05 October, 2012

Trepalium: Heic Noenum Pax – new video & H. N. P. – full album stream



Progressif, as well as death & groove metallers', TREPALIUM, new video was directed by Guillaume Jolly. The tune itself is the opening track from TREPALIUM's nouvel Thibault Chaumont-produced album ‘H. N. P.’, released in June 2012 through Klonosphere Records and Season Of Mist. The album, along with splendid garments including TREPALIUM sweat zippé, can be purchased here (TREPALIUM official site). The band has also uploaded the entire album onto YouTube; you can enjoy almost all of it below - two missing tracks, ‘Prescription Of Crisis’ and ‘Raining Past’, can be found here and here respectively (YouTube).


Named after an ancient torture device and reportedly able to crush bones with their technical, multi-faceted yet wrenching brand of metal, TREPALIUM formed in 2001 in Poitou-Charentes, France. Following, they released two demos, 2002's ‘Psychic Storm’ and 2003's ‘Pain's Threshold’, before turning to GOJIRA's Joe Duplantier to produce their debut full-length 2004's ‘Through The Absurd’. As was the case with their debut, 2006's ‘Alchemik Clockwork Of Disorder’ was issued through Holy Records. In 2009 TREPALIUM signed with Season Of Mist through which they released their much praised third album ‘XIII’.

TREPALIUM features: Harun Demiraslan – guitar and keyboard, Nicolas Amosse – guitar, Cédric Punda (“KK”) – vocals, Sylvain Bouvier – drums and Ludovic Chauveau - bass










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