19 December, 2013

Full Album Stream: <Code>: Augur Nox – new album


Since the only way to go is the way forward, I intend to wholeheartedly ignore the fact that I have missed <CODE>'s new album by a whole month (out on Agonia Records since November 19th, 2013). ‘Augur Nox’ is a fine listen and a worthy comeback for the band, featuring the new line up of Aort and Andras on guitars, Syhr on bass, LORDt on drums and, for the first time, Wacian on vocals. Anyhow, <CODE>'s third full length is available for your listening pleasure below, courtesy of Agonia Records who would welcome your visit here (Agonia store) as well. But before you check out the goodies, let me inform you that Terrorizer describes the album as <CODE>'s “most refined and exaggerated yet” and New Noise Magazine accolades it with “one of the best metal records of the year; if not the decade” (more here), while the label prescribes:
“The brand-new material demonstrates the band's fresh personnel in a vivid light, confirming <CODE> position as a radiant gem in the extreme metal world. It displays a multifaceted approach: from stunning wide-ranging vocals, otherworldly clean passages and barbed metallic riffery, all filtered through a refined prism of avant-garde black metal. The album is <CODE>'s most progressive effort to date, yet always captures the band's distinct eerie and arcane vibe:”

The “plotting”, which eventually resulted in progressive black metal entity known as <CODE>, reportedly began under the “rain soaked London skies” in 2002 by guitarist Aort and vocalist Kvohst (from HEXVESSEL, DODHEIMSGARD etc and also known as Mat McNerney), who simply “aimed to deliver their own take on black metal as they wanted to hear it” and who delivered “the elusive” ‘Neurotransmission’ promo CD released that same year which secured the band a deal with Spikefarm Records. ‘Neurotransmission’ also introduced Vicotnik on bass (from VED BUENS ENDE and DODHEIMSGARD) and AiwarikiaR (ex-ULVER) on drums, thus creating an Anglo/Norwegian entity. <CODE> next recorded their debut album 'Nouveau Gloaming’ with Vyttra as second guitarist; “a twisted, eerie augmentation of black metal suggested as being oceanic in its vastness and an underrated cult gem” was released in 2005. Apparently “turmoil and upheaval” which “scarred the following years” translates into Kvohst, Vyttra and AiwarikiaR leaving the band which nevertheless recorded ‘Resplendent Grotesque’, featuring Kvohst back on vocals, Aort on guitar and Viper on bass with Adrian Erlandsson (from AT THE GATES) contributing on drums. Issued through Tabu Recordings in 2009, the album was well received and was nominated for a Spellemann award for best metal album. 

<CODE> features: Aort – guitar, Andras – guitar, LORDt – drums, Syhr - bass and Wacian - vocals

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