05 November, 2013

Full Album Stream: Aqua Nebula Oscillator: Spiritus Mundi – new album


Did you know that “autarky” AQUA NEBULA OSCILLATOR live in a 15th century cave in the center of Paris, France which apparently resembles a 19th century “cabinet de curiositées”, full of “strange instruments, old valve amps, echoboxes, squelettens, grigri and strange sculptures”? That, and the fact they rarely go out, that they create their songs in their own “universe far away from the nauseous and miserable meanders of this 21st century!!!”, and that they create their own costumes, record covers, and are here to make you “realise that normality doesn’t exist [and besides, that they know that] each human being has the power to create is own reality by visualisation!!”, generated enough interest on my part to slow down to take a peek at what have you been up to. It appears, AQUA NEBULA OSCILLATOR recorded ‘Spiritus Mundi, which contains eleven “nighttime tracks brimming with rhythmic switchbacks and momentum swings that push darkness into strange and intriguing corners and replaces ANO's riotous rollicking with shadowy landscapes of grim sound that encapsulate the band's eccentricity.” It is out now, November the 5th, 2013 on Pan European Records and Tee Pee Records. Get it here (Tee Pee store), on iTunes, or via Amazon/Amazon MP3. ‘Spiritus Mundi’ (“cosmic consciousness”) was allegedly recorded “outside of the medieval caves of Paris, in an old creepy house in the middle of the Pyrénées mountains with one of the best French analog sound engineers”:

According to a more or less unreliable source, AQUA NEBULA OSCILLATOR was created either in London or Paris by David Sphaèr'Os in 1999, after an extensive search for transcendental sounds that were searched for in Mexico, India, Morocco and Nepal. He next assembled two drummers (Juan Trip and Vincent), a bassist (“Simon, virtuoso with Luciferian beauty”), multi-instrumentalist Michel and apparently an American fakir called Jil who “made bloody performances while they played”, and together they settled in a house located “in the middle of the French woods” from where everybody but Sphaèr'Os eventually disappeared. Mainly due to unpaid rent, Sphaèr'Os next relocated to Paris where he occupied the aforementioned cave “with the help of Juan Trip, Takumi Iida and David Alfonso Gallego”, the latter being vocalist as well as epileptic dancer. Inspired (or “trapped”) by its angels and demons he created “statues with craniums of bones, Egyptian mummies, desarticuled mannequins and other organic materials”: AQUA NEBULA OSCILLATOR's self-titled album and its successor, ‘Under The Moon’, were issued through Pan European Records in 2008, with their third sacrament, called ‘Third’, following in 2012 on Pan European and Tee Pee Records:


AQUA NEBULA OSCILLATOR features: David Sphaèr'Os, Master Of Ceremony - guitar, vocals and organ, Adrian Bang, Orchestra Conductor – drums, Andreas Carrere, Oscillator - organ, flute, tambourine and backing vocals and Alexis Raphaeloff, EarthQuaker - bass

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