09 November, 2013

Full Album Stream: Cronian: Erathems – new album


Did you know Norwegians invented modern skiing (or so they claim), the modern cheese slicer, the aerosol spray can and, some say, the paper clip. And, when not preoccupied lamenting the nature's elements (as in many a black metal tune), they win Winter Olympic medals (a grand total of 303 medals, of those 107 gold medals), they are proud of their Ministry for the Environment which was established in 1972 and, simultaneously, are proud oil exporters (world's fifth largest, ahead of Kuwait and Nigeria) and natural gas exporters (world's third largest). They are the owners of one of the most expensive cities in the world and certainly the most expensive European city, Oslo, and yet they still practice state capitalism, like China. Well, as long as Norway gets voted as the best country in which to raise children by Save The Children, don’t be surprised when seasoned black metal musicians, in this case Mr. V and Øystein G. Brun, take a breather. “Channeling their multi-instrumental abilities and inborn familiarity with Scandinavian hypothermia into the symphonically adorned progressive metal”, CRONIAN's third longplayer, ‘Erathems’ (erathem is the total stratigraphic unit deposited during a certain corresponding span of time during an era in the geologic timescale – btw, Norwegians are reportedly also the best educated people in Europe), is out now in Europe, and is due in North America via Season Of Mist's Underground Activists on November the 12th, 2013. The collaboration between Scandinavian metal visionaries Andreas Hedlund (VINTERSORG) and Øystein Brun (BORKNAGAR), CRONIAN first new record in over five years, “the meticulously arranged and orchestrated album from start-to-finish, the symphonic, melody-laden metal nothing short of exhilarating, the truly progressive, avant-garde heavy metal art”, ‘Erathems’, awaits your order here (season Of Mist e-store), on BandCamp, on iTunes and at Amazon's/Amazon MP3:

Now, with all due respect to Norway, CRONIAN is half Swedish; it was founded in 2004 by BORKNAGAR's Øystein Brun (Norway) and VINTERSORG's Andreas Hedlund (Sweden) - also known as Vintersorg or Mr. V - who one day discovered, heavily inspired by astronomy, glaciers and transpolar drifts, they both held similar ideas for a side-project. CRONIAN's debut album, ‘Terra’, was issued on Century Media in 2006, followed by ‘Enterprise’ on Indie Recordings in 2008:

CRONIAN features: Vintersorg - bass, keyboards, programming and vocals and Øystein Garnes Brun – guitar, keyboards and programming

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