17 December, 2013

Gama Bomb: Backwards Bible – new video



Have you seen the new GAMA BOMB super-evil video for ‘Backwards Bible’ yet? Now is the time: “Open your eyeballs to evil!” Filmed at Narrow Water Castle in Northern Ireland, directed by Martin Busch and starring Olivia Ramao as Olivia, Christine Kelly as Christine, Barbara Nolan as Barbara, Niall O'Brien as Niall, Neil O'Hagan as The Duc De Bonair and Ronan Byrne as The Groundskeeper, ‘Backwards Bible’ comes off GAMA BOMB April/May 2013 AFM Records release ‘The Terror Tapes’ which, according to a press release, “tears the old speed metal formula a new asshole, and then buys it a pint”. Be as it may, GAMA BOMB have been through a lot since their 2009's ‘Tales From The Grave In Space’; they have changed labels, they have welcomed a new guitarist and they have dealt with injury, therapy and surgery. Their latest offering was recorded in Dublin, Ireland and in Suffolk, UK with the band's longtime partner in crime Scott Atkins and boasts cover art created by Graham Humphreys, best known for classic horror movie posters including”A Nightmare On Elm Street” and “Evil Dead”:

“We grew up in terror of VHS covers painted by Graham,” [admitted vocalist Philly Byrne] The cover shows a man being consumed by a giant, living tape machine. It ties in perfectly with our obsession with old technology and mad horror imagery. It’s the best album cover we've ever had. Everyone else's album art sucks because of this.”

Adhering to self-imposed commandments that prohibit ballads and acoustic intros, ‘The Terror Tapes’ tunes were inspired by “midnight movies, hard touring and a comprehensive knowledge of near-forgotten thrash demos, now tempered by a year of hard struggle for the band”. GAMA BOMB have released the “hooky, furious and absurd in equal parts” single ‘Terrorscope’ for free download here, via Terrorizer:

“We really hope you enjoy this free download and get inspired by it: take it, share it, draw some scary pictures and make up your own words. Drink blood every day!” [Added Byrne:] “It was really important to us to give people some music for nothing. It’s how we get our music and we want people to know we’re cool with them doing that, as long as they support us. Support comes from a lot of different places, not just the front pocket.”

So without further ado, fall for GAMA BOMB's multiple charms and support them here (AFM store) and/or here (AFM MP3 store), or here (GAMA BOMB store) etc.


Formed in 2002 in Newry, Ireland by bassist Joe McGuigan, vocalist Philly Byrne and guitarist Luke Graham, GAMA BOMB honed their sound on a pair of demos before debuting with self-financed and “charmingly rough around the edges” ‘Survival Of The Fastest’ LP in 2006, issued through underground label Witches Brew. As the band embarked on European tours and festivals that saw them “sleeping on the floors of haunted houses and narrowly avoiding death by alcohol poisoning” in support of the album, Earache Records began to take serious interest in them. In 2008, GAMA BOMB released their Earache debut ‘Citizen Brain’ which contained “bludgeoning riff action, superb musicianship, and infectious energy”, according to Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic (more here). In 2009, the band and their label conspired and released ‘Tales From The Grave In Space’ full-length as a free download, making GAMA BOMB the first band ever to release a free album while signed to a record label. The physical version of the album released later, would actually outsell GAMA BOMB's previous album ‘Citizen Brain’:

“Combined with the lovingly rendered packaging and gregarious delivery method (free is free!), it’ll be difficult for even the most cynical trad-thrash curmudgeon to hate on GAMA BOMB during this laugh-a-minute 30-minute thrill ride. Just enjoy it and keep your arms and feet inside the vehicle at all times,” [advised Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic – more here]

GAMA BOMB features: ‪Joe McGuigan - bass and vocals, Philly Byrne – vocals, Domo Dixon - lead guitar, Paul Caffrey – drums and John Roche – guitar





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