09 May, 2012

Full Album Stream: Mutilation Rites: Empyrean – new album


MUTILATION RITES are known as “filthy black metal act” from Brooklyn, New York, who proudly wear the badge “evil as fuck”, assigned to them by notorious metal portal MetalSucks. Their debut full-length ‘Empyrean’, set for release on May 22nd, 2012 through Prosthetic Records, can be heard in its “suicide, depression, vices” influenced entirety here (scroll down) on Pitchfork. The album was recorded with producer Kevin Bernsten at Developing Nations in Baltimore, Maryland. A pre-order bundle, consisting of the CD and a T-shirt, is available via the Prosthetic Store here.

“[When asked about the album's lyrics by Pitchfork's Brandon Stosuy, vocalist and guitarist George Paul replied:] I don’t tell people my lyrics intentionally. I’m a guitar player first and a singer because I have to be. While I appreciate bands that have meaningful or well-written lyrics, I’ve never considered it an integral part of listening to a band. I’m not a lyricist. I’m not a poet. What I write about is very personal to me, and it’s almost entirely about depression, vices, suicide, substance abuse. But I intentionally slur my words while singing to make it more monotone sounding. I’m self conscious about it more than anything.” [Read the rest of the interview here while you listen to MUTILATION RITES new track ‘Realms Of Dementia’:]

MUTILATION RITES: Realms Of Dementia


Formed by guitarist Michael Dimmitt and drummer Justin Ennis (formerly of TOMBS) in 2009, MUTILATION RITES survived various incarnations and eventually solidified with George Paul on second guitar and vocals and Iain Deaderick on bass. They have released a demo in 2011 which can be listened to and bought here (BandCamp), followed by ‘I Am Legion’ 12” in March 2012. Listen to their black/doom/crust metal recording below and buy it here (BandCamp):



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