07 September, 2012

Firewind: Edge Of A Dream – new video



Greece's FIREWIND, lead by guitar wizard and Ozzy Osbourne right-hand man Gus G., have unleashed a new video upon the metal masses; ‘Edge Of A Dream’, off the band's new album ‘Few Against Many’, was directed by the band's own Bob Katsionis for Progressive Vision Group and is said to bring “the classy feel of metal ballads back into a modern spotlight”. ‘Few Against Many’, wrecking havoc since May 2012 courtesy Century Media Records, was mixed by Jason Suecof and Eyal Levi at Audiohammer Studios in Orlando, Florida. Its artwork was created by Gustavo Sazes, who has been working with the band since the release of FIREWIND's 2008 album ‘The Premonition’. Get a taste of what's in FIREWIND's store through their previously released video ‘Wall Of Sound’ which is available below, visit Decibel and listen to the tune ‘Losing My Mind’ here, and if you are one of those who likes his/hers new purchases explained into details, listen to Gus G. do just that here and here (YouTube). Buy ‘Few Against Many’ from Century Media Records here if you live in Europe, and here if you reside in North America.

“ ‘Few Against Many’ marks a clear next highlighting step forward in the band's stellar career and showcases ten extremely versatile and entertaining new songs, which amalgamate the undeniable musical chops of all the involved players with truly effective and always catchy songwriting, featuring of all the band's trademarks. From the furious ‘Wall Of Sound’ (the album's first single) opening, the epic ‘Losing My Mind’, the strong album's title track as well as the infectious ‘Glorious’ and the atmospheric ‘Edge Of A Dream’, which features the Finnish cello-masters APOCALYPTICA doing a special appearance, ‘Few Against Many’ is a monster of an album waiting to be unleashed upon the metal masses,” [the press release assures the metal masses]

Founded in 1998 by Gus G. (Kostas Karamitroudis), FIREWIND - completed by vocalist Stephen Fredrick, bassist Konstantine (Kostas Exarhakis) and drummer Brian Harris - released their debut album, ‘Between Heaven And Hell’, in 2002 (Massacre Records/Leviathan Records). ‘Burning Earth’, recorded with altered lineup presenting bassist Petros Christo and drummer Stian L. Kristoffersen, ensued in 2003. FIREWIND's third recording and their first for Century Media, 2005's ‘Forged By Fire, which introduced new vocalist Chitral “Chity” Somapala and keyboardist Bob Katsionis, was described as “loud, forceful, and aggressive, but also melodic and highly musical, well crafted and thoroughly enjoyable” by AllMusic's Alex Henderson (more here). Next came ‘Allegiance’ in 2006, featuring new vocalist Apollo Papathanasio and drummer Mark Cross. The ‘Allegiance’ lineup went on to record FIREWIND's sixth album ‘The Premonition’, which included Michael Sembello's 1983 hit ‘Maniac’ (from the movie “Flashdance”):

“ ‘Maniac’, in fact, works surprisingly well in a power metal environment. From ‘Maniac’ to the original material that dominates this album, Nordström [Fredrik, producer] does his part to make ‘The Premonition’ an engaging addition to FIREWIND's catalog,” [discovered Alex Henderson, AllMusic – more here]

Sixth album by this Greek power metal assembly was produced by the band, recorded in their own studio in Greece, engineered by keyboardist Bob Katsionis and mixed and mastered in Finland at Sonic Pump studio. Released in 2010, ‘Days Of Defiance’ was recommended to listening public by Phil Freeman, AllMusic:

“Power metal has never been particularly big in America, but Gus G.'s membership in Ozzy's band may well bring FIREWIND to new audiences, and that would be a good thing - this is a really solid, entertaining album played with tremendous talent and skill,” [more here]

FIREWIND features: Gus G. – guitar, Apollo Papathanasio – vocals, Petros Christo – bass, Bob Katsionis – keyboards and Jo Nunez – drums

FIREWIND Catalog – courtesy of Century Media Records




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