07 December, 2013

Black Star Riders: Kingdom Of The Lost – new video & All Hell Breaks Loose – full album stream



I really like the BLACK STAR RIDERS video for ‘Kingdom Of The Lost’, created by film maker Michael Beattie. The tune comes off the awe-inspiring company of heroes' (comprised of THIN LIZZY's vocalist Ricky Warwick, keyboardist and vocalist Damon Johnson, guitarist Scott Gorham and bassist Marco Mendoza and former ALICE COOPER, MEGADETH, MINISTRY, DOKKEN etc drummer Jimmy DeGrasso) successful debut album ‘All Hell Breaks Loose’, released through Nuclear Blast Records in May 2013. The record broke onto Swedish charts at number 15, onto UK charts at number 25 and onto Germany's charts at number 29, among other achievements. It had sold around 2,200 copies in the United States in its first week of release, landing position number 5 on the Top New Artist Albums /Billboard's Heatseekers chart. ‘All Hell Breaks Loose’, produced and mixed by the legendary Kevin Shirley, is available as a standard CD and as a special edition digipak with a bonus track ‘Right To Be Wrong’ and a “making of” DVD. BLACK STAR RIDERS previously released lyric-videos for ‘Bound For Glory’ and ‘Kingdom Of The Lost’, the latter featuring several artworks by the renowned Belfast artist Terry Bradley (“He was so blown away by ‘Kingdom Of The Lost’ when I played it for him, he gave us his art to use for free - something he has never done before. His paintings go for anywhere from 50 to 100,000 pounds and Madonna and Bono are among his famous clientele, ” explained vocalist Ricky Warwick) and video for ‘Hey Judas’. ‘All Hell Breaks Loose’ artwork displays a painting by American pin-up and glamour artists Gil Elvgren (1914 – 1980). So, get your own copy of ‘All Hell Breaks Loose’ here (Nuclear Blast Europe), or via iTunes, Amazon and Amazon MP3, after giving it a full spin here (Classic Rock Magazine):

“The trademark twin guitar sound of TL is ever present, as is their aggressive attack, melodic sensibility, and deep groove consciousness - Gorham was one of the architects of that sound. Other elements also here are the riff heroics of early WHITESNAKE, the bluesy dynamics of early BAD COMPANY, and the meaty boogie of early UFO. All of it is contained in solid, narrative songwriting. This is riff-based hard rock with deft hooks and tight musical turns played by raucous guitars, enormous, natural-sounding drums, and a rhythm section which makes it crunch, swagger, and strut. It’s sung by a frontman who can convey the weight convincingly. … The BLACK STAR RIDERS are deeply entrenched in mid-'70s to early-'80s hard rock, but how could they not be? Most of these cats made that music to begin with. The surprise is that here they fire on all cylinders consistently. While other acts work diligently to re-create the sounds on ‘All Hell Breaks Loose’, the BLACK STAR RIDERS offer them naturally with creativity, heft, and inspiration,” [wrote Thom Jurek, AllMusic – more here]

BLACK STAR RIDERS features: Ricky Warwick – vocals, Scott Gorham – guitar, Damon Johnson – guitar, Marco Mendoza – bass and Jimmy DeGrasso – drums






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