29 April, 2011

Samael: Lux Mundi – new album


Listen to SAMAEL's just released new album ‘Lux Mundi’ at this location until May 6th, 2011 (at the band's Facebook page). The album has hit European stores today, April 29th, 2011, via Nuclear Blast Records. American fans will have to wait until July 12th, 2011 to get their copy of the album via Season Of Mist Records. ‘Lux Mundi’ (“light of the world”) was pre-produced by Waldemar Sorychta and mixed by Russ Russell. Album's artwork was created by Patrick Pidoux. ‘Lux Mundi’ was three years in the making: “We’ve stuffed this album with so many things that it feels like we’ve created a black hole. We might have come full circle after ‘Solar Soul’ and ‘Above’ and the option for us was to leave SAMAEL behind or to add a new layer to our legacy; we went for the second option. With ‘Lux Mundi’ we’ve put tar on our path and now we’ll be able to move further,” explained the band's guitarist and vocalist Vorph.

SAMAEL was formed in 1987 in Sion, Switzerland, by by brothers Vorph(alack) – vocals and guitar and Xy(tras) – drums (programming and keyboards). Along with bassist Mas(miseim), the band was first influenced by first-generation black metal bands (such as VENOM and BATHORY) but has with time evolved from a black metal band into “one of the most daring and eclectic sonic explorers of their generation” (E. Rivadavia, AllMusic) that introduced industrial, electronic, and gothic music elements into their formative black and death metal foundations. First full-length, raw and primitive black metal album entitled ‘Worship Him’, was released through Osmose Productions. ‘Blood Ritual’ came out a year later on Century Media Records: “Sparked by the bandmembers' improving musicianship and a diminishing need to prove themselves through wanton teenage savagery, this album sacrificed aggression and, even more notably, speed, for much more interesting arrangements, while obviously maintaining their allegiance with the great horned one,” commented Mr. Rivadavia in his review. SAMAEL's first collaboration with producer Waldemar Sorychta came in shape of their third album, ‘Ceremony Of Opposites’, released in 1994: “[The band] arguably achieved the rarefied air that comes with finding a unique and original style. And with the perfect balance between extreme metal fury, disciplined technology, and eerie atmospherics, the group had effectively struck upon the veritable blueprint for its next and perhaps greatest album,” wrote aforementioned music critic. For 1996's ‘Passage’, the band opted for even more intensive use of keyboards and industrial sounds as drummer Xy took over keyboard duties as well as the task of programming. ‘Passage’ was described as “groundbreaking” by many and as SAMAEL's “crowning triumph” and “one of the most important heavy metal albums of the 1990s, bar none” by Eduardo Rivadavia. The group's next offering, 1999's ‘Eternal’ was received with much less enthusiasm than its predecessor. SAMAEL would not renew their contract with Century Media (or vice versa) and released the next album, ‘Reign Of Light’, in 2004 via Galactical Records (and kept alienating their fan base with increasing obsession with electronic genres like house and trip-hop on 2007's ‘Solar Soul’). But come 2009 and SAMAEL finally remembered their roots with their debut for Nuclear Blast Records, the eight album entitled ‘Above’: “SAMAEL's career comes full circle with their surprising return to categorical heavy metal extremism,” mused E. Rivadavia and continued, “And there’s little doubt that SAMAEL will continue to explore new musical landscapes as their career progresses.”

Follow-up: SAMAEL released video for ‘Luxferre’, the opening track from their latest effort, ‘Lux Mundi’ in June 2011. The video was directed by Patric Ullaeus; check out the making of it here.

