31 August, 2012

Svölk: Nights Under The Round Table – new album



The innovators of bear metal, SVÖLK, have a new album out as of today, August 31st, 2012; ‘Nights Under The Round Table’ still “protect the weak, defenseless, helpless, and fight for the general welfare of all” under the sponsorship of Napalm Records. Order their services here (Napalm Records) or here (SVÖLK official store) after you convince yourself of their code of chivalry by listening to two new SVÖLK tracks, ‘Living By The Sword’ and ‘Painbringer’, below. For those few unfamiliar with the particular genre known as “bear metal”, it really delivers a riff-heavy mix of stoner rock and metal, as well as a generous dose of Nordic redneck attitude:

“The first sounds of the new longplayer will take the listener by surprise. It shows that the band was able to improve tremendously since the release of the highly acclaimed and fantastic debut album. The Norwegians riff enthusiastically over the entire album without showing any signs of slowing down. It’s quite the opposite, the listener feels the love and the excitement of the musicians in each and every second. SVÖLK's stoner metal can be described as an explosive and dirty mix of stoner rock, metal, DANZIG and IRON MAIDEN,” [convinces the press release:]

SVÖLK: Living By The Sword – courtesy of Napalm Records

Hailing from Oslo, Norway and combining the traditional metal of the '80s with a good dose of old stoner rock, and claiming to punch hard without gloves and with a match weight of about 400 kg, SVÖLK released their first EP, ‘Beast Unleashed’, in 2005. In 2008, they left the crowd at Sweden Rock Festival screaming for more. In 2009, they released history's first bear metal album and they toured with the supergroup HAIL!. Preferring not to rest on their laurels, the band joined ANNIHILATOR on their European tour in 2010, kidnapping the SCORPIONS' hairdresser somewhere along the way. Napalm Records have chosen to re-release SVÖLK's debut album and world's first bear metal album ‘Svölk ‘Em All’ in November  2011 - the masterfully crafted hard rock from the deep forests of Eastern Norway, ‘Svölk ‘Em All’, was received with standing ovations by fans worldwide :

SVÖLK: The anchor – courtesy of Svolk

SVÖLK: Miss Alcohol – courtesy of Svolk

SVÖLK: End of Days – courtesy of Svolk

SVÖLK features: Knut Erik Solhaug – vocals, Jo Inge Hemstad (a.k.a Jengt Castral) – guitar, Martin Østerhaug – guitar, Halstein Røyseland – bass and Jørgen Seger Haave – drums



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