14 April, 2012

Suicide Silence: Slaves To Substance – new video



The protagonists, the flag bearers of deathcore, SUICIDE SILENCE, have graced us with a new video ‘Slaves To Substance’, off their July 2011-released album ‘The Black Crown’, the group's highest-charting album to date, which reached position number 28 on the Billboard Top 200. Issued through Century Media Records and featuring appearances by KORN's Jonathan Davis and SUFFOCATION frontman Frank Mullen, ‘The Black Crown’ was produced by Steve Evetts, mixed by Chris “Zeuss” Harris and engineered by Allan Hessler. Its artwork was created by Ken “K3N” Adams and SUICIDE SILENCE's first video released in support of the CD (available below), ‘You Only Live Once’, was filmed by director Nathan Cox.

“ ‘The Black Crown’ is us at our finest,” [explained vocalist Mitch Lucker] “We learned while touring on the last two records, the parts we play live that make people go the most insane; when we see thousands of people ripping each others' faces off to and just destroying each other. We took the most aggressive elements of the last two records and just compiled them all into pure brutality this time around. This record just attacks, attacks, attacks,” [Lucker continued] “you’re jumping up and down, or you’re smashing something, or you’re stomping something. It’s simply unrelenting.” [Lyrics-wise, Mitch Lucker continued:] “I’m not trying to put people's beliefs down – it’s about me and my life. This is my head cracked open and poured on the paper! I still have the same beliefs and same views, but I’m more open to everything. At this point in my life, I don’t see the good in making people hate you for something you say. This record is for everybody.”

The Black Crown – courtesy of Suicide Silence


SUICIDE SILENCE was formed in 2002 in Riverside, California. After putting out three demos and after some personnel reshuffling, the group issued a self-titled EP (Third Degree Records/SOS Records) in 2005. With it impressing Century Media Records, SUICIDE SILENCE released their debut full-length ‘The Cleansing’, in 2007. The record debuted at number 94 on the Billboard Top 200 (U.S. albums chart) and has since become one of best-selling debut albums in Century Media's history. Their second studio album, 2007's ‘No Time To Bleed’, charted even higher, reaching position 32 on the aforementioned albums chart:

“With an instinctive nose for songwriting economy (no overlabored epics for this band) and lyrics that, while simplistic and even repetitive, at times, are also both refreshingly direct and intelligible, for the most part, and you get a real sense of - dare we say it - accessibility?! … Deathcore neophytes may still require a few additional listens of ‘No Time To Bleed’ before they’ll be able to pick these nuances out of the ever prevailing din and hysteria, but they’re in there, just waiting to be revealed, and hopefully becoming increasingly clear to longtime genre converts, looking to separate the wheat from the chaff,” [wrote Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic Guide]

SUICIDE SILENCE features: Mitch Lucker – vocals, Chris Garza – guitar, Mark Heylmun – guitar, Alex Lopez – drums and Dan Kenny – bass

SUICIDE SILENCE – courtesy of Century Media Records



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