15 March, 2013

Hate: Alchemy Of Blood – new video



HATE, described by Greg Pratt for Revolver Magazine as “death metal's unsung greats” and “Polish MORBID ANGEL-lovers”, have just issued a brand new video for ‘Alchemy Of Blood’ off their new album ‘Solarflesh’, released in January/ February 2013 on Napalm Records. ‘Solarflesh’, containing:

“full-speed blast beats, grimy sludge, and just enough experimentation to keep things interesting, keyboard flourishes and a sense of drama that borders on ludicrous, militaristic marching, mid-tempo near-blackened metal, and so many great death riffs NILE's Karl Sanders is probably twitching a little just thinking about it,” [as put by aforementioned Greg Pratt – read the rest here]

was recorded at Sound Division Studio in Warsaw, Poland with Filip Halucha and Arek Malczewski, and mixed at Hertz Studio in Bialystok, Poland with producers Slawek and Wojtek Wieslawski. Check out the “Making Of ‘Solarflesh’ ” short documentary below and shop for the album here and here (Napalm Records).


HATE was formed in Warsaw, Poland in 1990 by lead guitarist and vocalist ATF Sinner who, in a band that endured quite a few line-up changes, is the only constant. HATE issued several demos (‘Abhorrence’ in 1992, ‘Evil Art’ in 1994 and ‘The Unwritten Law’ in 1995) before releasing their first full-length record entitled ‘Daemon Qui Fecit Terram’ in 1996, followed by 1998's ‘Lord Is Avenger’, considered a highlight of their early years, on Polish label Vox Mortiis. ‘Cain's Way’, released in 2000, was HATE's first to be distributed in United States (through World War III/Mercenary Musik). HATE signed a record deal with Listenable Records in 2001, the year ‘Holy Dead Trinity’, a collection of their best material from the first three albums, was released internationally via World War III Records. Next, HATE released their acclaimed album, ‘Awakening Of The Liar’,  in 2003, succeeded by their first DVD titled ‘The Litanies Of Satan’. HATE's experimental album, 2005's ‘Anaclasis: A Haunting Gospel Of Malice And Hatred’, received praise from nearly every European metal magazine; in its support, the band embarked on a mega tour across Europe, Russia, Brazil, Mexico and the U.S. Their sixth full-length, ‘Morphosis’, followed in 2008 and HATE's seventh blackened death metal attack came in form of ‘Erebos’, issued in 2010.

HATE features: Adam “ATF Sinner” Buszko – guitar, vocals and synthesizer, Stanisław “Hexen” Malanowicz – drums, Konrad “Destroyer” Ramotowski – guitar and Sławomir “Mortifer” Kusterka – bass 





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