31 August, 2010

Disturbed: Asylum – new album

Disturbed Asylum

Fifth studio album by American heavy metallers DISTURBED, entitled ‘Asylum’, is to be released today, August 31st, 2010 through Reprise Records. The effort was produced by the group's own Dan Donegan, mixed by Neal Avron and engineered by Jeremy Parker. Deluxe version of the album with a code to download ‘Decade Of Disturbed’ DVD for free along with two bonus tracks, ‘Leave It Alone’ and ‘Ishfwilf’, can be purchased via iTunes. The band has also announced the release of an exclusive limited edition version of ‘Asylum’, featuring the ‘Decade Of Disturbed’ DVD (DVD being DISTURBED's free gift to their fans). Album artwork was created by Raymond Swanland.

Singer David Draiman described the album as “identifiably DISTURBED, but showing more maturation, going in familiar areas, but with new levels of precision and skill”. Lyrically, the themes range from very personal and introspective, to the political and provocative. “What would you expect?” said Draiman, “No songs about puppy dogs or rainbows here. We want this record to be a shining example of how the years have made us stronger. We want it to be an album that helps people get through their own trials and tribulations, as always.” (Well yes, Mr. Draiman I agree with you there but would it be to much to ask of you to make your people stronger in person? You know, a professional visit?) Watch DISTURBED's new videos ‘Another Way To Die’ (here / YouTube) and ‘Asylum’ (here / also YouTube), both directed by Robert Schober (a.k.a. Roboshobo).

DISTURBED features: David Draiman – vocals, Dan Donegan – guitar, John Moyer – bass and Mike Wengren – drums


30 August, 2010

Murderdolls: Women And Children Last – new album

Murderdolls Women_And_Children_Last

MURDERDOLLS' second studio album entitled ‘Women And Children Last’ is to hit stores on August 31st, 2010 via Roadrunner Records (except the limited-edition version called “first-aid kit” (a set that includes the CD/DVD edition of the album, an exclusive T-shirt, digital download, autographed booklet, patch, sticker, pill case “plus other gruesome extras”) which can be pre-ordered here). ‘Women And Children Last’ was produced by renowned producer Chris “Zeus” Harris and Joey Jordison.

American horror punk act, MURDERDOLLS, is the brain child of SLIPKNOT's drummer Joey Jordison and rock musician Wednesday 13 (GUNFIRE 76). The two recruited Tripp Eisen (STATIC-X) for band's debut Roadrunner release entitled ‘Beyond The Valley Of Murderdolls’ (2002). The album drew lyrical inspiration from movies such as “Friday The 13th” and “Night Of The Living Dead” and as such was full of tongue-in-cheek horror clichés. The album that sold 100,000 copies in USA and reached number 40 on the UK Albums Chart, had upset AllMusic's critic Jason D. Taylor in such a way that he wrote: “If MURDERDOLLS are a joke, then these men have succeeded, and if this is serious... Well let's just stick with believing MURDERDOLLS are an extravagant prank on the music industry.” Joey Jordison recently replied: “We don’t look at this as a return - this is revenge! The music scene today is as boring and stale as it was in 2002, when we first formed the band. This time around, everyone is the enemy!” I will confess that similar statements, made occasionally but passionately by this prolific musician, actually caused me to sit down and start writing this blog in hope of proving him wrong.

Follow-up: ‘Women And Children Last’ made it to position 18 on Australia's Albums Chart, to position 33 on UK Albums Chart and has debuted at number 43 on the U.S. Billboard 200. The record received mostly positive reviews, setting aside AllMusic's Greg Prato (who still didn’t figure it out: “Trash metal? Horror metal? Punk metal? B-movie metal?”) and who should take Amy Sciarretto's (Ultimate Guitar) advice when listening to the album: “With Joey Jordison and Wednesday 13, you always need to look at life (or in their case, death) through blood-colored glasses. The band has certainly affixed itself with an image of blood and guts, but the music is sleazy rock'n'roll, swift melodies and punk rock stamina.” Read the rest of the review here.

Call me strange, but ‘Women And Children Last’ is the record that made me laugh the most this year. Therefore I’m quite happy to embed all three videos MURDERDOLLS released in support of the CD. ‘My Place Alone’ and ‘Nowhere’ were directed by director P.R. Brown. You should not watch the video for ‘Chapel Of Blood’ if easily offended.

‘Women And Children Last’s personnel: Wednesday 13 – vocals, guitar and bass, Joey Jordison – guitar, drums and backing vocals, Roman Surman – lead guitar, Mick Mars – guitar on tracks 4 and 9, Jack Tankersley – bass and  Racci Shay – drums



29 August, 2010

The Showdown: Blood In The Gears – new album

TheShowdown Blood_In_The_Gears

THE SHOWDOWN's forth full-length, entitled ‘Blood In The Gears’, was released August 24th, 2010 (24. 8. 2010) through Solid State Records. ‘Blood In The Gears’ was recorded and produced by the band's own bassist Jeremiah Scott at his home studio (Anthem Productions) in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. The album was mixed by Steve Blackmon (LIVING SCARIFICE/PROJECT 86) with Troy Glessener handling the mastering. Artwork was created by Ryan Clark (Invisible Creature Inc.). Below you can watch the video for single ‘The Man Named Hell’ (courtesy of AOL's Noisecreep).


