05 March, 2014

I Am Heresy: Thy Will – new album


The only thing Facebook is good for is its “description/influences/inspiration” thingy and I AM HERESY describe themselves there as “the blacker the sun, the darker the dawn” (I’m guessing from COIL's ‘Fire Of The Mind’) kind-of-a-band, while their label forewarns of approaching storm when addressing I AM HERESY and their new album ‘Thy Will’. Out now everywhere, March the 4th, 2014, on Century Media Records,
“on ‘Thy Will’ shimmering black metal melodies crash with chaotic 90ies-noisecore in the vein of DEADGUY and full-on thrash-treats fight vicious negativity reminiscent of clevo hardcore icons INTEGRITY. Furthermore, I AM HERESY sprinkle in dark and heavy folk elements to add a whole different dimension to their sound,” [says the label]
In order to better understand how this intriguingly described sound sounds like, do check out I AM HERESY's three new tunes below. Furthermore, ‘March Of Black Earth’ video apparently stands in defiance of the standard views of “good and evil”:
“It speaks of human exploration into a life without fear or reverence for imaginary deities, who are bent on suppressing our most natural desires. If those deities deem a lust for knowledge, freedom of our carnal self, and disobedience to be sinful, then let us become the best sinners we can be! Each suffering character in the video represents self-sacrifice, killing what is left of our self-expression. The ominous beast in the plague mask represents each character's individual oppression. Their freedom is personified by the archetype Belial, or Baal, (“without a master”) who represents an infernal innocence, freedom, and mockery of self-imposed slavery. Hear the call... Free yourself from the bondage of self-denial, and accept the gift of sin,” [appeals I AM HERESY singer Nathan Gray]
The band that insist they are not Nathan Gray's (of BOYSETSFIRE) side project, are generously giving away the tunes ‘Rahabh’ and ‘March Of Black Earth’ free of charge here. ‘Thy Will’ which is one of this year's musical highlights according to KREATOR's Mille Petrozza, awaits your order here (CM Distro Europe), here (CM Distro North America), here (I AM HERESY store), on iTunes, Amazon etc:
“The whole concept of evil, hell and purgatory is made up only for one reason: few people in power use them to create fear and link their believers to them. In the end, all of these fears are constructs to grant these people more power and wealth. Moving away from these fears, making up your own mind, and creating a view on life that’s based on knowledge and reason can be very liberating“, [appeals once more Nathan Gray]
[And again:] “Come ye daughters and sons of chaos and mystery! We intend to rebuild and create the archetypes of rebellion and revolution against self induced repression. Reveling in anthemic battle songs of lust, pride and indulgence in order to create a ritual purification from the stagnant impotence of servitude and self denial.”

Formed in 2011 by vocalist Nathan Gray in order to “live out his love for dark, violent noise”, I AM HERESY, counting guitarist and vocalist Jonah Latshaw (MAY 4TH MASSACRE and son of BOYSETSFIRE guitarist Joshua Latshaw), guitarists Simon Gray (son of Nathan Gray, MAY 4TH MASSACRE) and Gregg Kautz, bassist Jay Sin and drummer Crumbs (brothers, THE DEAD AND GONE), released their “imposing, frenetic, unrelenting and certainly unrepentant” debut self-titled full-length in 2012 on Magic Bullet Records (in Europe via End Hits Records in early 2013): 

I AM HERESY features: Nathan Gray – vocals, Jay Sin – guitar, Simon Gray – guitar, Gregg Kautz – guitar, Matt Balog – bass and Crumbs - drums

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