“But even though reminders of the roads SAMAEL have since traveled are indeed few and far between (e.g. the rave-ready ‘Soul Invictus’ and the odd groove or vocal style borrowed from RAMMSTEIN), to expect another brush with perfection is obviously wishful thinking. Instead, ‘Lux Mundi’ just gets pretty damn close, and that’ll certainly be close enough for most SAMAEL followers, who can finally find something else to gripe about and start placing bets on which musical direction the band will embark on next,” [expressed his own relief as well Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic – more here]

SAMAEL features: Vorph – vocals and guitar, Xy - programming, keyboards and percussion, Mas - bass and Mak – guitar

SAMAEL: In The Deep – courtesy of Nuclear Blast Records


27 April, 2011

Insomnium: Weather The Storm – new song & video


Finland's melodic death metal band INSOMNIUM recorded the track ‘Weather The Storm’ with DARK TRANQUILLITY's Mikael Stanne on guest vocals just before both bands took off on their joint tour of 2010. The video was filmed during the show in London's “Underworld” club by Janne Tamminen. ‘Weather The Storm’ - and previously unreleased instrumental track ‘Beyond The Horizon’ - is now available as a digital single at nearly every digital distribution platform (or click yellow for the links to your local iTunes stores). This just in: INSOMNIUM has just started recording their upcoming album expected out sometime in autumn 2011, heh.

INSOMNIUM features: Niilo Sevänen – vocals and bass, Ville Friman – guitar, Ville Vänni – guitar, Markus Hirvonen – drums.

26 April, 2011

Vomitory: Opus Mortis VIII – new album / Regorge In The Morgue – new video


Eight album by Sweden's death metallers VOMITORY, ‘Opus Mortis VIII’, has been released today, April 26th, 2011 via Metal Blade Records. The album, produced by Rikard Löfgren at Leon Music Studios, is said to offer diversity and dynamics that we haven’t quite heard from VOMITORY before. The limited edition of ‘Opus Mortis VIII’ features four bonus re-recorded VOMITORY classics from their first two albums. The album's artwork was created by Polish artist Lukasz Jaszak (“who pinpointed the band's artwork desires to the fullest with his skills”). Get your own copy of ‘Opus Mortis VIII’ here. The video for ‘Regorge In The Morgue’ was produced by SomeKindOfBear Media.

VOMITORY was formed in 1989 by guitarist Urban Gustafsson. While being a part of the phenomenon that was “the Swedish death metal scene”, the band's early and most important influences were SODOM, SLAYER, ENTHOMBED and NAPALM DEATH. VOMITORY's demo, which made its way through underground music channels, earned the band quite a following. Debut full-length album, ‘Raped In Their Own Blood’, came next in 1996 on Fadeless Records. Even more brutal and intense album, ‘Redemption’, followed via the same label three years later. Downgraded from quintet to quartet, with bass player Erik Rundqvist taking over the vocal duties as well, VOMITORY signed with Metal Blade Records and issued their third album, 2000's ‘Revelation Nausea’, with ‘Blood Rapture’ following two years later. Some excellent reviews, European tours and festival appearances later, the band came up with ‘Primal Massacre’ in 2004, the fourth VOMITORY record to be produced by Henrik Larrson. Guitarist Peter Östlund replaced Ulf Dalegren in 2005 as the band enlisted producer Rikard Löfgren for their next offering, 2007's ‘Terrorize Brutalize Sodomize’: “VOMITORY do not avoid death metal's limitations - they celebrate them - and they don’t run away from the grindcore stereotype of death metal on [this album]; they proudly embrace it, both lyrically and musically. That means insanely fast tempos; it means growling vocals and song titles like ‘Scavenging The Slaughtered’, ‘Eternal Trail Of Corpses’, ‘Cremation Ceremony’, and ‘Whispers From The Dead’,” wrote Alex Henderson for AllMusic Guide. In 2009, VOMITORY issued a 20-years celebration album ‘Carnage Euphoria’, considered their most varied and dynamic to date:

VOMITORY: The Carnage Rages On – courtesy of Metal Blade Records

VOMITORY features: Erik Rundqvist on bass and vocals, Urban Gustafsson on guitar, Peter Ostlund on lead guitar and Tobias Gustafsson on drums.


