27 August, 2012

Over Your Threshold: Facticity – new album



Germany's progressive death metallers', OVER YOUR THRESHOLD, debut longplayer is out today in Europe, and will be released in North America tomorrow, August 28th, 2012 on Metal Blade Records. ‘Facticity’ was recorded at Woodshed Studio in Landshut, Germany, and was mixed and mastered by TRIPTYCON's V. Santura. The album features guest appearances by OBSCURA's Steffen Kummerer and HORKUM's Jonas Fischer:

“The sound of ‘Facticity’ is not only more blasting but also more technical, interspersed with energetic death metal riffing as well as melodic acoustic guitars. It’s enriched by brute-force blast beats, thrash metal, jazzy harmonics and the distinct tones of smooth, fretless bass,” [explains the press release]

Listen to the track ‘Antic’ below and download it free of charge from Metal Blade here, visit Metal Hammer Germany to hear ‘Contextual Fluctuating’ here, make use of the album's trailer featuring excerpts of all ‘Facticity’s songs available to you below the text and then buy this young band's full-length debut here from Metal Blade:

OVER YOUR THRESHOLD: Antic – courtesy of Metal Blade Records

OVER YOUR THRESHOLD was founded in 2006 in Munich, Germany by guitarists Lukas Spielberger and Leonhard P. Drummer Julian Matejka and bassist Christian Siegmund joined in in 2009. Building up their audience also due to their expressive live performances, OVER YOUR THRESHOLD self-released their somewhat lacking-in-self-belief-titled EP ‘Progress In Disbelief’ in 2008. In 2011, the band recorded ‘Facticity’, and in 2012 they replaced founding member Leonhard P. with guitarist Kilian Lau and vocalist Ludwig Walter.

OVER YOUR THRESHOLD features: Ludwig Walter – vocals, Lukas Spielberger – guitar and vocals, Kilian Lau – guitar, Christian Siegmund - fretless bass and Julian Matejka – drums


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