16 April, 2013

Full Album Stream: VHÖL: Vhol – new album


Described as a “thunderously raw and adventurous album” by NPR Music and compared to a “well crafted beer” by About.com, VHÖL's debut self-titled album is out now, April 16th, 2013, on Profound Lore Records. VHÖL, comprised of vocalist Mike Scheidt (YOB), guitarist John Cobbett and bassist Sigrid Sheie (HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE) and drummer Aesop Dekker (AGALLOCH) who refuse to be termed as supergroup, combine elements of old-school punk, hardcore, classic old-school metal and a touch of outsider black metal:
“I think we subconsciously look over our shoulders but didn’t want to make something wholly retro. All of us definitely tapped into our love of '80s thrash and hardcore and just plain old classic metal, but the focus was to make something strange,” [disclosed Aesop Dekker in an interview he gave to SSG Music – read the rest here]
For better insight into VHÖL's sound depicted as raw, primal, fierce, triumphant, and ultimately face melting (“this fact solidified by Scheidt's distinct vocal capabilities he expands into the beyond”), listen to it below, courtesy the label, and believe you me - it's an energising affair. The album was recorded by Greg Wilkinson “in conspiracy with Cobbett” at Earhammer Studios in Oakland, California, mixed by engineer/producer Randall Dunn in Seattle, Washington, and its artwork created by John Cobbett and Kevin Gan Yuen. Do buy the record here (Profound Lore Records):
“As with a well crafted beer, the album's depth is not revealed at first taste. Returning again and again, the subtleties not immediately apparent rise to the surface as it lingers on the palate. The more time spent with ‘Vhol’, the more its true character shines through. The four basic ingredients necessary for this concoction cannot become such a potent brew all on their own. Passion, drive, and willingness to push boundaries are all imbued into VHÖL, fermenting the album into the unique experience that it is. … Craft beer may sour as it ages beyond a certain point but this is not the case with ‘Vhol’. It’s more like wine, getting better as time wears on, each taste surpassing the last,” [read the rest of Matt Hinch's review here (About.com):]

VHÖL features: Mike Scheidt – vocals, John Cobbett – guitar, Sigrid Sheie – bass and Aesop Dekker - drums

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