04 March, 2014

Full Album Stream: Destrage: Are You Kidding Me? No. – full album stream



DESTRAGE first caught my attention back in 2011 with their ‘Neverending Mary’ video for a rather silly, personal reason and look at them now: they are all grown up and are releasing albums through Metal Blade Records. MetalSucks is streaming ‘Are You Kidding Me? No’ right here right now, so check it out; the title track features a guest appearance by Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal. DESTRAGE's third album and their Metal Blade debut is out now everywhere, March the 4th, 2014. Described as “intricate and batshit crazy” by MetalSucks and “just straight up bonkers in the best way possible” by Metal Injection, the album was recorded at RecLab Studios with Larsen Premoli and at Adrenaline Studio with Daniele Nelli. Mixing and mastering was done by Will Putney at The Machine Shop in New Jersey and the cover illustration was done by Marco Tafuri with the layout completed by The Jack Stupid. Get the latest DESTRAGE offering here (Metal Blade store), on iTunes or via Amazon.


DESTRAGE was formed in 2005 in Milan, Italy. Their debut mix of “European melodic death metal, best of American thrash/hardcore and rock ‘n’ roll, speed, core, sickness, and sometimes introspectiveness” was recorded in 2006 with Ettore Rigotti. Called ‘Self Id Generator’, the promo helped DESTRAGE land a deal with Japanese label Howling Bull. They released their debut full-length, ‘Urban Being’, in 2007 (Coroner Records distributed it worldwide from 2009 on), followed by ‘The King Is Fat'n'Old’ in 2010. Additionally: DESTRAGE “destroy, create, transform, sublimate. They worship enthusiasm and venerate the shake that it gives.” Also, they “shoot zombies in the face”.

DESTRAGE features: Paolo Colavolpe – vocals, Matteo Di Gioia – guitar, Gabriel Pignata – bass, Ralph Salati – guitar and Federico Paulovich – drums



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