16 November, 2011

Haemoth: In Nomine Odium – new album


Still hating humanity, still abhorring religion and still saluting to the bête noire, France's HAEMOTH took some time off to record new album, ‘In Nomine Odium’. Out since November the 11th, 2011 in Europe, the “seven singeing psalms of uncompromising Satanik supplication” will find their evil way into North American stores as well, come January 10th, 2012 – due to agent provocateur, Debemur Morti Productions. HAEMOTH's third full-length was recorded, mixed  and mastered at E.C Antechamber studio, as Haemoth himself blessed us with its artwork. ‘In Nomine Odium’ is available as an 8-panel digipack CD and, of course noble, gatefold 12” LP.

Haemoth started HAEMOTH in 1999 in Vernouillet, Île-de-France, as a solo project. He released quite a few demos and a couple of splits, before he was joined by his partner-in-creative-crime, Syht, in 2002. The blasphemous pair then recorded their debut full-length, ‘Satanik Terrorism’, released in 2003 on Broken Wings Productions, followed by second album, ‘Vice, Suffering And Destruction’ in 2004, issued by Greek label ISO666. An EP, ‘Kontamination’, was commanded upon by the pair in 2005 (Debemur Morti Productions/Southern Lord Recordins), and a compilation of all previously released demos came after in February 2011, entitled ‘Mortuales Delicti (The Demonic Prophecies)’ and issued via Nihilward Productions.

HAEMOTH features: Haemoth - vocals, guitar and bass and Syht - drums

HAEMOTH: Demonik Omniscience – courtesy of Debemur Morti

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