24 August, 2010

Apocalyptica: 7th Symphony – new album

Apocalyptica 7th_Symphony

APOCALYPTICA's seventh album entitled ‘7th Symphony’ was released in Europe on August 20th/23rd, 2010 and is hitting American stores today, August 24th, 2010 via Jive Records (Sony Music). The record was produced by Joe Barresi and Howard Benson and features once again Dave Lombardo (SLAYER) on drums on track ‘2010’ and guest vocals from members of BUSH (Gavin Rossdale), FLYLEAF (Lacy Mosley), SHINEDOWN (Brent Smith) and Joe Duplantier (GOJIRA/CAVALERA CONSPIRACY). You can watch the video for the song ‘End Of Me’ featuring Gavin Rossdale below.

APOCALYPTICA features: Eicca Toppinen – cello, Paavo Lötjönen – cello, Perttu Kivilaakso – cello and Mikko Siren on drums.

19 August, 2010

Brutal Truth: Get A Therapist…Spare The World – new video


American extreme-grinders BRUTAL TRUTH have released video for the track ‘Get A Therapist…Spare The World’, off their latest release ‘Evolution Through Revolution’; 2009/Relapse Records. Video was produced and directed by Tyson Montrucchio (Heretic Digital Demonics).

Blabbermouth's Ryan Ogle reviewed ‘Evolution Through Revolution thusly: “The best way to describe ‘Evolution Through Revolution’ would be to imagine a variable speed chainsaw where the blades have been replaced with sledgehammers and then taking it on a frenzied rampage through a shopping mall. Sounds fun?” and awarded the album with 8.5/10. 

BRUTAL TRUTH was formed by ex-ANTHRAX, NUCLEAR ASSAULT and STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH bassist Dan Liker in 1990. The band released two albums, ‘Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses’ in 1992 and ‘Need To Control’ in 1994, through Earache Records as well as an EP entitled ‘Perpetual Conversation’, before switching over to Relapse Records. With the new label the group released a mini album called ‘Kill Trend Suicide’ (1996), a full-length ‘Sounds Of The Animal Kingdom’ in 1997 and double live album entitled ‘Goodbye Cruel World (1999). In 2001, Guinness Book Of Records awarded BRUTAL TRUTH with the record for "shortest music video" for ‘Collateral Damage’ which is 2.18 seconds long and consists of 48 still images in rapid succession followed by a clip of an explosion. As it should, heh.

BRUTAL TRUTH features: Kevin Sharp on vocals, Erik Burke on guitar, Dan Liker on bass/guitar/backing vocals and Richard Hoak on drums.

06 August, 2010

Evergreen Terrace: Enemy Sex – new video


EVERGREEN TERRACE, five-piece melodic hardcore band from Florida, USA, has released video for the track ‘Enemy Sex’, off its fifth studio album ‘Almost Home’. Their latest effort was released in September 2009 via Metal Blade Records. The above video was directed by Salvatore Perrone: “ ‘Enemy Sex’ is about ongoing change. Some change you can control and some you can’t. Salvatore Perrone came to us with the idea of creating a video for ‘Enemy Sex’ that would capture exactly that. There is a lot of disgusting, grotesque people in this world that change it for the worst. Hopefully this video will spark an interest in a few things going on that are wrong and you will be inspired to make some sort of change,” explained band's guitarist Joshua James.

EVERGREEN TERRACE formed in 1999 and named itself after the street in which “The Simpsons” (animated television series family) claim residence. The band released debut album ‘Losing All Hope Is Freedom’ in 2001: “A band that you hear and wonder how they can possibly be this good,” - Jason D. Taylor, AllMusic. ‘Burned Alive By Time’ followed in 2002 and ‘Sincerity In An Easy Disguise In This Business’ came out in 2005: “Generally decent, if slightly inconsistent effort,” mused AllMusic's Alex Henderson; read the rest of this funny screamo-analogy disguised as an album review here.  Fourth full-length, ‘Wolfbiker’, was released in 2007.

EVERGREEN TERRACE features: Andrew Carey – vocals, Craig Chaney – guitar/vocals, Joshua James – guitar/backing vocals, Kyle Mims – drums and Chris Andrews – bass.

03 August, 2010

Djerv : Headstone –new EP


Norwegian trio DJERV, comprising of Agnete Kjølsrud (ANIMAL ALPHA) on vocals, drummer Erlend Gjerde (STONEGARD/WARDRUNA) and guitarist Stian Kårstad (TRELLDOM), has released a three track EP which became available for digital download today, August 3rd, 2010. EP was mixed by Vangelis Labrakis and Stamos Koliousis - who perform as band's live guitarist – mastered by Espen Berg  and produced by the band. The cover artwork was done by Christian Sloan Hall,  who previously worked with DIMMU BORGIR, TESTAMENT, SLAYER and others. Two songs, ‘Headstone’ and ‘Ladder To The Moon’, can be streamed on DJERV's MySpace page – click. EP can be purchased on iTunes and on Amazon.

02 August, 2010

Authority Zero: Get It Right – new video


New video for catchy punk rock tune ‘Get It Right’ taken from AUTHORITY ZERO's new record ‘Stories Of Survival’, found its way onto YouTube. ‘Stories Of Survival’, released in June 2010 through Suburban Noize Records subsidiary Viking Funeral Records, did well on American music charts; it peaked at number 5 on Billboard's Top Heatseekers (new and developing artists chart) and at number 43 on Billboard's Independent Albums chart.

AUTHORITY ZERO formed in 1994 in Arizona, USA, released four studio albums to date and features Jason DeVore on vocals, Zach Vogel on guitar, Jim Wilcox on drums and Jeremy Wood on bass.