22 July, 2013

Stormzone: Three Kings – new album



Visit Northern Ireland heavy metallers', STORMZONE, website here to enjoy nearly half (six out of thirteen tunes) of the band's new album entitled ‘Three Kings’, issued today, July 22nd, 2013, on Metal Nation Records. And then, providing you like what you hear and why wouldn’t you especially if you are into NWOBHM and such, buy the album via the band's site as well:

“What has always separated STORMZONE from other retro acts is their knack for anthemic and truly memorable song writing. While it fails them some on the back-end, when they’re in the zone, they craft songs that take me back to the salad days of my misspent youth and prove this ancient genre can still be relevant and worthwhile,” [noted reputable metal observer Steel Druhm of highly trusted metal portal called Angry Metal Guy – more here]


STORMZONE was created as a studio project for vocalist John “Harv” Harbinson in 2004 for which Harbinson  recruited a formidable array of studio musicians comprising drummer Julian Watson, bassist Pete Macken, keyboardist Stephen Prosser and guitarist Keith Harris. This lineup recorded STORMZONE's debut album entitled ‘Caught In The Act’, issued through Escape Music in 2007 for whose promotion Harbinson gathered an almost altogether different lineup to tour with. Following, STORMZONE toured Europe for two years, supporting WHITE LION, TESLA, George Lynch, Y&T and L.A. GUNS and appeared at various music festivals. The band re-entered the studio to record their second album in 2009. Legendary music producer DJ Neil Kaye (him who “discovered” IRON MAIDEN) co-produced the recording titled ‘Death Dealer’. Both album's artwork was created by celebrated fantasy artist and illustrator, Rodney Matthews.

STORMZONE features: John “Harv” Harbinson – vocals, Steve Moore – guitar, Davy Bates – drums, Graham McNulty – bass and David Shields – guitar


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