11 October, 2011

Threat Signal: Threat Signal – new album


New self-titled album by Canadian modern metallers THREAT SIGNAL is being released today, October 11th, 2011 via Nuclear Blast Records. ‘Threat Signal’, the record, was produced and mixed by audio mastermind Zeuss at Planet-Z Recordings in Hadley, Massachusetts. Album's artwork was created by Colin Marks. Below you’ll find three brand new THREAT SIGNAL tunes, ‘Face The Day’, ‘Trust In None’ and ‘Fallen Disciples’; download the latter for free by visiting the band's Facebook page. ‘Threat Signal’, the band's third release on Nuclear Blast and third full-length overall, comes in all kinds of physical and digital formats (“Signs are pointing to storm! Lose no time and get hold of a copy of this burning hot piece through the Nuclear Blast webshop,” says Nuclear Blast) available through here:

THREAT SIGNAL: Face The Day – courtesy of Nuclear Blast Records

THREAT SIGNAL: Trust In None – courtesy of Nuclear Blast Records

THREAT SIGNAL: Fallen Disciples – courtesy of Nuclear Blast Records

THREAT SIGNAL were formed in 2003 in Hamilton, Ontario, by cousins singer Jon and lead guitarist Rich Howard, who later added composer and guitarist Kyle McKnight, drummer Adam Matthews and bassist Eric Papky to the lineup. Combining the complexity of thrash metal with a more contemporary groove sound involving technical rhythms and melodic musical passages, THREAT SIGNAL succeeded in generating a significant interest within online metal community even before the band had played a single live show; with four of their demo tracks achieving heavy airplay on various websites. The band released ‘Rational Eyes’ EP through the Gomek Records in 2005 as Marco Bresette replaced Eric Papky on bass guitar. Drummer Matthews left to be replaced by George Parfitt. THREAT SIGNAL signed to Nuclear Blast Records and recorded their first album, 2006's ‘Under Reprisal’, with producer (and ex-FEAR FACTORY bassist) Christian Olde Wolbers:

“Unlike most of yer more melodically oriented death metal bands, which usually have one of the guitarists providing clean vocals in counterpoint to the lead screamer's shredded larynx bellow, Howard handles both styles on ‘Under Reprisal’, and while his clean vocals are perfectly good, it’s his screaming that really pins the listener's ears back. (To put it in strictly Canadian terms, he really knows how to give 'er.) … Add to this the fact that the songs are both melodically strong (‘A New Beginning’ kicks off with an opening guitar riff that could be this generation of budding metal guitarists' very own ‘Sweet Child o' Mine’ before locking into a killer stutter-step unison riff that sounds like a funkier PANTERA) and suitable for full-on banging, and ‘Under Reprisal’ is clearly one of the better pure metal albums of 2006,” [stated Stewart Mason, AllMusic – more here, audible proof below]

THREAT SIGNAL: As I Destruct – courtesy of Nuclear Blast Records

THREAT SIGNAL: Seeing Red – courtesy of Nuclear Blast Records

THREAT SIGNAL: A New Beginning – courtesy of Nuclear Blast Records

In 2006 founding guitarist Howard split, with Bressette taking over lead guitar duties while Pat Kavanagh was drafted into the bass slot. But the lineup was not to be stable for long as Bressette, guitarist Kyle McKnight and drummer George Parfitt also departed from the band late 2007. THREAT SIGNAL's second album, ‘Vigilance’ was produced by then the only founding member left in the band, vocalist Jon Howard and mixed by Greg Reely. Alongside Howard, ‘Vigilance’ featured Travis Montgomery on lead guitar, Adam Weber on rhythm guitar, Pat Kavanagh on bass and Norman Kileen on drums:

“While ‘Vigilance’ isn’t full-fledged metalcore, the album's lyrics have a strong hardcore aesthetic. Memorable tracks like ‘United We Stand’ and ‘Revision’ have that “angry as hell, but positive and hopeful” vibe that is so common in metalcore and hardcore. In fact, ‘Vigilance’ is memorable more often than not. There are a few mediocre tracks, but overall, this sophomore outing underscores Howard's ability to keep THREAT SIGNAL healthy despite all those lineup changes,” [commented Alex Henderson, AllMusic – more here]

THREAT SIGNAL: Through My Eyes – courtesy of Nuclear Blast Records

THREAT SIGNAL: Another Source Of Light – courtesy of Nuclear Blast Records

THREAT SIGNAL: Severed – courtesy of Nuclear Blast Records

2010 brought about yet more shifts in the band's turbulent personnel department; rhythm guitarist Adam Weber left, soon followed by drummer Norman Killeen, whose positions were eventually filled by newcomers drummer Alex Rüdinger and guitarist Chris Feener.



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