22 December, 2013

2013 Wrap-Up Part 2

BLACK SABBATH (‘13’) are like gods. The Immortals, the untouchables. But here, on this unimportant blog C R O W N get June with ‘Psychurgy’, and LOCRIAN (‘Return To Annihilation’), and CHILDREN OF BODOM (‘Halo Of Blood’) share third spot. Also, all due credit for THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER's ‘Everblack’, SCALE THE SUMMIT's ‘The Migration’, MAN'S GIN's ‘Rebellion Hymns’, SETH's triumphant comeback ‘The Howling Spirit’, DJEVEL's ‘Besatt Av Maane Og Natt’, NECRONOMICON's ‘Rise Of The Elder Ones’ and AUTOPSY's ‘The Headless Ritual’. Next, I listened to VALIENT THORR ‘Our Own Masters’, to HAVOK's ‘Unnatural Selection’, to AMON AMARTH's ‘Deceiver Of The Gods’, to SCORPION CHILD's self-titled album, to WHITE WIZZARD's ‘The Devil's Cut’, to DARKANE's ‘The Sinister Supremacy’, to ORPHANED LAND's ‘All Is One’, to CHTHONIC's ‘Bú-Tik’, to MY RUIN's ‘The Sacred Mood’, to DEMON LUNG's ‘The Hundredth Name’, to LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE's ‘Antiadore’, to INTO THE FLOOD's ‘Vices’, to FROM THE WASTELAND's ‘Kamarikan’ and to FATALITY's ‘Psychonaut’. Furthermore, any self-respecting black metal disciple's library screams for reissued BEHEXEN ‘Rituale Satanum’.

LORD DYING win July with ‘Summon The Faithless’, followed by HIGH ON FIRE's live double album ‘Spitting Fire Live’, THE WINERY DOGS' self-titled debut, MEGADETH's ‘Super Collider’, MÅNEGARM's ‘Legions Of The North’, UNKIND's ‘Pelon Juuret’, BLACK TUSK's ‘Tend No Wounds’, TRUE WIDOW's ‘Circumambulation’, BATTLECROSS' ‘War Of Will’, PHILIP H. ANSELMO & THE ILLEGALS' intimidating ‘Walk Through Exits Only’, JAMES LABRIE's ‘Impermanent Resonance’, BARONESS' ‘Live At Maida Vale’, MERCENARY's ‘Through Our Darkest Days’, STORMZONE's ‘Three Kings’, WITHERSCAPE's ‘The Inheritance’, FUELED BY FIRE's ‘Trapped In Perdition’ and PANZERCHRIST's ‘The 7th Offensive’
Also, I would like to thank to monsieurs Gore Verbinski and (everybody's favourite pirate) Johnny Depp for the first big budget black metal movie: “The Lone Ranger”. To Mr. Verbinski for capturing the genre's ridiculousness so perfectly, and to Mr. Depp for wearing the corpse paint with such dignity. They are both welcome to our tribe. Heh.

Honesty is not the best policy but it hopefully still counts as a virtue. WATAIN's ‘The Wild Hunt’ spoke to me in August, with GORGUTS (‘Colored Sands’) and ULVER (‘Messe I.X-VI.X’) getting there second and ROSETTA (‘The Anaesthete’) and AVENGED SEVENFOLD (‘Hail To The King’) thrid. Well – deal with it. Next comes DEVIL DRIVER with ‘Winter Kills’, REVOCATION with thair self-titled album, BOMBUS with ‘The Poet And The Parrot’, NHOR with ‘Within The Darkness Between The Starlight’, GOG with ’Ironworks’, ANNIHILATOR with ‘Feast’, SOIL with ‘Whole’, TURISAS with ‘Turisas2013’, DEBAUCHERY with ‘Kings Of Carnage’, DIAMOND PLATE with ‘Pulse’ and BORN OF OSIRIS with ‘Tomorrow We Die Alive’. Also, I must remind you of the excellent ‘Monolithe I’ by MONOLITHE, reissued in August.

