11 November, 2012

Relapse Sampler 2012 – free music, courtesy Relapse Records


“Relapse Records is proud to present the most eclectic heavy music sampler of 2012 featuring highlights from all of Relapse Records' releases on the year [including PIG DESTROYER, WEAPON, BARONESS, ROYAL THUNDER, CHRISTIAN MISTRESS, SERPENTINE PATH, INVERLOCH, DYING FETUS, MURDER CONSTRUCT, SPAWN OF POSSESSION, HORSEBACK, LOCRIAN, LIBERTEER and DEATH]  plus a preview of what’s in store for next year.”


They offer us, the listeners, the finest bands in grind, death, ambient, progressive, sludge and doom completely free of charge here (BandCamp), they throw in a digital booklet as well, for they want us to “impress our friends and destroy our ear drums!”.

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