16 April, 2011

Graviton: Massless – new album


This time the music will have to speak for itself, since I know nothing about GRAVITON. Click here to get to MetalSucks' exclusive premiere of the album ‘Massless’, which will be released on April 26th, 2011 via Translation Loss Records. You can get your own copy here. The album was recorded and mixed by Derek Donley (with some help from Josh Newell). Its cover was created by Alex Crane.

GRAVITON have apparently named themselves thusly upon a suggestion made by one of MetalSucks' readers, but that fact should not scare you away from this band's music, heh. GRAVITON hail from Los Angeles and feature INTRONAUT's Sacha Dunable on vocals, guitars and synth, NATIONAL SUNDAY LAW's Darin Tambascio on vocals, guitars, bass, synth, piano and organ, and Derek Donley (NATIONAL SUNDAY LAW) on vocals, drums and synth.

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