VULTURE INDUSTRIES get September with ‘The Tower’. Of course I like CARCASS' ‘Surgical Steel’, who doesn’t? Also, I enjoyed VISION BLEAK's ‘The Witching Hour’, SATYRICON's self-titled album and WINDHAND's ‘Soma’. Next, I recommend  SOULFLY's ‘Savages’, IN SOLITUDE's ‘Sister’, ONSLAUGHT's ‘VI’, DREAM THEATER's self-titled effort, GWAR's highly entertaining ‘Battle Maximus’, THE SAFETY FIRE's ‘Mouth Of Swords’, THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA's ‘8:18’, VATTNET VISKAR's ‘Sky Swallower’, IRON MAN's ‘South Of The Earth’ and, for the brave among you, ULCERATE's ‘Vermis’. And let us remember the real heavy weights: SAINT VITUS (‘C.O.D. and ‘Die Healing’) and KONGH (‘Counting Heartbeats’) whose albums appeared refurbished.




Necrophobic_WombOfLilithuWell, I don’t know if I’m overstepping boundaries of political correctness here, but NECROPHOBIC get October for ‘Womb Of Lilithu’. MONSTER MAGNET (‘The Last Patrol’) and MOTÖRHEAD (‘Aftershock’) will have to settle for second spot, and RED FANG (‘Whales And Leeches’) and MONOLITHE (‘Monolithe IV’) get third. I truly liked SO HIDEOUS' ‘Last Poem / First Light’, SKELETONWITCH's ‘Serpents Unleashed’ and TOXIC HOLOCAUST's ‘Chemistry Of Consciousness’ as well. Next on the list is  IHSAHN with ‘Das Seelenbrechen’, followed by DEATH ANGEL (‘The Dream Calls For Blood’), SEPULTURA(‘The Mediator Between Head And Hands Must Be The Heart’), KATAKLYSM (‘Waiting For The End To Come’), PROTEST THE HERO (‘Volition’), KILL DIVISION  (‘Destructive Force’), CRAVEN IDOL (‘Towards Eschaton’), RIVERS OF NIHIL (‘The Conscious Seed Of Light’), TRIVIUM (‘Vengeance Falls’), KORN (‘Paradigm Shift’), LOWCITYRAIN (self-titled), HORISONT (‘Time Warriors’), ZODIAC (‘A Hiding Place’), WARBRINGER (‘IV: Empires Collapse’), BLUT AUS NORD (‘What Once Was = Liber III’), EREB ALTOR  (‘Fire Meets Ice’), CASTEVET (‘Obsian’) BETZEFER  (‘The Devil Went Down To The Holy Land’), THE BROWNING (‘Hypernova’), INQUISITION (‘Obscure Verses For The Multiverse’), NOIRE (‘Dark Reverence’) and WINDS OF PLAGUE (‘Resistance’).


Deicide_InTheMindsOfEvilDEICIDE (‘In The Minds Of Evil’) get November. Why? Because. YEAR OF NO LIGHT (‘Tocsin’) and <CODE> (‘Augur Nox’) come second and ARTILLERY (‘Legions’), GENERATION KILL (‘We’re All Gonna Die’), HELL (‘Curse & Chapter’), GLORIOR BELLI (‘Gator Rumble, Chaos Unfurls’) share the third place. Next,  I recommend AVATARIUM's self-titled album, VAURA's ‘The Missing’, FALKENBACH's ‘Asa’, DEMONICAL's ‘Darkness Unbound’, TEMPLE OF BAAL's ‘Verses Of Fire’, CRONIAN's ‘Erathems’, PESTILENCE's ‘Obsideo’, DUNCAN EVANS' ‘Lodestone’, AQUA NEBULA OSCILLATOR's ‘Spiritus Mundi', SATAN'S WRATH's ‘Aeons Of Satan's Reign’, SWITCHBLADE's ‘Heavy Weapons’ and OBLITERATION ‘Black Death Horizon’. And let us not forget SEPTICFLESH's ‘Ophidian Wheel’ and SÓLSTAFIR's ‘Í Blóði Og Anda’ (reissues).

Free album: OBSIDIAN KINGDOM ‘Torn & Burnt’ (a fine album I would fit somewhere between VAURA and FALKENBACH)


In December we mostly watched videos: BEHEMOTH, IN THIS MOMENT

So, this is it from me until 2014. (Once again, click on the band's names to get to their posts on this blog.) In the meantime, have fun, stay happy and stay healthy. L’chaim!
Yours Truly

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