18 November, 2013

Generation Kill: We’re All Gonna Die – new album


If you’ve been asking yourselves lately something like: “What the hell is going on with that woman who writes that amazing blog which completely changed my life (for the better) and which I have recommended to all my friends?!”, well, hopefully I am back to this noise and this stuff and have finished with the noise and the stuff that was happening recently everywhere else in my life but here. Because, as you know, and if you don’t just trust me on this because I am (almost certainly) older than most of you, music unites beyond words. So I guess I should conclude this episode with an assumption that this little project of mine must be a good thing to do.
By now you also know that GENERATION KILL are the final answer to “all that tedious talk about a comeback of thrash metal”. They think you will enjoy their new record, cheerfully titled ‘We’re All Gonna Die’ – out now in Europe on Nuclear Blast Records and due in North America on 26th of November 2013 – because “it’s 40 minutes of metal that is heavy, melodic, at times fast, but most of all diverse.” They add: “We wrote this album for ourselves. Paid for it ourselves. Took a chance and went to Europe as an unsigned band, impressed the right people, and that got us to where we are today. We have been waiting almost a year for you to hear this!!!” This should be bought here (Nuclear Blast EU store), on iTunes, Amazon etc. ‘We’re All Gonna Die’ is GENERATION KILL's second full-length album; it was produced by Zeuss.


GENERATION KILL are singer Rob Dukes (EXODUS), bassist Rob Moschetti (ex-PRO-PAIN and M.O.D.), guitarists Jason Trenzcer (MUTILATION) and Jason Velezon, and drummer James DeMaria (MERAUDER). The band's name, GENERATION KILL, derives from the title of journalist's Ewan Wright book (also an HBO mini-series) of the same name. The musicians who all come from diverse musical backgrounds, released their highly acclaimed full-length debut, ‘Red White And Blood’, on Season of Mist in 2011. It allegedly incorporated everything an aficionado of the genre might have wished to hear: “crunchy riffing, capturing melodies, killer solos and exactly the right dose of unashamed aggression that propelled bands like METALLICA, ANTHRAX, MEGADETH, TESTAMENT and many others to the forefront of extreme metal music in the 1980's”. And if you don’t believe the press release, you can freely form your own opinion by listening to ‘Red White Blood’, since it’s available in full below, courtesy Season Of Mist. So, buy their music and remember: “GENERATION KILL is not a side project!” 

GENERATION KILL features: Rob Dukes – vocals, Rob Moschetti – bass and backing vocals, Jason Trenzcer - lead guitar, Jason Velez - lead guitar and Jim DeMaria - drums 

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