29 August, 2012

Full Album Stream: Grave: Endless Procession Of Souls – new album



Out everywhere since yesterday, August 28th, 2012, visit Invisible Oranges here to listen to the entire new GRAVE record titled ‘Endless Procession Of Souls’. You might be asking who or what keeps them going after 24 years (fine Swedish weather maybe, incredible tolerance to alcoholic drinks Scandinavians seem to sport perhaps…), in GRAVE's case the answer is obvious: the band's founder, guitarist and vocalist Ola Lindgren who also engineered, mixed and mastered the band's tenth full-length release. If you prefer your death metal old-school, brutal and dark, get your own copy of ‘Endless Procession Of Souls’ here (Century Media Records). Album's telling artwork was created by Mike Hubrovcak.

GRAVE was started in 1986 in Visby, Sweden by vocalist and guitarist Ola Lindgren. Known as “Corpse” for a couple of years, the band recoded a handful of demos, singles and EPs before 1991, when Century Media released GRAVE's devastating debut ‘Into The Grave’, which was to influence death metal bands for years to come. Next came second longplayer ‘You’ll Never See…’ in 1992, followed by ‘…And Here I Die… Satisfied’ EP and studio album ‘Soulless’ in 1994. By the time GRAVE recorded their fourth album, ‘Hating Life’, in 1996, the band was reduced to Ola Lindgren on vocals, guitar and bass and drummer Jens “Jensa” Paulsson. A temporary yet inevitable break was to follow the release of GRAVE's live album ‘Extremely Rotten Live’ in 1997. As a quartet they returned strong with fittingly titled ‘Back From The Grave’ in 2002. Ola Lindgren, guitarist Jonas Torndal and bassist Fredrik Isaksson remained together for the duration of GRAVE's next two albums, 2004's ‘Fiendish Regression’ and 2006's ‘As Rapture Comes’, on which Pelle Ekegren replaced the band's longtime drummer Jensa Paulsson. With Ronnie Bergerstahl on drums, Lindgren and Isaksson followed up with 2008's ‘Dominion VIII’, having employed drummer Ronnie Bergerståhl's skills on 2010's ‘Burial Ground’. Both albums were issued through Regain Records:

“GRAVE don’t change, [wrote Phil Freeman for AllMusic] They are old-school Swedish death metal; their first album, ‘Into The Grave’, was released in 1991, and though they took a brief hiatus at the end of the 1990s, when they came back, they sounded almost exactly the same: guttural, croaking vocals; downtuned, chainsaw guitars; a deep, almost detuned bass sound; and punk rock drumming with little of the intricacy traditionally identified with death metal,” [read more here]

GRAVE features: Ola Lindgren – guitar and vocals, Ronnie Bergerståhl – drums, Tobias Cristiansson - bass and Mika Lagrén - guitar



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