07 December, 2013

The Browning: Fifth Kind – new video & Hypernova – full album stream

This year has not proven itself insofar as my relationship with Texan electronic metallers, THE BROWNING, goes. They have recently unleashed a new video upon this world (which I have missed – until now) in promotion of their second album ‘Hypernova’ (which I have nearly missed back in October). The ‘Fifth Kind’ video was directed and edited by Jess Orsburn, while THE BROWNING second album, ‘Hypernova’, is available for your listening pleasure below, courtesy of Earache Records. The album, which was released in October 2013,  was recorded at Planet Red Studios in Richmond, Virginia with producer Andreas Magnusson. It awaits you here (Earache Europe store), here (CM Distro USA), on iTunes (plus two bonus tracks), on BandCamp and, of course, at Amazon's. With THE BROWNING statement in mind: “It’s not about the sex, drugs, and royalties. It’s about respect, strength, and loyalty”, go ahead and click that play button: 


THE BROWNING, named so after a major weapons manufacturer (Browning), was originally founded by vocalist and programmer Kansas City's Jonny McBee in 2007 as a solo project. As the project would begin gaining recognition locally and via popular social networking and music sharing sites, McBee would relocate to Dallas, Texas  to seek out additional musicians.  Drummer Noah Robertson, guitarist Brian Cravey and bassist Jesse Glidewell would answer the call (or rather an advertisement) to complete the line-up. During the fall of 2010, THE BROWNING self-produced a 10-tracks demo and booked their first tour themselves. Finding their unique, cutting-edge sound and their fierce, do-it-yourself attitude appealing, the group was approached by UK-based metal label Earache Records, who would sign them shortly after THE BROWNING had completed their first tour. In 2011, THE BROWNING self-produced debut album ‘Burn This World’. Recorded at Random Awesome! Studios in Bay City, Michigan, ‘Burn This World’ was mixed by Cameron Mizell and issued through Earache Records. THE BROWNING explore horizons that most metal acts would not dare attempt to explore namely techno and trance, among electronic music genres. Listen to the full album here (Earache Records YouTube channel). 

THE BROWNING features: Jonny McBee – vocals and electronics, Collin Woroniak – guitar, Drew Ellis – bass and Cody Stewart – drums


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