24 April, 2011

Otep: Fists Fall – new video / Atavist – new album


‘Atavist’, fifth full-length album by American alternative metal band OTEP is set for April 26th, 2011- release via Victory Records. OTEP is led by enigmatic frontwoman Otep Shamaya who explained the forthcoming album thusly: “This album is a return to the umbra, to the darkest parts of me. I am fortifying this fortress of sound with Cyclopean masonry. [?!] The language on my lips is forged from forbidden tongues twelve lifetimes old. I am the heart of the gorgon, the broken mind of the lunatic, the courage of the martyr, the voice of the insurrectionist, the agog of the alchemist, I am the defiance in the aching souls waiting for the flame, I am the mighty Minotaur raging against the labyrinths of isolation and sadness. There is a purposeful primal spirit to this record, a coded provocation to remember our connection to the infinite, to the mysterious, to each other.” Be as it may, ‘Atavist’ will be released as a standard CD and as a CD/DVD deluxe edition (with expanded artwork and a poetry book, with the DVD featuring interviews, a poetry reading montage, behind the scenes footage and music videos). Album's drum tracks were recorded by ex-DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN drummer Gil Sharone. The above video was directed by Robby Starbuck.

OTEP was formed in 2000 in Los Angeles, USA, by Otep Shamaya – an artist, a published poet and political activist. The band -comprised of musicians known as Rob (guitars), Moke (drums) and eVil j (bass) - was signed after only four live performances and without a demo in existence, after Sharon Osbourne offered the unsigned act a spot on the 2001 Ozzfest Tour. First album, ‘Sevas Tra’, was released in 2002 through Capitol Records: “Female lead singer Otep, whose name is an Egyptian suffix meaning “creative offerings”, growls, screams, and throws in the occasional hip-hop sound as she wipes the slate clean of any preconceptions of how intense a female-fronted metal band could be,” wrote AllMusic's Charles Spano. Band's second offering, Greg Wells-produced 2004's ‘House Of Secrets’, debuted at number 93 on the American albums chart Billboard 200. OTEP's third album, ‘The Ascension’, produced by Dave Fortman, fared even better on music charts, debuting at number 81 on Billboard 200. And yet higher up the charts went band's debut for Victory Records, Ulrich Wild-produced 2009's ‘Smash The Control Machine’: “While growing more comfortable with her range, Shamaya bounces from pseudo-raps to squelching metal yelps, and even tries a breathy ballad along the way. Lyrically, she also takes more risks. Influenced by her time doing poetry readings on HBO's “Def Poetry”, she confronts society's ailments head-on, addressing the overabundance of pill-popping, media brainwashing, and apathetic behavior in American culture. Of course, as an album that will probably get heavy rotation in the Hot Topic stockroom,” observed AllMusic's Jason Lymangrover.


21 April, 2011

Winterus: Harmonious – new video


Michigan, USA-based blackened death metal act WINTERUS is about to release its Lifeforce Records debut entitled ‘In Carbon Mysticism’. The record, which consists of six studio tracks and three live recordings, was produced and engineered by the band and mastered by Maor Appelbaum. “We wanted a lo-fi, self-produced sound, not polished and strict or hiding behind Pro Tools,” explained vocalist Christopher Erich Neu, “Sonically, it’s a very honest approach. With an honest delivery, including three live tracks, you can feel the passion of ever-maturing musicians that strive for something new and brilliant.” The album will be released on April 26th, 2011 in North America and on May 16th, 2011 in Europe. The video for ‘Harmonious’ was directed by Stephen Richmond. Album's artwork was created by Joshua Davis. Listen to WINTERUS' new track, ‘Eternal Ghost’, at this location (Facebook).

According to a press release, WINTERUS sees the ‘In Carbon Mysticism’ as band's further developing  its musical style with a subtle atmospheric edge, drawing influence from such acts as IMMORTAL, ENSLAVED, WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM and NACHTMYSTIUM. The forthcoming album is to combine dark and intense atmospheres, with unbridled attacks of grim and raw attitude dealing with themes of brutal honesty, isolation, philosophy, and real human emotion.

