28 August, 2012

Full Album Stream: Krallice: Years Past Matter – new album



Since I’m an avid reader of that very important metal portal called MetalSucks, I now know that the disciples of true and real black metal, KRALLICE, have just self-released their fourth album entitled ‘Years Past Matter’ (August 25th, 2012). Listen to the recording in all its wizardly entirety right here (BandCamp) or via player available to you below. Buy the ‘Years Past Matter’ through BandCamp as well, or visit KRALLICE's store here.

“[The album has been reviewed by Adrien Begrand for MSN Entertainment:] The first thing you notice when playing the new record is how comfortable the foursome sounds. Their identity is fully realized, and as a result they’re comfortable simply letting the music flow, and if anything that organic quality is the album's strength. Barr, Marston, McMaster, and Weinstein sound like a true unit, all members on the same page to the point where it seems everyone’s acting on instinct as they play. The opening track shifts directions so many times you could easily call it “progressive”, but nothing feels arbitrary. The rigidity of the rhythmic patterns and the spontaneity of the guitar work on the opening track makes for an intriguing contrast,” [read the rest here]


KRALLICE: Years Past Matter


KRALLICE was formed in 2008 by New York City musicians guitarist and vocalist Mick Barr (OCRILIM and ORTHRELM), guitarist Colin Marston (BEHOLD… THE ARCTOPUS, DYSRHYTHMIA and BYLA) and drummer Lev Weinstein. The trio recorded and released their self-titled debut album in 2008 on Profound Lore Records to high critical praise. Listen to the effort here (BandCamp) or below:


KRALLICE: Krallice


Nick McMaster, who had been featured as an additional vocalist on the album, officially joined the band as bassist shortly after the album's release. KRALLICE's second album, ‘Dimensional Bleedthrough’ followed in 2009 on Profound Lore:

“[The] songs, four out of seven of which pass the ten-minute mark with ease, combine insanely focused, dual-guitar interplay with individual moments of anthemic power, most ably demonstrated on ‘Autochthon’, where the composition repeatedly shifts and splits into parts, either guitarist taking the lead (without ever “soloing” in the traditional sense) and changing the riff, the rhythm section holding it all together,” [wrote Phil Freeman, AllMusic; read the rest of his review here and visit KRALLICE's BandCamp page to listen to and to purchase the album here:]


KRALLICE: Dimensional Bleedthrough


In 2011 came KRALLICE's darkest, most visceral, dense, and heaviest release to date, as well as the masterpiece the band has threatened to deliver upon its inception. The album was produced by musician, producer, 12-string Warr guitarists and one of KRALLICE's founders Colin Marston and released on Profound Lore. ‘Diotima’ was pronounced  the band's “best album to date” by Phil Freeman, AllMusic (read his review here). Listen to ‘Diotima’ here (BandCamp):

“Unrelenting yet defiantly rhapsodic, ‘Diotima’ revels in its many layers,” [wrote Lars Gotrich for NPR] “But, for as many counterpoint riffs and rhythmic pummelings as there are here, the compositions are always razor-sharp. It’s almost alarming when KRALLICE briefly syncs into a subdivided machine-gun ratatat in ‘The Clearing’, which, believe it or not, serves as a moment of levity in the bludgeoning darkness. Bassist Nick McMaster plays a large role on ‘Diotima’, lending his deeply philosophical lyrics and death-metal growl to half of the album. The idea of Platonic love originates from “Diotima”, the female seer in Plato's “Symposium”. Weaving poetry from Friedrich Hölderlin together with McMaster's own, ‘Diotima’ is the most graceful KRALLICE track to date.” [Read the rest of it on NPR]




KRALLICE features: Mick Barr – guitar and vocals, Colin Marston – guitar, Nick McMaster - bass and Lev Weinstein - drums

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