30 October, 2012

Full Album Stream: Early Graves: Red Horse – new album



Brooklyn Vegan is streaming the new EARLY GRAVES album ‘Red Horse’ right here right now. The album, the band's first since the tragic death of founding member singer Makh Daniels two years ago, is out now, October 30th, 2012 through No Sleep Records. EARLY GRAVES recorded the follow up to 2010's ‘Goner’ with their new singer John Strachan at Louder Studios with producer Tim Green:

“After enduring every shitstorm the proverbial “universe” can throw at us for last few years, we are extremely excited to be releasing our new batch of burners on No Sleep Records,” [said guitarist Chris Brock] “No Sleep Records may not seem like a likely landing spot for a band like us, but No Sleep release music that they care about and want to work with, which is something we can definitely get behind. I won’t bore with you with a “our new album sounds like mixed with this mixed with that” or “it’s heavier, faster, more melodic” bullshit, but I will say that we are happy to be releasing it with a label that likes it as much as we do.”

There you go then; listen to it and if you like what you hear, buy the record here (No Sleep Records).


EARLY GRAVES was started by vocalist Makh Daniels, guitarist Chris Brock, bassist Tyler Jensen, and drummer Dan Sneddon in San Francisco in 2007. In 2008, the group headed to Nashville, Tennessee to record their debut album with producer and former TODAY IS THE DAY member Steve Austin. ‘We: The Guillotine’ was released on Metal Blade imprint Ironclad the same year. Listen to full recording here (BandCamp) or below:


EARLY GRAVES: We: The Guillotine


In 2010 EARLY GRAVES returned with ‘Goner’. The album was recorded at Louder Studios with Tim Green:

“The result is a ragged, pissed off amalgamation of heavy self-medication, year long blackouts and all the depression of an a thousand yard stare,” [explained vocalist Makh Daniels upon its release:] “The last couple years have been kinda rough for most of us, you hit times in your life when shit is basically spiraling out of control and you try to reign it in but it just doesn’t ever seem to work so you drink it away. Basically you dig yourself further in the hole because you don’t know any other way. A lot of the lyrics, while not being a concept record, have a lot of the same themes of loneliness and depression and substance abuse running through each song. I think us as a band getting together and writing these songs and writing these lyrics got out a lot of bad dark shit that has been under the surface for all of us. Like an exorcism of sorts. I hope maybe this record will connect with some people who are goin’ through the same kinda shit.”

“Of course, albums this unapologetically vicious aren’t everyone's cup of tea; ‘Goner’ isn’t for those who only like their metal with a lot of melody and plenty of nuance, but it’s an exciting, if predictable, listen if one is in the mood for some truly bombastic sensory assault,” [added Alex Henderson, AllMusic – read the rest here as you listen to the recording here (BandCamp) or below:]




A tragedy struck during the band's North American tour with THE FUNERAL PYRE when the band's van lost control and crashed in Oregon; Makh Daniels was sadly pronounced dead at the scene:

“By many accounts, “EARLY GRAVES' Makh Daniels was a passionate, kind man, as well as a ferocious vocalist who lived for the road. That he died in a van accident a little more than two years ago while on tour with the FUNERAL PYRE is just a reminder that sometimes the best die young. But to live as exuberantly as the departed did is a powerful tribute, and the members of the metal band EARLY GRAVES have continued on with FUNERAL PYRE vocalist John Strachan stepping in for Daniels on tour - and, now, on their third album, ‘Red Horse’. According to Strachan, ‘Pure Hell’ [see below] is “a song dedicated to Makh; he always had that pure hell back patch. So I wrote this for him and the way he lived.” [From NPR Music]

EARLY GRAVES features: Chris Brock – vocals and guitar, Dan Sneddon – drums, Tyler Jensen – guitar, Matt O’Brien – bass and John Strachan – vocals



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