23 November, 2013

Full Album Stream: Duncan Evans: Lodestone – new album



Dear children, there will come a time in your life, when you’ll be successfully putting up the highest barriers against the relentless inflow of shit coming your way, and there will also come a time, when you’ll be doubting the firmness of your structure. Well don’t. Doubt, I mean. And by all means, keep on building. I’m still here and believe you me, I’ve seen plenty of shit in my lifetime; its latest influx nearly ended by blogging career. And now, the show goes on.

Hence DUNCAN EVANS who describes himself as dark folk singer and songwriter. He is also the guitarist of A FOREST FULL OF STARS who occasionally lets his own star shine through solo. His new (and debut) album, ‘Lodestone’, is out now, November 22nd, 2013, on Prophecy Productions/Auerbach Tonträger. The album is

“a collection of musical short stories in the tradition of folklore and songsmithery not only of English provenance. In his reduced yet still virtuosic narrations [the poet and singer] speaks of simple people in extraordinary situations, dreams and delusions as well as myths and legends of the supernatural kind. With its dark, melancholy atmosphere, ‘Lodestone’ harks back to the murder ballads of Nick Cave or Tom Waits as well as the sublime momentum of Leonard Cohen and Roy Harper, but above all finds its own expression - an occasionally forceful intensity by which Duncan Evans worthily continues the legacy of the greats of his craft.”

Prophecy Productions have put the word out – listen to the full album here (by now you know you have to hit the “Play All” button) – and I am spreading the word below, including the video for ‘Girl On The Hill’ by talented Ingram Blakelok. ‘Lodestone’ comes available as CD digipak, gatefold vinyl (180g heavy virgin vinyl) with poster and PVC protection sleeve and as CD box set with CD digipak, DVD-R with video clip, photo cards, lodestone (I guess the stone: mineral magnetite) and numbered and signed certificate. Get it here (Prophecy shop). The album will be distributed to North America from 3rd of December 2013 on.









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