19 October, 2012

Insomnium: One For Sorrow – new video



Finland's champions of pain, INSOMNIUM, have released a new performance clip filmed at Wacken Open Air and Tuska Open Air festivals this past summer. ‘One For Sorrow’, the video, has premiered on Noisecreep. The tune itself comes from INSOMNIUM's latest same-titled recording you, most spirited visitor, should read all about here on Noise & Stuff, where you’ll find four additional songs from INSOMNIUM's latest CD and their two previously released videos, ‘Through The Shadows’ and ‘Regain The Fire’. Furthermore, two full INSOMNIUM albums can be streamed via the aforementioned post; 2006's ‘Above The Weeping World’ and 2009's ‘Across The Dark’. ‘One For Sorrow’, the album, was released in October 2011 on Century Media and can be bought here (CM Distro Europe), here (CM Distro USA) and through iTunes and Amazon:

“… But, by and large [read all about INSOMNIUM tinkering cautiously with Gothenburg metal style here at AllMusic], INSOMNIUM still seem happy to cater to genre loyalists and other sticklers to tradition with alternately brutal and morose mini-epics like ‘Song Of The Blackest Bird’ and ‘Lay The Ghost To Rest’, as well as multiple examples of melo-death-by-numbers. Some are kick-drum-happy bruisers barked with Cookie Monster fervor and streaked with serpentine synth accoutrements (‘Only One Who Waits’, ‘Every Hour Wounds’, ‘Regain The Fire’); others complex studies in dark and light, both vocal and instrumental (‘Unsung’ and the title track); yet all have their modest rate of innovation justified by INSOMNIUM's reliably high-caliber songwriting and performance,” [stated Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic]

INSOMNIUM features: Niilo Sevänen – vocals and bass, Ville Friman – guitar and vocals, Markus Vanhala – guitar and Markus Hirvonen - drums

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