23 November, 2012

Hellyeah: Drink Drank Drunk – new video & Band Of Brothers – full album stream



American soupergroup HELLYEAH, featuring members of MUDVAYNE, NOTHINGFACE, KNIVES OUT!, PANTERA and DAMAGEPLAN, has released the second video in promotion of their latest album ‘Band Of Brothers’, issued in July 2012 on Eleven Seven Music. HELLYEAH's third LP, produced by Jeremy Parker and recorded at the drummer's Vinnie Paul studio (VP's Upstairs Studio) in Dallas, Texas and described by AllMusic's Gregory Heaney as “bigger, louder, and more intense” (comparing to the preceding album), peaked at number 20 on the Billboard Top 200 and had nearly conquered U.S. Rock Chart (at number 3) and U.S. Independent Albums Chart (at number 4). ‘Band Of Brothers’, available in full below, courtesy the band, awaits you here (HELLYEAH store), through iTunes and Amazon:

“The title track rolls like an Abrams tank, crushing everything in its path through big grooves and even bigger vocals. ‘Rage/Burn’ ups the ante on heavy, twisting and turning on a jagged riff and brain-bashing bass line from Zilla [Bob, bassist]. Then, there’s ‘Drink Drank Drunk’ which is so heavy it’s straight-up intoxicating. Don’t drive after that one… The record's standout is ‘Bigger God’. Tension mounts on the verse as Gray [Chad, vocalist] opens up just enough to explode. It’s a dynamic and deadly bruiser where Gray screams, “If I’m taken for granted, I won’t be treated like a fucking dog. Now that I’ve had enough of all of you, I’m going to build a bigger god”. Then, he slips back into an airy verse,” [more or less sumed up the album Rick Florino, Artist Direct – there’s more to it here]


HELLYEAH first geared up in 2006; MUDWAYNE's Chad Grey on vocals and Greg Tribbett on guitar, NOTHINGFACE and KNIVES OUT!'s Tom Maxwell on guitar, and DAMAGEPLAN's Vinnie Paul on drums and Bob Zilla on bass, HELLYEAH's self-titled debut came out in 2007 through Epic Records. ‘Hellyeah’ peaked at position number 9 on the American Billboard Top 200 chart, and had sold around 45,000 copies in its first week. Their second studio album, ‘Stampede’, followed in 2010 on Epic Records; it bettered its predecessor one place on the Billboard Top 200:

“ ‘Stampede’ is an almost nonstop cavalcade of huge, slithering groove riffage. While the album lets a couple of ballads slip through the cracks by way of ‘Better Man’ and ‘Hell Of A Time’, HELLYEAH do their best to stick to what they do best: delivering track after track of fist-pumping, down-and-dirty metal in the grand Southern tradition. It’s this simplicity that makes ‘Stampede’ an ultimately fun record. There are no chin-stroking prog arrangements to puzzle over, knotty guitar acrobatics or deep lyrics to dissect - just pure and simple old-school heavy metal aggression without pretension,” [commented Gregory Heaney, AllMusic – more here]














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