20 September, 2012

Full Album Stream: Undercroft: Ruins Of Gomorrah – new album



Chilean mercenaries of death, UNDERCROFT, are letting loose their newest compilation of maledictions called ‘Ruins Of Gomorrah’ tomorrow, September 21st, 2012. Their label, Season Of Mist, is preparing similar attack on North America on October 9th, 2012. ‘Ruins Of Gomorrah’ was recorded, mixed and mastered by producer Daniel Bergstrand at the Dug Out Studios in Uppsala, Sweden. Experience their craft in form of UNDERCROFT's new video directed by Carlos Aguilar for Blackshadows productions ‘El Triunfo de la Muerte’ and listen to entire album via BandCamp here or just stream it below, courtesy the label. Buy ‘Ruins Of Gomorrah’ CD here (Season Of Mist e-shop) and double LP here:


UNDRECROFT: Ruins Of Gomorrah


UNDERCROFT reportedly emerged from the obscurity of the South American underground in 1993 when they placed before the unsuspecting public two demos, ‘To Final The Battle’ and ‘Demons Awake… Revenge Is Near’. Their debut album, ‘Twisted Souls’, followed in 1995 and ‘Bonebreaker’ came next in 1997. As their reputation grew, UNDERCROFT have been invited to open for acts such as KREATOR, THERION and MORBID ANGEL. In 1998, the ‘Re-Demolition’ was issued, a re-edition of both demos, and much praised ‘Danza Macabra’ followed in 2000. Guitarist Claudio Illanes, drummer Pablo Cortez and vocalist and bassist Alvaro Lillo relocated to Europe, where they worked with producer Daniel Bergstrand on the band's first international release, 2002's ‘Evilusion’. The album was reviewed by Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic:

“Rooted in the classic SEPULTURA death metal school, with just a pinch of hardcore thrown in for good measure, the album was actually recorded in Sweden, where the air seems most conducive to breeding quality death metal (hence that country's prolific scene). And hey, the plan works famously for tracks four and five: the pulverizing ‘Celebration Of Sin’ and the cryptic ‘The Cartomancer’, both of which are quite simply astounding, textbook-perfect death metal songs,” [read the rest here:]

Evilusion – courtesy of UNDERCROFT Chile

Carros De Fuego – courtesy of UNDERCROFT Chile

Vomit The Blessing – courtesy of UNDERCROFT Chile

UNDERCROFT worked on their fifth studio album with the production team of Markus Geiger and Jan Rubach at the Rekorder Studios in Hamburg, Germany. ‘Lethaly Growing’, recorded with guest vocalist because of personal issues between Alvaro Lillo and the rest of the band, was released in 2006 through German label Tiefdruck Musik and distributed by Universal.

UNDERCROFT features: Alvaro Lillo – bass and vocals, Claudio Illanes – guitar and Pablo Cortes – drums


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