08 July, 2012

Napalm Death: The Wolf I Feed – new video



The leaders of the extreme, the godfathers of grindcore, the ear-splitters - in short humanity's conscience personified a.k.a. NAPALM DEATH, have released a video for ‘The Wolf I Feed’, off their fifteenth album ‘Utilitarian’, issued in February 2012 through Century Media. First shown here (Rock Hard Germany), the video was directed by Tim Fox, and comes with a short sermon by Reverend Mark “Barney” Greenway (as it should):

“This is one of Mitch's [Harris, guitarist] lyrics. It is about Armageddon ideology and the way this is used to drive populations sensitive towards religious dogma. When they can fear “The Great Satan”, that is of course a very powerful tool. It can be used to propagate everything from racial suspicion and superiority, to wars based around the dogmatic quest for moral purification.”

Recorded at Parlour Studios in Northamptonshire, UK with producer Russ Russell, get a better insight into the ‘Utilitarian’ with no other than Mark “Barney” Greenway, NAPALM DEATH's shouter here, here, here and here (YouTube). Obviously inspired by the way we conduct ourselves here, heh, and in order to promote the album and their ideas, the band has launched an “Occupy Napalm” Facebook tab where you’ll find politically-charged downloadable stencils and screensavers, plus a special video teaser for ‘Utilitarian’, created by guitarist Mitch Harris, who also shot and edited NAPALM DEATH's video ‘Analysis Paralysis’ which is available for your viewing pleasure or displeasure below.

“Say anything to tame a crowd - whether it is sycophantic praise, bullshit morality or rabble-rousing power-speak - as long as they can cling on to their place in the hierarchy,” [states vocalist Mark Greenway] True to the band's tradition of spitting gallons of verbal venom, ‘Utilitarian’ is an in-your-face razor-edged platter of social, cultural and political commentary. Far from being a placard-waving “cause” band, the quartet offer up personal views on the degeneration of society (‘Everyday Pox’), the arms trade (‘Fall On Their Swords’), sexual and gender expression (‘Gag Reflex’), the environment (‘Order Of Magnitude’) and aspects of everyday life for the common man (‘Collision Course’, ‘Think Tank Trials’) revealing Barney's understanding of what to do with your life: “We have a finite period of existence that is all too easy to waste, and ultimately we all deserve happiness and contentment.” The bottom line is: Think for yourself, liberate yourself and don’t end up feeding the machine that all too willingly eats you up,” [the press release sends you off to occupy stuff in the name of a band that isn’t just a “cause” band]

“Brutal, unrestrained, and unapologetically ferocious, ‘Utilitarian’ proves NAPALM DEATH certainly aren’t going to mellow with age, and fans of their merciless sound wouldn’t want them any other way,” [observed Jon O’Brien for AllMusic – read the rest here]

NAPALM DEATH features: Mark Greenway – vocals, Shane Embury – bass, Mitch Harris – guitars and backing vocals and Danny Herrera - drums

NAPALM DEATH – courtesy of Century Media Records



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