23 October, 2012

Full Album Stream: A Life Once Lost: Ecstatic Trance – new album


Already out in North America with international release date set for November 16th, 2012, visit BandCamp here to enjoy A LIFE ONCE LOST's “angular, furious, forward-thinking, and totally trippy” new album ‘Ecstatic Trance’. The album was recorded at Planet Red studios in Richmond, Virginia with producer Andreas Magnusson, while its artwork was painted by Brian Baker. ‘Ecstatic Trance’ awaits your order/pre-order here (Season Of Mist):
“A band that has sold tens of thousands of albums and may boast millions of plays of their songs on the internet like A LIFE ONCE LOST could easily try to take the easy option and repeat their successful formula. Yet [such] lack of creativity is usually just a recipe for losing the interest of followers, while not gaining new ones. With sixth album ‘Ecstatic Trance’, the American band dare to take a giant step in their continuous evolution. This leads A LIFE ONCE LOST out of yesterday's metalcore box into a new disturbing vision of sinister coldness founded on huge, jagged riffs and churning, syncopated rhythms, which are contrasted by emotive guitars, explosive vocals and capturing melodies,” [instructs the press release:]

A LIFE ONCE LOST was formed in 1999 on-the-forward-edge-of-modern-metal-where-progression-and-innovation-collide-with-tradition (Philadelphia suburbs) by guitarist Doug Sabolick and vocalist Bob Meadows. Their high-impact-wall-of-sound-combining-dissonant-modern-aggression-with-the-hallmarks-of-traditional-metal (proper album) called ‘Open Your Mouth For The Speechless… In Case Of Those Appointed To Die’ was delivered first in 2000 and reissued in 2004 through Robotic Empire Records. The band followed up with an EP ‘The Fourth Plague: Flies’, and second LP, ‘A Great Artist’, in 2003, which they released via their new label Ferret Music. A LIFE ONCE LOST's 2005's album ‘Hunter’ was described as “a decent example of the hammer-to-the-skull aesthetic” by Alex Henderson, AllMusic (read more here), while Greg Prato, also AllMusic, recommended their 2007's full-length, ‘Iron Gag’, to fans of the power metal genre, finding it full of “Dimebag Darrelll-esque guitar heroics and Phil Anselmo-style manly man vocals” (more here).

A LIFE ONCE LOST features: Robert Meadows – vocals, Douglas Sabolick – guitar and Jordan Crouse - drums

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