02 March, 2014

Exmortus: Foe Hammer – new video & Slave To The Sword – full album stream

EXMORTUS, who, of course, are “an entity amongst themselves and their music, both complex and thoroughly hook-laden”, have just released a new, Ron Thunderwood-directed video for ‘Foe Hammer’ off their thoroughly enjoyable album called ‘Slave To The Sword’. Equipping it with an appropriately looking cover created by legendary heavy metal painter Philip Lawvere, EXMORTUS had conjured “the kind of album you want to hear pouring from the windows of a van with a Viking fighting a demon in space painted on it” according to Revolver (more here) and the kind of album that “would make a perfect soundtrack for a non-sucky remake of Conan the Barbarian”, according to About.com (more here):
“With virtuoso guitar performances and a flare for modernizing classic speed metal, it’s an album that, despite a couple forgettable mid-tempo death anthems, looks back at a rich history of extreme music, then takes a step forward in terms of aggression and technical wizardry. EXMORTUS further prove that Prosthetic [Records] is one of today's leading merchants of thrash.”
Well, I wouldn’t know about that, but Prosthetic Records is indisputably a generous label, one that respects the potential buyer; ‘Slave To The World’, recorded with engineer/producer Zack Ohren, is therefore available for a full listen below. The album is out now in North America as CD, LP, cassette and digitally (shop for it here here/Prosthetic store), since February 2014, and is available worldwide via Amazon, iTunes and BandCamp (here): 


Formed in 2002 in Whittier, California, EXMORTUS released their full-length debut album, ‘In Hatred's Flame’, in 2008 through Heavy Artillery Records, following a string of demos and EPs. Since then, EXMORTUS' invigorating twin-guitar mix of neoclassical shred, Bay Area thrash, progressive death and traditional heavy metal has earned the group a devoted following, including that of their new label, who noticed the talented Southern California quartet after the release of their sophomore LP, 2011's ‘Beyond The Fall Of Time’: 
EXMORTUS features: Mario Mortus ( Mario Moreno) – drums, Conan (Conan Gonzales) – guitar and vocals, David Rivera – guitar and Jovanni Perez – bass 


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