and released in 2009 via Napalm Records. Vocalist Albrechtsen parted ways with the band in 2010, followed by bassist Lindberg. Esben “Esse” Hansen (AS WE FIGHT) and Jimmy Nedergaard (GOB SQUAD) took over the vocal duties and the four strings in 2010 and 2011 respectively.


07 January, 2013

Full Album Stream: Wallachia: Shunya – new album


North Americans will be finally able to get their hands on Lars Stavdal's WALLACHIA third full-length offering, ‘Shunya’, tomorrow, January 8th, 2013, courtesy Debemur Morti Productions. The album, recorded, mixed and mastered at Soundtempel Studios with musician, engineer and producer Stefan Traunmüller, is an introspective and personal record for its creator, yet it is also instantly-accessible here (BandCamp) where it is being streamed in full. ‘Shunya’, its artwork crafted by Romanian artist Laura Sava, features Lars Stavdal on lead guitar, bass and vocals, Thomas Kocher on drums, Stefan Traunmüller on vocals, Dr. Caroline Oblasser on cello and Anna Oklejewicz on violin and viola, with Paal André Sandnesmo taking care of orchestrations. Listen to 'Shunya' here (BandCamp) or below, and buy the album here (Debemur Morti store):
“The cult of WALLACHIA returns with stunning third full-length, ‘Shunya’, comprising eight exhibits of melancholic black metal with a catchy, symphonic touch. ‘Shunya’ is an introspective, instantly-accessible metal album that stays faithful to the epic-sounding natural rawness that has been WALLACHIA's trademark since the mid-90s. The rich harvest of one man's expansive vision, this inimitable album represents a personal, emotional voyage of discovery, based on experiences of loss and displacement, driven by the spirit to overcome all obstacles. A theme of emptiness permeates the music - as it does the outside world. The term “shunya” is borrowed from the Sanskrit language and means “empty” or “void” as well as resembling the number zero from Indian numerology. WALLACHIA's latest and most ambitious work identifies the nothingness that exists in everything when modern technology takes hold and the essential spiritual value of ancient art(s) is forever lost:”

WALLACHIA started out in 1992 as a project for Norwegian musician Lars Stavdal. In 1995, with the inclusion of guitarist Eystein Garberg, he recorded WALLACHIA's debut demo, ‘Demo 1996’, which was self-released on tape in 1996, and re-issued by French label Velvet Music International on CD format. In 1997, WALLACIA released self-titled MCD and started to work on a full-length album. ‘From Behind The Light’ followed in 1999, only few weeks before the label, VMI, went out of business. In 2005, U.S. label Dark Horizon re-released ‘From Behind The Light’, and the following year, WALLACHIA recorded an instrumental pre-production for the entire second album which caught the attention of Austrian musician and producer Stefan Traunmüller who offered his help to produce and record the band's sophomore effort. ‘Ceremony Of Ascension’ was released in 2009 on German label Twilight Vertrieb.

06 January, 2013

Royal Thunder: Blue – new video & CVI – full album stream

A day that starts with ROYAL THUNDER is bound to be a good day; ‘Blue’ comes off the band's highly praised debut full length ‘CVI’, issued through Relapse Records in May 2012. The absolute must-have for fans of the Atlanta and Savannah metal and hard rock scene, recorded at Aria Recording Studio in Marietta, Georgia, awaits you here (Relapse Records). Described as “a psych/prog/metal fan's dream come true, a triumphant display of crescendo-ing riffs, sultry vocals and propulsive grooves, way way more than just a brilliant metal album, a sultry southern hard rock thinker of an album that appeals to both the SKYNYRD and the NEUROSIS sides of the brain” awaits to gratify your senses in full here (BandCamp) or below:
“We poured all of our hard work and passion into this 10-song LP,” [explained vocalist and bass player Mlny Parsonz] We saw highs and lows along the way, but in the end we made it. We made something we are so proud of. We look back on our past efforts and take with us the good, and strive to keep going and growing. We can’t wait to see what the future holds and we hope this new album is an inspiration and light in the lives of everyone who listens to it.”
“…Atlanta's ROYAL THUNDER represent a new generation of bands - and the fertile Georgia music scene, in particular - capable of looking beyond those prejudices, and finding new ways to mix and match both styles [alternative rock and heavy metal], along with numerous musical antecedents and later developments, into curious new aural shapes. As a result, the quartet's debut full-length, CVI (literally the Roman numerals for 106, which apparently has cryptic importance to the group), frequently sounds like some ungodly jam session between LED ZAPPELIN, BLACK SABBATH and HUSKER DU! … ROYAL THUNDER ultimately sound like no one but themselves. Obviously, that’s no mean feat nowadays, but apparently that’s what can happen when musical foes are forced to reconcile. Who knew?” [Read the rest of ‘CVI’ review written by Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic, here:]