WINTERUS formed in 2009, released a 5-song EP entitled ‘A Frozen Path’ in May, 2010, with it caught the attention of Lifeforce Records which offered the band a multi-album deal.

WINTERUS features: Cody McCoy on drums, Christopher Erich Neu on vocals, Dominic Simmons on guitar, Nathan Barnes on guitar and Donovan Bates on bass.

WINTERUS: Harmonious – courtesy of Lifeforce Records


16 April, 2011

Graviton: Massless – new album


This time the music will have to speak for itself, since I know nothing about GRAVITON. Click here to get to MetalSucks' exclusive premiere of the album ‘Massless’, which will be released on April 26th, 2011 via Translation Loss Records. You can get your own copy here. The album was recorded and mixed by Derek Donley (with some help from Josh Newell). Its cover was created by Alex Crane.

GRAVITON have apparently named themselves thusly upon a suggestion made by one of MetalSucks' readers, but that fact should not scare you away from this band's music, heh. GRAVITON hail from Los Angeles and feature INTRONAUT's Sacha Dunable on vocals, guitars and synth, NATIONAL SUNDAY LAW's Darin Tambascio on vocals, guitars, bass, synth, piano and organ, and Derek Donley (NATIONAL SUNDAY LAW) on vocals, drums and synth.

15 April, 2011

Scar Symmetry: The Unseen Empire – new album


Sweden's SCAR SYMMETRY seeks to “expose the hidden hand of the elite that pulls the strings of mankind in order to fulfill its agenda of global domination” with their new album ‘The Unseen Empire’. Furthermore, the album's concept deals with theories of shadow governments and secret ancient bloodlines and even speculates about malevolent influence from metaphysical reptilian-based intelligences. Ours, the listening public's, only hope to survive seems to be an internal awakening where the influence of the unseen empire that rules in secrecy is washed away from the minds of the masses. We are to step outside the framework and make  “The Unseen Empire” visible. Mhm. Well, I’m making ‘The Unseen Empire’ – the album - visible here. The album has hit European stores today, April 15th, 2011 via Nuclear Blast Records. North American release date is set for May 17th, 2011:

SCAR SYMMETRY: Illuminoid Dream Sequence – courtesy of  Nuclear Blast Records

SCAR SYMMETRY: Extinction Mantra – courtesy of Nuclear Blast Records

Death and power metal (“with progressive flourishes, drawing positive comparisons to bands like SOILWORK and INTO ETERNITY” – E. Rivadavia, AllMusic) outfit SCAR SYMMETRY was formed in 2004 when guitarist Jonas Kjellgren (CARNAL FORGE, CENTINEX, WORLD BELOW), drummer Henrik Ohlsson (THEORY IN PRACTICE, MUTANT, ALTERED AEON), guitarist Per Nilsson (ALTERED AEON), vocalist Christian Älvestam (UNMOORED, INCAPACITY, TORCHBEARER) and bassist Kenneth Seil decided to play some music “that would express a fresh and heavy form of catchy death metal without any boundaries whatsoever.” The band released their debut album, ‘Symmetric In Design’ (Cold Records / Metal Blade Records) in 2005. SCAR SYMMETRY signed a record deal with Nuclear Blast in 2006, with the release of second studio effort, ‘Pitch Black Progress’, following soon after:

SCAR SYMMETRY: The Illusionist – courtesy of Nuclear Blast Records

2008's sci-fi themed ‘Holographic Universe’ caused music critic Eduardo Rivadavia to exclaim: “With their daunting versatility, sheer instrumental prowess, and prolific songwriting talents, Sweden's SCAR SYMMETRY must drive other heavy metal bands absolutely crazy with envy!” (Read his review of the album here):

SCAR SYMMETRY: Morphogenesis – courtesy of Nuclear Blast Records

SCAR SYMMETRY: Prism and Gate – courtesy of Nuclear Blast Records

‘Holographic Universe’ was the last album to feature long time vocalist Christian Älvestam; the band decided to continue with two singers - Roberth Karlsson (growls and backing clean vocals) and Lars Palmqvist (clean vocals and backing growls). This new lineup released ‘Dark Matter Dimensions’ in 2009 with which they showed an “appreciation and acknowledgement of the unseen worlds and dimensions, because without the existence of these unseen forces our physical universe would never be able to exist” – as explained by drummer and lyricist Henrik Ohlsson:

