30 August, 2012

Job For A Cowboy: Tarnished Gluttony – new video


Warning: This video contains offensive imagery. Viewer discretion is advised!




“ ‘Tarnished Gluttony’ originally runs off the idea of blind faith into our government and monetary system. The director [Michael Panduro] ran with the idea and spliced it with a H.P. Lovecraftian twist. The video streams the fascination of religion and the actions people justify in the name of religion, and this video is a spin on the old biblical tale of Abraham and Isaac, however, set in the world of Lovecraftian mythology. The point is, acting blindly in faith to a Christian deity is just as absurd as worshiping squid like monsters from space who live under the sea,” [commented vocalist Jonny Davy. Added Mr. Panduro:] “As a commercial director, I’m a complete failure. The band asked for just one thing and I couldn’t deliver. Indeed, this video has no boobs.”

‘Tarnished Gluttony’ comes from JOB FOR A COWBOY's third full-length ‘Demonocracy’, released in April 2012 through Metal Blade Records. The album was produced by Jason Suecof and mastered by Alan Douchess, while its amazing artwork was created by Brent Elliot White. Molest your ears by listening to another appetizingly-titled track ‘Nourishment Through Bloodshed’ below and buy the beast, described by Gregory Heaney, AllMusic as “incredibly consistent output of thundering sonic violence”, here (Metal Blade) after you’ve read the album's review here:

JOB FOR A COWBOY: Nourishment Through Bloodshed – courtesy of Metal Blade

JOB FOR A COWBOY was formed in Glendale, Arizona in 2003 by at the time 16-years-old vocalist Jonny Davy and 15-years-old guitarists Andrew Arcurio and Ravi Bhadriraju. With bassist Brent Riggs and drummer Elliott Sellers completing the lineup, the quintet begun their sonic assault of their own fusion of death metal and hardcore in 2005, with the release of an EP entitled ‘Doom’. While extensively promoting the EP, the group impressed many, including  Metal Blade Records owner and founder Brian Slagel:

JOB FOR A COWBOY: Entombment Of A Machine – courtesy of Metal Blade Records

Andrew Arcurio left the band and was replaced by guitarist Bobby Thompson in 2006 and Jon Rice took over drumming duties after Sellers decided it was time to complete his studies. JOB FOR A COWBOY's debut full-length, ‘Genesis’, was released in 2007; it reached number 54 on the American albums chart Billboard 200 in its first week of release and had sold nearly 13,000 copies during that same period of time. Cory Spotts-produced album, with Andy Sneap handling the mixing and mastering, would earn the group numerous accolades in music media:

JOB FOR A COWBOY: Embedded – courtesy of Metal Blade Records

2009's ‘Ruination’, second studio album recorded with Jason Suecof and mixed by Fredrik Nordström, also charted well in The States; it debuted at number 42 on the Billboard Top 200. It also caused AllMusic's Phil Freeman to write a favorable review:

“The songs on ‘Ruination’ seem less disjointed than those on 2007's ‘Genesis’, functioning as fully formed compositions rather than mere collections of riffs. Match that to their general concision - seven of the album's ten tracks come in under the four-minute mark - and you’ve got an exhilarating album that’ll make you want to speed down the highway with the windows open and the top down. Not something one usually hears about a death metal record, but as their extensive touring in support of the last album proved, JOB FOR A COWBOY are all about pleasing their audience. Maybe that’s why the screwfaced diehards on death metal message boards hate them so much,” [read the rest here]:

JOB FOR A COWBOY: Unfurling A Darkened Gospel – courtesy of Metal Blade Records

In June 2011, JOB FOR A COWBOY issued an EP entitled ‘Gloom’; a “four new tracks of fine-tuned, visceral death metal featuring the re-invigorated lineup of vocalist Jonny Davy, drummer Jon “Charn” Rice and guitarists Al Glassman and Tony Sannicandro”:

JOB FOR A COWBOY: Misery Reformatory – courtesy of Metal Blade Records

Note: Visit Metal Blade Records SoundCloud here in order to download all the above JOB FOR A COWBOY tracks free of charge.

JOB FOR A COWBOY features: Jonny Davy – vocals, Jon “Charn” Rice – drums, Al Glassman – guitar, Tony Sannicandro – guitar and Nick Schendzielos – bass



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