01 July, 2013

Månegarm: Legions Of The North – new album


Since “the Wolf is back” and one should “prepare for war!”, one might as well listen to the appropriate music; MÅNEGARM are back with their seventh album ‘Legions Of The North’. Out today in Europe, tomorrow in North America and on July 5th, 2013 in the UK on Napalm Records, ‘Legions Of The North’ await your order here (Napalm Records), here (the band's store), and on iTunes. Recorded without violinist Janne Liljekvist who left the band in 2012, MÅNEGARM promise to solve the “violin issue with the help of friends” on their next album. The art for the thirteen “hitting melodies and ear catching refrains, all spiced with the special MÅNEGARM flavour, served in the best way” was created by Kris Verwimp.

MÅNEGARM (in Norse mythology: Mánagarmr or Hati Hróðvitnisson, “Moon-Hound” who chases the Moon across the night sky, brother of Sköll who chases the Sun during the day – quite a change from “Antichrist” as the band was originally known), in existence since 1995 in Norrtälje, Sweden, are one of the first bands to incorporate traditional instruments like violin and flute into their otherwise heavy sound. In 1996, MÅNEGARM released their first demo, ‘Vargaresa’, followed by ‘Ur Nattvindar in 1997, and in 1998 by ‘Nordstjärnans Tidålder’, their debut full-length, on the Dutch label Displeased Records, with it:
“proudly proclaiming the group's Viking metal mission to a host of new fans, who eagerly embraced its striking marriage of black metal ferocity and native folk music, driven home yet again by the session female vocals and violins performed by Ymer Mossige-Norheim and soon to be permanent member Janne Liljequist, respectively,” [wrote Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic – more here]
No shortage of problems accompanied the recording of MÅNEGARM's next full length, 2000's ‘Havets Vargar’ (Swedish for “wolves of the sea” a.k.a. pirates). In 2003, the band released their third full-length ‘Dödsfärd’, which “boasted both a greater variety of tempos (sub-light speed ones, to be precise) and more clean vocals mixed in with lingering black metal croaks” as well as increased the number of fans. MÅNEGARM fourth album, ‘Vredens Tid’, came next in 2005, followed by an acoustic EP called ‘Urminnes Hävd’, featuring only traditional instruments such as acoustic guitars, violin, flute, cow drums, jewsharp, choirs and clean male and female vocals. In 2006, the band embarked on their first European tour and signed with Swedish label Black Lodge. In 2007, MÅNEGARM's fifth album, ‘Vargstenen’ (“the wolf stone”), entered the Swedish national album chart. In 2008, the band changed labels again and returned once again to Studio Underground and Pelle Säther with whom they recorded 2009's “Nattväsen’ (“night creatures”). Issued through Swedish label Regain Records,  the album introduced new drummer Jacob Hallegren who replaced Erik Grawsiö who had performed as the band's drummer and vocalist since MÅNEGARM's sophomore album, 2000's ‘Havets Vargar’.

MÅNEGARM features: Erik Grawsiö – vocals and bass, Markus Andé – guitar, Jonas Almkvist – guitar and Jacob Hallegren – drums


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