07 January, 2014

The Quill: Purgatory Hill – new video

Good lord in heaven! What’s going on with THE QUILL? One used to be able to count on these Swedes: up till now they have mostly busied themselves with fast driving cars and singing guitars – and now this?! Is perhaps this year's winter too mild for them? But, to quote one Marquis de Sade (portrayed so superbly by Geoffrey Rush in 2000's “Quills”): “Oh, for fuck's sake, Abbe! Suppose one of your precious inmates attempted to walk on water and drowned. Would you condemn the Bible? I think not.”, heh, this latest THE QUILL video was created by the group's own Jolle Atlagic. ‘Purgatory Hill’ comes off the band's seventh album entitled ‘Tiger Blood’. THE QUILL returned to producer Petter Diamant to record ‘Tiger Blood’ at the Jakaranda Studio in Gävle and the 491 Studio in Oskarshamn, Sweden. The album was mixed by Patrik Frisk at Sidelake/Ninetone Studios in Sundsvall, also Sweden. Issued through Metalville Records in May 2013, ‘Tiger Blood’ consists of ten tracks with one additional song added to the iTunes release. The album is available as a CD, as a vinyl and digitally – search for it on Amazon, iTunes etc.

THE QUILL was founded in 1990s by singer Magnus Ekwall, guitarist Christian Carlsson, drummer Jolle Atlagic, organist Anders Haglund and bassist Peter Holm, who was later replaced by Roger Nilsson. Their self-titled debut album was released  in 1995 through Megarock Records. In 1997, organist Haglund left the group which would continue on as a four-piece, recording their second full-length, ‘Silver Haze’, that same year and eventually releasing it in 1999. In 2000, THE QUILL signed with German label SPV Records through which they issued three albums: 2002's ‘Voodoo Caravan’ (“The album shows a versatility and mastery of both songwriting and arranging that are not present in much hard rock these days,” commented Gary Hill, AllMusic), 2003's ‘Hooray! It’s A Death Trip’ (“THE QUILL is hardly the most original band in the world, but in terms of craftsmanship, the Swedes deliver the goods on this solid and worthwhile, if derivative, outing,” wrote Alex Henderson, AllMusic) and 2006's ‘The Triumph’ (“For fans of bands influenced by the mighty ZEP [LED ZEPPELIN], THE QUILL's fifth full-length release definitely aims to please. But you get the feeling that if ‘In Triumph’ was released, say, in 1988 or 1989, the group would have challenged the likes of GREAT WHITE for valuable MTV and radio space,” added Greg Prato, AllMusic). Robert Triches replaced Roger Nilsson on bass in 2005 and Magz Arnar assumed the vacant position vocalist Magnus Ekwall left behind when he quitted in 2007. Adding a new twist to their sound (“Less is more, if you will.”), THE QUILL returned in 2011 with ‘Full Circle’ they described as “sharp, direct and catchy, built around big riffs, big grooves and big hooks”:
“The arrival of Arnar hasn’t caused THE QUILL to significantly alter their sound; they still sound like THE QUILL, favoring an approach that is aggressive yet melodic and nuanced. So anyone who is worried about THE QUILL losing or obscuring their identity need not be concerned; this 2011 edition is quite faithful to the band's history,” [wrote in reassurance AllMusic's Alex Henderson – more here:]

THE QUILL features: Magz Arnar - vocals, Jolle Atlagic - drums, Roger Nilsson – bass and Christian Carlsson – guitar


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