23 November, 2011

Andromeda: Manifest Tyranny – new album


‘Manifest Tyranny’, fifth album by Swedish progressive metal band  ANDROMEDA, has been released in North America on November 21st, 2011 through Ulterium Records and will become available in Europe on November 25th, 2011 via Inner Wound Recordings. Get your own copy of ANDROMEDA's music via iTunes, Amazon, or through your usual music retailer, or just order the album here. But first open your eyes and your ears (“and you too will transcend into the multifaceted galaxy of ANDROMEDA!”) and check out two tracks off the new album, ‘Preemptive Strike’ and ‘Lies ‘R’ Us’, available below. The video for ‘Preemptive Strike’ was directed and produced by Patrik Ekeblom and Axel Persson (Holy Smoke Production).

ANDROMEDA was formed in 1999 in Malmö, Sweden, by guitarist Johan Reinholdz. Accompanied by keyboardist Martin Hedin, bassist Gert Dunn, and drummer Thomas Lejon, Reinholdz secured a record deal with WAR Music on the strength of a single demo. ANDROMEDA recorded their debut album, 2001's ‘Extension Of A Wish’, with singer Lawrence Mackrory. With permanent singer David Fremberg joining the ranks, the group issued their ambitious second full-length, ‘II = I’, in 2003, the year Fabian Gustavsson replaced Dunn in the bass guitar department. ANDROMEDA's third album, ‘Chimera’, came out in 2006, followed by ‘The Immunity Zone’ in 2008.

ANDROMEDA features: Johan Reinholdz – guitar, David Fremberg – vocals, Martin Hedin – keyboards, Linus Abrahamson – bass and Thomas Lejon – drums



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