13 November, 2012

Full Album Stream: Bell Witch: Longing – new album


Listen to one of the heaviest and saddest doom metal albums you will hear all year, ‘Longing’ by BELL WITCH, in its emotionally-draining entirety here, at CVLT Nation. BELL WITCH, comprised of bassist and vocalist Dylan Desmond (also of LETHE and SAMOTHRACE fame), and drummer and vocalist Adrian Guerra (also of LETHE), who first impressed with their self titled 2011 demo (available below in full), have already become known as one of the heaviest sounding doom metal bands in America today.
“ ‘Longing’ is about as bleak of a sonic picture as a doom metal album can get. This is a time-stretching album (which features guest vocals by Erik Moggridge of AERIAL RUIN Ruin on the track ‘Rows’) that depicts sadness, suffering, and despondency like none other. Through Desmond's down-tuned bass pulsations along with his lamentations that work in conspiracy with Guerra's warhammers and his cavernous growls, ‘Longing’ is an epic work that will become realized as that emotional sledgehammer of self-reflection and despair,” [offers the label, Profound Lore Records]
“Dylan Desmond lends his considerably heavy tones to proceedings whilst Adrian Guerra fills the spaces left by the mournful essence of this group with light touches of cymbal and the occasional mighty pounding needed to carry ‘Longing’ into ever increasing despair. BELL WITCH are intensely sorrowful and ‘Longing’ is the most aptly titled record heard this year. … This record is unrelenting in the sense that when you think you’ve reached a point of wanting to let go, to give up, and for it to be forever, it brings you to a place you never thought possible. A place even further away than ever imagined. It’s bleak and it’s terrifying in its quest for an end and for that, it is beautiful.” [Read the rest of CVLT Nation's review of ‘Longing’ here]

Become a proud owner of Seattle's duo ‘Longing’ here (Profound Lore Records' store). ‘Longing’ is out now, November 13th, 2012.

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