11 December, 2013

Intronaut: Harmonomicon – new video

INTRONAUT (long time no see, btw) say “it’s the unknown that leads us back home”… Maybe. ‘Harmonomicon’ comes from the Los Angeles finest fourth full-length effort, ‘Habitual Levitations (Instilling Words With Tones)’, released in March 2013 on Century Media Records which Revolver described as one that “lifts listeners off their feet and keep them floating, with only occasional handholds for stability” , Exclaim! as “[INTRONAUT's] wordiest” and “their chilliest release to date” and of which MetalSuck's Kip Wingerschmidt (who fights for truth, justice, and steaming hot pork dumplings) wrote:
“INTRONAUT do something at once sharply unique and fiercely sincere – yes, the music is obviously of a technical and progressive nature, but on this album all the songs seem more purposeful and earnest than ever. Certain building moments that rise and fall from monumental crescendos to perfectly stripped down delicate tension will surely please various types of listeners.  On one hand any musician would benefit from examining the band's sound, but in another regard, these are great tunes to make out to.” [And that, according to Kip Wingerschmidt, is a winning combination – more here]
‘Habitual Levitations’ was recorded with producers Derek Donley and John Haddad  and mixed by Josh Newell, while the album's art was created by David D'Andrea. The album awaits your order here (CM Distro Europe) and here (CM Distro USA) and, you know the drill, on iTunes, Amazon ettc.

INTRONAUT was first conceived in 2004 in Los Angeles, USA as a loose side project envisioned between vocalist and guitarist Sacha Dunable and former EXHUMED drummer Danny Walker. The pair then engaged fellow ex-EXHUMED guitarist and vocalist Leon del Muerte and bassist Joe Lester to help them record their debut EP entitled ‘Null’. Released in early 2006 by Goodfellow Records, the recording was quickly followed by a proper full-length, ‘Void’, described as “positively head-spinning in [its] technicality” by Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusic (more here). In 2007, Leon del Muerte left the band to focus on his MURDER CONSTRUCT project and was replaced by Dave Timnick. The following year, INTRONAUT signed with Century Media Records and released their second full-length, ‘Prehistorcisms’, to positive reviews with Mr. Rivadavia defining it as “the most adventurous and forward-looking - not to mention accessible” (more here):

In 2010, INTRONAUT delighted with ‘Valley Of Smoke’, their third full-length album:
“Allow some clarification: what actually transpired here is that the band chose to interpret some of Tinsel Town's most apocalyptic geological characteristics (its earthquakes, wildfires, smog, etc.) into their highly abstract lyrics, then wed them to yet another set of typically intricate technical metal creations. … It’s still pretty stunning to learn that the dual harmonies sung by Sacha Dunable and Dave Timnick  arose from their recently professed love of… ALICE IN CHAINS? Who knew? And yet it works, just as most anything seems to work within INTRONAUT's quasi-infinite musical universe. How else to explain ‘Valley Of Smoke’ ability to redeem a city accustomed to being eulogized by the likes of RATT and MOTLEY CRUE? What small miracle will INTRONAUT pull off next,” [he asked – more here]

INTRONAUT features: Sacha Dunable – guitar and vocals, Joe Lester – bass, Dave Timnick - guitar, vocals and percussion, and Danny Walker – drums 


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