SCAR SYMMETRY: The Iconoclast – courtesy of Nuclear Blast Records

SCAR SYMMETRY: Ascension Chamber – courtesy of Nuclear Blast Records

SCAR SYMMETRY: Noumenon and Phenomenon – courtesy of Nuclear Blast Records

12 April, 2011

Pentagram: Last Rites – new album


Legendary pioneers of not one but two subgenres of hard rock, doom and stoner metal, and one of the most influential underground bands in heavy metal history, PENTAGRAM, have just released their highly anticipated new album entitled ‘Last Rites’. If you can’t find your copy in your usual record store, get it right here at Metal Blade Records, where you can listen to PENTAGRAM's new song ‘Treat Me Right’ as well. Another new song taken from the CD containing 11 new “behemoth tunes that fans have been clamoring for since the last Liebling/Griffin masterpiece [‘Be Forewarned’] was released in 1994” is available below. The album cover was created by artist Mo Moussa. If you’d like to read more about the album do so at this location (The Obelisk).

When singer Bobby Liebling met guitarist and drummer Geof O’Keefe in 1971, they decided to join forces and start a new group that would play music influenced by the heavier bands they both loved. And so, PENTAGRAM first came into existence. “Classic” PENTAGRAM lineup began rehearsing soon after, with Bobby Liebling singing, Vincent McAllister on guitar, Greg Mayne on bass, and Geof O’Keefe on drums. Group's repertoire reportedly consisted of nearly 80 original songs, written or co-written by Bobby Liebling by the time their first 7”, ‘Be Forewarned’, was released (under the name MACABRE). Some of their earlier material can be found on two compilations released through Relapse Records; ‘First Daze Here’ (2001) and ‘First Daze Here Too’ (2006). After quite a few almost-signed records deals with major labels gone sour, PENTAGRAM decided it was time to take a break (1976). In 1980, bassist Lee Abney and (BLACK SABBATH-obsessed) guitarist Victor Griffin formed a doom metal band named DEATH ROW. Not long after the pair enlisted drummer Joe Hasselvander and vocalist Bobby Liebling, the group officially assumed the PENTAGRAM name (once again). In 1985, with Stuart Rose replacing Hasselvander on drums, they finally recorded a full-length self-titled album. (It was re-issued by Peaceville Records in 1993 as ‘Relentless’.) Second album, ‘Day Of Reckoning’, followed in 1987 (Napalm Records): “The album is arguably the most faithful tribute to the original spirit of BLACK SABBATH ever committed to tape,” commented AllMusic's E. Rivadavia. “ ‘Day Of Reckoning’ remains PENTAGRAM's best all-around effort, and provides an ideal first glimpse at this very influential, but seriously overlooked group,” he concluded. Liebling, Griffin, Hasselvander and bassist Martin Swaney recorded and released third full-length, ‘Be Forewarned’ in 1994 (Peaceville Records). “But the musical climate of the time was very unfriendly to heavy metal of any kind, and the doom scene had never managed to coalesce as expected, leading PENTAGRAM to another, seemingly final breakup,” wrote Eduardo Rivadavia. But Liebling, retaining vocal duties, and Joe Hasselvander, taking care of all instrumentation, continued as a duo and as such released 1999's ‘Review Your Choices’ and 2001's ‘Sub-Basement’ (Black Widow Records). Liebling enlisted the talents of INTERNAL VOID's guitarist Kelly Carmichael, bassist Adam Heinzmann, and drummer Mike Smail, to record 2004's ‘Show ‘Em How’ (Black Widow). In 2005, Liebling overdosed backstage Washington D.C. Black Cat club, had to be revived by the paramedics, got dragged up onto the stage by friends where he collapsed during the first song and died twice on the way to the hospital but ended up pulling through. “Things never came easy for Liebling though,” reads official press release, “they say that it is at these times of deep darkness that the light ends up shining through the clouds brighter than ever. Liebling reached out to Griffin who, missing his old band mate and mentor, and seeing how hard he was trying to fly straight, agreed to a small run of U.S. dates in the spring of 2010.” In the fall of 2010, a three album deal with Metal Blade Records was announced.

