02 November, 2012

Nothnegal: Sins Of Our Creations – new video & Decadence – full album stream



Captain of the ship here keeps going on and on about the Maldivian Islands… well, until we set sail, let us all enjoy some Maldivian sights and sounds, courtesy NOTHNEGAL and animator Mohamed Sathom. ‘Sins Of Our Creations’ comes from the Maldivian metallers' debut full-length, ‘Decadence’, streamed in its entirety here (BandCamp). Issued through Season Of Mist in January/February 2012, the album awaits you at Season Of Mist e-shop. Alongside the band's founders, cousins and guitarists Hirlarl and Fufu, and bassist Hamad, ‘Decadence’ features drummer Kevin Talley (DÅÅTH, ex-CHIMAIRA, ex-DYING FETUS, ex-MISERY INDEX) and Finnish keyboard player Marco Sneck (KALMAH, POISONBLACK). The album's artwork was created by Philippine designer Michael Vincent Manalo.

“The Maldive Islands evoke images of an insular paradise before the eyes of a stranger. Like a double row of pearls hundreds of coral islands forming 26 atolls spread from north to south in the gentle breeze of the Indian Ocean. At first the hard sound of metal seems a contradiction to picturesque white beaches, palm trees and blue sunny skies. Yet now NOTHNEGAL are embarking to teach the world otherwise with their international debut album,” [offers the press release]


NOTHNEGAL was founded in 2006 by guitarists Hirlarl and Fufu on the capital island Malé. The band had endured quite a few lineup changes before stabilizing enough to record their debut release, 2009's 4-track EP ‘Antidote To Realism’. Mixed by Finnish producer Anssi Kippo, NOTHNEGAL released the recording for free through the internet. The band supported FINNTROLL and ROTTING CHRIST on their 2010 European tour covering 25 cities in 12 countries.

NOTHNEGAL features: Affan – vocals, Fufu – vocals and guitar, Hilarl – guitar, Hamad – bass, Kevin Talley – drums and Marco Sneck – keyboards



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