27 July, 2012

Zatokrev: Goddamn Lights – new video



Swiss sludge & doom (and much more) metal outfit ZATOKREV will be releasing their third long-player, long-titled ‘The Bat, The Wheel And A Long Road To Nowhere’ on August 13th, 2012 on Candlelight Records. In the meantime, enjoy their Lionel Weitnauer-produced video for the track ‘Goddamn Lights’ off the release, and pre-order the album here (Plastic Head). ‘The Bat, The Wheel And A Long Road To Nowhere’ was recorded with Serge Morattel at the Rec Studio in Geneva, and mixed, mastered and co-produced by Raphaël Bovey (also of KRUGER).

Formed in 2002 in Basel, Switzerland by drummer Silvio Spadino, bassist Marco Grementieri and guitarist and vocalist Frederyk Rotter, ZATOKREV recorded a demo and their debut self-titled album in 2003 in their own rehearsal room, which European release they secured through U.K. label Codebreaker in 2004, followed by North American release via Earache Records. Listen to ‘Zatokrev’ here (BandCamp) or via player available below. Buy here (BandCamp) as well:


ZATOKREV: Zatokrev


Encouraged by positive reception, ZATOKREV followed up with their second album, recorded in 2006 and released in 2007 on Firebox Records and Frederyk Rotter's own label Czar Of Crickets. Visit ZATOKREV's BandCamp page here and listen to the band's take on doom, apocalypse-metal, black metal, sludge and psychedelic rock called ‘Bury The Ashes’ in its entirety, or make use of the player below. Buy ‘Bury The Ashes’ here (BandCamp):


ZATOKREV: Bury The Ashes


ZATOKREV features: Frédéric Hug – drums, Lucas Löw – bass and backing vocals, Julien Duseyau – guitar and Frederyk Rotter – guitar and vocals


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