PENTAGRAM: Call The Man – courtesy of Metal Blade Records

PENTAGRAM features: Bobby Liebling – vocals, Victor Griffin – guitar, Greg Turley – bass and Tim Tomaselli - drums

11 April, 2011

Believer: Transhuman – new album


I believe BELIEVER's new album, ‘Transhuman’, will be available everywhere tomorrow, April 12th, 2011 via that fine label, Metal Blade Records. BELIEVER's fifth album was mixed by Kevin Gutierrez at Assembly Line Studios, mastered by Maor Appelbaum, and produced by Trauma Team Productions. A concept album, ‘Transhuman’ deals with transhumanism, a study of the ramifications, promises, and potential dangers of technologies that will enable us to overcome fundamental human limitations, and the related study of the ethical matters involved in developing and using such technologies: “In general, we explored lyrical themes relating to what it means to be human especially what it means to be human in the age of technology. We also received inspiration from Dr. Ginger Campbell's Brain Science Podcast, which explores recent discoveries in neuroscience. Several songs were inspired by Dr. Thomas Metzinger's scientific research and philosophical study of consciousness and the self,” commented the band. Album artwork and layout was created by Michael Rosner (Eye Level Studio).

BELIEVER started out as thrash metal band in the late 1980s, with its music evolving into more progressive, symphonic brand of metal with time. The two primary members, vocalist and guitarist Kurt Bachman and drummer Joey Daub, are the only constants in the continually revolving band lineup. BELIEVER became recognized as one of Christian metal's leading groups after issuing its first album, ‘Extraction From Mortality’, in 1989 through R.E.X. Records. The album was noticed by Roadrunner Records who signed the band in 1990. ‘Sanity Obscure’ was released the following year: “BELIEVER is hard to pin down; they often sound like MEGADETH, but their aggression and passion are focused in a much different direction than Dave Mustaine's. [Heh] Fans of interesting, creative heavy metal should try to find this album - it is definitely worth the search,” observed AllMusic's Bradley Torreano. In 1993, the band released its most technical, progressive, and ambitious album to date entitled ‘Dimensions’ which, lyrically, pondered about the existence of God. BELIEVER went on hiatus after ‘Dimensions’ and disbanded in 1994. In 2005, Joey Daub and Kurt Bachman begun writing new BELIEVER material which was eventually released as their fourth album, ‘Gabriel’, via Metal Blade imprint Cesspool Recordings in 2009. The album featured several guest musicians, including KILLSWITCH ENGAGE's Howard Jones, CKY's Deron Miller, SACRIFICE's Joe Rico and LIVING SACRIFICE's Rocky Gray.

BELIEVER features: Kurt Bachman - guitar, bass, vocals, Jeff King – keyboards, guitar,  Kevin Leaman – guitar and Joey Daub – drums

BELIEVER: G.U.T. – courtesy of Metal Blade Records

BELIEVER: Mindsteps – courtesy of Metal Blade Records

BELIEVER: Ego Machine – courtesy of Metal Blade Records

09 April, 2011

Loudblast: Emptiness Crushes My Soul – new video



Practiced French thrash & death metallers LOUDBLAST have released new video for ‘Emptiness Crushes My Soul’, the track taken from their upcoming album entitled ‘Frozen Moments Between Life And Death’. The CD, recorded and mixed by producer Peter Tägtgren at Abyss Studio in Pärlby, Sweden, will be released on April 18th, 2011 via XIII Bis Records. The video was directed by Mickael Bernadat and stars Nina Roberts.