Atlanta-based four-piece, progressive rock/metal, alternative band ROYAL THUNDER, was founded by lead guitarist Josh Weaver in 2006. Vocalist and bassist Mlny Parsonz joined the group in 2007, bringing along with her drummer Lee Smith. Rhythm guitarist Josh Coleman was soon added to the fold. ROYAL THUNDER self-recorded and released a seven song EP in late 2009, before signing with Relapse Records. The label re-issued the EP in 2010. Listen to it below and buy the ‘Royal Thunder’ here (Relapse store) or here (BandCamp):

ROYAL THUNDER features: Mlny Parsonz – vocals and bass, Josh Weaver – guitar, Josh Coleman – guitar and Evan Diprima – drums


04 January, 2013

Fuck The Facts: Drift – new video & Die Miserable – full album stream

Canadian grinders, FUCK THE FACTS, have once again inspired director, editor and sometimes animator Michael Panduro; ‘Drift’ comes off the band's ninth album ‘Die Miserable’, released in October 2011 on Relapse Records. Listen to the full album, recorded by the band at their own home studio, mixed by Craig Boychuk and mastered by Alan Douches here (BandCamp) and shop for its CD and LP editions via Relapse Records here. ‘Die Miserable’ artwork was created by the band's vocalist Melanie Mongeon:
“On ‘A Coward's Existence’ I feel like we really were able to make it all work together. The song is from the point of view of someone who doesn’t take any chances in life, because of fear of failure, ridicule… Someone that just waits and hopes for fate to make things happen for them, and before they know it, their time is up and they never got to do all things they wish they had. This is pretty much the basis of the album title ‘Die Miserable’. If we spend all our time worrying about money, what other people will do or think, if we’re good enough to accomplish the things we want to do, that eventually it ends with regret and a void that was never filled because we were to afraid to live the life was always wanted to,” [explained  guitarist Topon Das]
“ ‘Die Miserable’ continues the band's growth and may actually be the most complete, beginning to end, feeling album the band has done. The addition of new, permanent members since the last full length has really pushed the song-writing in FUCK THE FACTS for the better. As usual, Topon Das has come through with some incredible riffs though this time they have a little more old school death metal feel with maybe a hint at some classic rock love as well. I’ve always been a big fan of Mel Mongeon's vocals, I’m constantly amazed by both the power and passion of her voice. It’s easy to feel like she’s standing in front of you yelling at you while beating you over the head to make sure you understand,” [wrote, impressed, Jason Wellwood, Hellbound.ca – read the rest here:]

Before assuming their provocative name, FUCK THE FACTS was originally a nameless studio project conceived by guitarist and vocalist Topon Das in 1997 in Quebec, Canada. Releasing a self-titled full-length cassette in 1999, followed by another full-length cassette entitled ‘Vagina Dancer’ in 2000, Das released his first proper CD, ‘Discoing The Dead’, in 2001. All three efforts were recorded at his home studio and released via his own label/s. Encouraged by positive feedback, Das enlisted drummer Matt Connell, guitarist Tim Audette, vocalist Brent Christoff and bassist Shomir Das who left the newly established band days after recording 2001's EP ‘Four0ninE’. A four-piece now, FUCK THE FACTS released a 37-track 35-minutes long full-length ‘Mullet Fever’ in 2001. Vocalist Christoff was replaced by Mel Mongeon before FTF's next full-length, ‘Backstabber Etiquette’, came out on Grind It! Records in 2002. Touring which took the group across Canada and the U.S. proved too much for guitarist Audette. FTF continued releasing numerous splits as a three-piece after his departure in 2003 until, eventually, completely exhausting the drummer. Tim Olsen was brought in as Connell's replacement, joined by guitarist Dave Menard and bassist Marc-André Mongeon. As quintet, the band took off touring which this time claimed the newcomers, Marc and Dave. Before they left though, they recorded the 2005's EP ‘Legacy Of Hopelessness’. Guitarist Mathieu Vilandré and bassist Steve Chartier (also known as Esteve Decalisse) joined in just in time for FTF's next tour, after which drummer Olsen was “asked to leave”. Consequently, Vilandré would find himself behind the drum kit at the time Relapse Records had sought out the group for a three-album deal. FUCK THE FACTS' seventh full-length, ‘Stigmata High-Five’, was released in 2006 under the fatherly guidance of their new label:
“Ottawa's grind/metal powerhouse FUCK THE FACTS impacts with the subtlety of an atom bomb on their Relapse debut,” [stated the label] “Good old-fashioned grindcore is the name of the game here, and the Canadian group plays by the rules throughout - metronome-precision drumming and riffing abound, as well as vocal screams and growls. No ballads here, folks,” [added Greg Prato, AllMusic – more here:]

After a year long tour that followed the release, FTF parted ways with bassist Steve Chartier “for reasons that aren’t that uncommon”. Yet the group braved on, releasing their eight album, ‘Disgorge Mexico’ in 2008:

“The dreamily, darkly beautiful guitar solo on ‘Dead End’ is as much a part of the arsenal as the power metal pomp-into-neo-thrash rampage on the opening ‘Borders’ but it’s all still Topon Das and company once more. Mel Mongeon's singing remains crucial throughout the album, with showcase moments like her turn on the cascading midsong break on ‘As Empires Expand And Collapse’ being well-deserved attention getters,” [commented Ned Raggett, AllMusic – more here:]

In 2009, FUCK THE FACTS embarked on their first ever European tour by the end of which touring bassist Marc Bourgon would become full-time member. In 2010, the group released their fourth EP entitled ‘Unnamed EP’ followed by their first video offering ‘Disgorge Mexico: The DVD’:

Not known for their laziness, FTF recorded and self-released their fifth EP, ‘Misery’, in 2011; the recording featured guest vocalists Jesse Mathewson  and Elliot Desgagnes and guitar noise by Leigh Newton:

FUCK THE FACTS features: Topon Das – guitar, Melanie Mongeon – vocals, Mathieu “Vil” Vilandré – drums, Marc “Chops” Bourgon – bass and Johnny “Beige” Ibay – guitar


Loathe: Bucketlove – new video & free song & Desponded By Design – full album stream

Well, from the true land of honey, Malta (derived from Greek word “melite” meaning honey-sweet), come LOATHE a.k.a. Malta's premier metal band. They have recently unleashed upon this world their Cedric Vella-directed video for the first single from their upcoming EP, ‘Lambs To The Slaughter’, which they are giving away for free here (BandCamp). And while there, take time to acquaint yourselves with lyrics that accompany the music composed by a band not known for mincing their words.

Formed in 2001 and operating out of Marsa, Malta, LOATHE had released three EPs and a full length album entitled ‘Despondent By Design’ over the past decade. In 2003, they independently issued their debut EP ‘Abort/Retry/Fail’, followed by ‘Up Close And Personal’ in 2005 and ‘Darkest Night Of The Soul’ in 2007. LOATHE's debut LP came through UK label Casket Music in 2010. Mixed and mastered by David Vella in Temple Studios in Malta, ‘Despondent By Design’ was received positively by fans and critics alike. Listen to the full album here (BandCamp) or below:


LOATHE features: David Fenech - vocals, Karl Cachia - gutar, Kurt Pace - guitar, Mark Debono – bass and Max Vassallo – drums


03 January, 2013

Scum Of The Earth: The Devil Made Me Do It – new video



Lovingly referred to as “the vile and despicable mob of macabre”, SCUM OF THE EARTH, have released a new (at least new for those of us living outside the USA) video; ‘The Devil Made Me Do It’ was directed by Tim King and produced by Splashdown Media. Your new favourite horror & dance metal record was released in the USA in August 2012 on Goomba Music and distributed through eOne, and finally brought over to this side of the Atlantic by SPV in November 2012. ‘The Devil Made Me Do It’ was produced by SCUM OF THE EARTH leader Riggs and producer and programmer VolkStoker, and recorded at “Scum HQ” in Branson, Missouri. Furthermore, remixes of some of SCUM OF THE EARTH songs done by EXAGEIST and VolkStroker will become available for digital download on iTunes and other digital outlets on January 15, 2013. You are welcome to check out the official remix teaser below.


Named after a song from ROB ZOMBIE 2001's album ‘Sinister Urge’, SCUM OF THE EARTH was founded by former Rob Zombie guitarist as well as singer, songwriter and producer in his own right Mike Riggs, along with guitarist Mike Tempesta (also known for his contributions to POWERMAN 5000, an underground electro-metal band helmed by Rob Zombie's younger brother Michael Cummings). With Zombie primarily focusing on his films at the time, the duo of guitarists, along with drummer John Tempesta (Mike's older brother as well as Rob Zombie's drummer) and bassist Clay Campbell, had put their experience to a good use and released ‘Blah...Blah...Blah... Love Songs For The New Millennium’ in 2004 (Eclipse Records):

“… Notice that certain words keep coming up when Zombie and Riggs are discussed - words like humorous, fun and entertaining. Riggs, like Zombie, realizes that in a post '80s, post ‘Nevermind’ [album by NIRVANA] rock world, humor and campy fun are not illegal; there is no law stating that post '80s rock has to be ultra-serious-minded 100 percent of the time. ‘Blah…Blah…Blah’ doesn’t point alternative metal in any new directions, but in terms of infectiousness and sheer entertainment value, SCUM OF THE EARTH's first album is a success,” [noticed Alex Henderson, AllMusic – read the rest here]

In 2004, SCUM OF THE EARTH, featuring almost an entirely new lineup made up of Riggs, bassist Clay Others, guitarist Skyla Talon (MODELSAINT) and former WHITE ZOMBIE drummer Ivan de Prume, issued ‘Sleaze Freak’ which reportedly spotlighted a certain red-light district vibe, “one which emanated from Riggs' personal experience in and around houses of fleshly sin and ill repute, particularly those in Hamburg, Germany”.

SCUM OF THE EARTH features: Mike Riggs – vocals & guitar, Brandon Workman – bass, Eddie Travis – drums and Nick Mason – guitar