03 March, 2014

Carnifex: Die Without Hope – new album



Although we here, myself and this blog's visitors, derive pleasure from such curious subjects as death, let us hope that all we are witnessing happening around us (world) of late will lead to better future. Honestly, the morning news these days are literally making me physically sick. Perhaps that’s why I am, like ancient Rome's public executioner (CARNIFEX), often shunned by my neighbours, heh. Yes, I - me, the queen of subtle and the mistress of blunt – eventually intend to tell you about CARNIFEX's fifth album ‘Die Without Hope’. It will be released on March 7th, 2014 in Europe and on March 4th in North America and the UK via Nuclear Blast Records. The album was recorded at Audiohammer Studios in Sanford, Florida and produced by renowned Mark Lewis, and its cover art was created by CARNIFEX's longtime collaborator Godmachine. Get the album plus the goodies here (CARNIFEX store), here (Nuclear Blast store), on iTunes, via Amazon etc:

“If you crave for crunchy breakdowns embellished with a dollop of melodiousness, dig into ‘Die Without Hope’ to savor this tasty combination. Be sure to wipe your ears afterwards!” [advises Dane Prokofiev, Pure Grain Audio - more here]


American deathcore band CARNIFEX was formed in 2005 in Fallbrook, California by vocalist Scott Lewis and drummer Shawn Cameron. Currently operating out of San Diego, CARNIFEX's debut full-length album, 2007's ‘Dead In My Arms’, produced by Chris “Zeuss’ Harris, sold over 15,000 copies despite limited publicity. Noticed by Victory Records who would release CARNIFAX's next three albums, the band, counting Lewis and Cameron plus guitarists Cory Arford and Ryan Gudmonds and bassist Fred Calderon, first recorded ‘The Diseased And The Poisoned’ which was released in 2008 and which peaked at position 19 on Billboard's Top Heatseekers chart, followed by Zack Ohren and CARNIFEX-produced ‘Hell Chose Me’ in 2010 which peaked at number 22 on U.S. Hard Rock chart. The group's fourth LP, 2011's ‘Until I Feel Stronger’ was received by mixed reviews and (perhaps thusly) CARNIFEX retired indefinitely in 2012. The state of uncertainty had ended the following year, when the band announced their reunion and the signing with Nuclear Blast Records.

CARNIFEX features: Scott Lewis – vocals, Shawn Cameron – drums, Jordan Lockrey – guitar, Cory Arford – guitar and Fred Calderon – bass




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