Formed in Lille in 1986, the band started out by playing American-influenced thrash metal, but soon came up with their own sound, a mix of thrash and death metal. LOUDBLOST's first proper recording was a split record with AGRESSOR, ‘Licensed To Thrash’, released in 1986. Their first full-length, ‘Sensorial Treatment’, was released in 1989, followed by Scott Burns-produced 1991's ‘Disincarnate’. Another working collaboration with Scott Burns, ‘Sublime Dementia’, came out in 1993, with first live album,‘The Time Keeper’, following a couple of years later. After 1998's ‘Fragments’ placed LOUDBLAST on France's Top Album Sales Chart, the band decided to call it quits and celebrated the fact with the release of a compilation of best hits and yet-unheard tracks, entitled ‘A Taste Of Death’ (2000). LOUDBLAST reformed in 2002 after Chuck Schuldiner (DEATH) tribute concert, with AGRESSOR's Alex Colin Tocquaine on guitar. After the release of ‘Planet Pandemonium’ in 2004, the band  went on few-year-long break and reunited once again in 2009.

LOUDBLAST features: Stéphane Buriez – guitar & vocals, Hervé Coquerel – drums, Drakhian – guitar and Alex Lenormand – bass


08 April, 2011

Talanas: Antiphon – new video


London's progressive (extreme & atmospheric) metallers TALANAS have released new, Greg Barnes of ClingFilms-directed video for ‘Antiphon’, track taken from their upcoming debut album ‘The Waspkeeper’. “The song’s lyrics are about infatuation. In particular, the idea of a person (in this case a girl) sparking what she sees as a relatively tiny interest or fancy in someone through a fairly insignificant act and it then spiraling completely out of control. When writing the song, I was interested by the idea of what compels someone towards rape and how an unstable mind could convince itself that it was in some way justified or deserved. It’s essentially a song about cause & effect, an elaboration on the “she had it coming” excuse and the most miniscule of catalysts causing catastrophic obsession,” commented guitarist and vocalist Hal Sinden. The video features Liv Free.

“I came up with the term ‘Waspkeeper’ essentially in reference to myself and the way I tend to hold onto grudges, it’s like keeping an animal as a pet or companion that serves no purpose other than to kill or cause pain,” explained Sinden in an interview with South African Miroviamag.com. Read the rest of it here.

If you like what you hear then, you can pre-order TALANAS' album (along with 12 page booklet, color artwork, lyrics and links to exclusive hidden multimedia content) before its release, right here. The album, produced by Jamie Gomez Arellano, is due on April 30th, 2011 via Eulogy Media Ltd.

TALANAS features: Hal Sinden – vocals & guitar, Ewan Parry – guitar & synths & samples, Mark “Duff” Duffy – bass and Joe Butterworth – drums


06 April, 2011

REV 16:8 : Ashlands – new album


Swedish black metallers REV 16:8 will release their new album, ‘Ashlands’, on April 8th, 2011 via AFM Records. The CD was recorded at Necromorbus Studio in Alvik, Sweden, and was mixed and mastered by Sverker Widgren. Cover artwork was created by Rafael Tavares. Listen to two tracks off the new album, ‘Ashlands’ and ‘Coal Mirror’, at this location (MySpace).

Hailed as one of the most talented and promising black metal acts around, REV 16:8 (formerly known as BLOODSHED) started out as a five-piece in 2008. During the recording sessions for their debut full-length, the band has announced it has parted ways with (ex-DARK FUNERAL) vocalist Themgorath. Talon (vocals), Nefastus (guitars) and Pata (drums) eventually released their debut album, ‘Grand Tidal Rave’, in 2009 through Temple Of Darkness Records. Along with session members bassist Gillerström (MYSTRUIN) and guitarist Per Rinaldo (THE UGLY), and featuring guest vocalist Acerbus (ONDSKAPT) on the track ‘The Chase’, REV 16:8's new album combines ambitious guitar work and song structures reminiscent of those of DISSECTION, WATAIN and OFERMOD.