06 March, 2013

Within The Ruins: Feeding Frenzy – new video & Elite – new album



WITHIN THE RUINS, well known for blending beer and riffs with easy going charm, have a new album out since February 26th, 2013 and now a new video as well. ‘Feeding Frenzy’ comes off the “pinnacle of what is possible when a band keeps their feet firmly rooted in the foundations of modern death metal, chews upon tidbits of classic thrash and all the while reaches upward to grasp toward new creative heights of their own design with hunger, skill and confident craftsmanship”, WITHIN THE RUINS, third full length called ‘Elite’, assessable through Amazon and iTunes, courtesy eOne Entertainment who offer:

“Weaned on the guttural sounds of Floridian death metal chaos, the blackened ice of frigid Norway, the New Wave of Swedish Death Metal, the Big 4, progressive noisecore mathematics and birthed from the same Massachusetts stomping grounds as the architects of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal, WITHIN THE RUINS create challenging, devastating and comprehensive heavy metal sounds that encompass everything they’ve been and everything they are looking to become. ‘Feeding Frenzy’ is a direct attack on the trend following transients who overcrowd the music community, those who (as the song declares) are eating themselves alive. WITHIN THE RUINS very much believe in and support active involvement, vs. passive standing around.”


The natives to Westfield, Massachusetts, WITHIN THE RUINS describe their sound as “loud, energetic, interesting and fresh”, cite bands like METALLICA and AS I LAY DYING as their early influences and are into touring, beer, parties, ladies and guitars. They play technical deathcore and, in order to perfect their technical styles, the members practice every day: “You do it long enough and you’re going to see results. We constantly try to take our music to the next level, challenging ourselves as well as the listener,” explained band's founder and guitarist Joe Cocchi. They self-released their first EP ‘Driven By Fear’, followed by second EP ‘Empires’ in 2006. Through Victory Records WITHIN THE RUINS delivered their first full-length ‘Creature’, issued in 2009 and described as “technically dazzling, the sound of METALLICA's ‘Master Of Puppets’ played at twice the speed” by Tom Forget, AllMusic (more here). Their second LP ‘Invade’ followed quickly in 2010, selling over 3000 copies in its first week of sales in the United States alone. Next came a 4-song EP entitled ‘Omen’, issued in 2011.

WITHIN THE RUINS features: Tim Goergen – vocals, Joe Cocchi – guitar, Andrew Tate – bass and Drummer – drums



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